Why The Left Hates Snow White

Rachel Zegler is the go-to token Hispanic in Hollywood. Steven Spielberg hired her to be Maria in his remake of West Side Story. The film bombed like it were dropped from a B-52 as did her next movie, Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Her third movie premieres later this month. We will see if she is box office poison or box office toxic waste.

Of course, that is not her third movie. The Disney remake of Snow White is. Disney shot the movie in England in the spring of 2022. Its release date was scheduled for this year, then next year and now it is set for 2025.

The left is furious with the delays.

The Guardian said, “Disney’s live action take on the classic 1937 animation Snow White won’t be hitting multiplexes until at least 2025 thanks to the recent writers’ strike, so you might wonder why the studio has chosen this week to publish a first still of the famous princess surrounded by her seven faithful homunculi. It could be because the House of Mouse simply wants us to know that this thing is still on, despite all the weirdness surrounding it. And let’s make no mistake, the furor around this movie really has been downright weird from the beginning.”

How can a writer’s strike affect a movie more than a year after the movie has been made?

Well, we know why. They have had to rewrite the movie because test audiences hate it. Disney is using computer-generated imagery in this live-action remake. Never mind that CGI negates it being a live-action movie, Disney has a movie to save.

This fiasco is a bonafide boner. The Guardian admitted it.

It said, “The entire farrago does pose the question, however, of just what the point is of this new Snow White. It isn’t going to be the romantic, traditionalist fantasy of sexless heterosexual love that conservatives are apparently hankering after. There doesn’t seem to be enough going on here for the remake to be cleverly reimagined as a spiky, satirical feminist remake, a la Barbie. Zegler is going to be doing an awful lot of green screen. So where does that leave us?

“The worry is that the answer is somewhere bland and prosaic, another 21st century, tech-assisted rework of a classic that has stood the test of time only because it is so much of its time. At least Disney now has the best part of two more years to prove us wrong.”

I laugh at the self-righteousness of an anti-capitalist enterprise that is rooting for a multi-billion-dollar company to make money. How quaint. How conformist. How dumb.

Movie studios don’t realize how much harm replacing white actors with colored people people of color and straight men with gays or women in sequels and remakes. Far from promoting diversity, these movies mock it. The subliminal message when these movies bomb is that whites do it better.

Consider West Side Story. The original movie was a hit with Natalie Wood, a Russian-American, playing Maria, a Puerto Rican character. Decades later, the remake bombed with a Hispanic cast as Maria. I find that hilarious.

And now that Hispanic actress is so bad as Snow White that Disney is forced to double the budget, bring back the dwarves and postpone its debut again.

The original, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was a revolutionary classic that generated the money that turned a small cartoon studio around and on its way to what eventually would become the world’s largest media conglomerate.

The craftsmanship and care that went into the film made possible the animated movies that now dominate the once-silver screen. The film changed the movie industry for the better.

Walt Disney’s genius was in hiring smart people and listening to them before making the final decision. He mortgaged the studio and his home to finance what would become one of the most profitable movies in Hollywood history.

Given the importance and excellence of this film, that the people now in charge of Disney would hold it in such reverence that they would protect it with their lives.


They hired Zegler who said she hated the original. She said, “People are making these jokes about ours being the PC Snow White, where it’s like, yeah, it is — because it needed that. It’s an 85-year-old cartoon, and our version is a refreshing story about a young woman who has a function beyond Someday My Prince Will Come.”

Pah. Someday My Prince Will Come is a great song as witnessed by it becoming a jazz standard thanks to Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and other legends. Pop covers include Barbra Streisand, who also (politics aside) did a great cover of Somewhere from West Side Story.

Zegler is a piece of work. She called Prince Charming a stalker, which shows she never watched the original and she does not know what a stalker is. He didn’t follow Snow White around like a lovesick incel. He was a hero who searched for her and saved her life.

Larry the Cable Guy used to do a bit about Snow Caucasian and 7 Handy Capable Little People, mocking PC. The reality is worse. After Peter Dinklage, a short actor, complained about stereotypes, Disney fired all but one of the dwarves, replacing the rest with escapees from a Men Without Hats video.

That failed spectacularly — so spectacularly that Disney was embarrassed when the Daily Mail published pictures of the Band of PC Brothers Siblings.

Now Disney is spending oodles on CGI to replace the PC replacements in an effort to salvage the product. Maybe it works. Maybe not.

But hiring tokens to replace white people and little people was not the goal of the people at Disney. PC casting is superficial. What bothers the people who run Disney is not the hue and size of the characters but the moral to the story.

Shraddha Mishra wrote on November 9, 2022, “The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a popular bedtime story for children. The fairy tale has been told since generations to teach children important values like love, kindness, friendship, helping each other, and refraining from vanity.”

Oh, we cannot have that sort of nonsense in Mad Max years of the 21st century. It’s every tribe for itself now.

But what makes Snow White the fairest in the land is not her looks but that she is kind and serves others. Coming upon a cottage with little beds, she assumed it was the home for a bunch of orphans. She cleans up the house while singing Whistle While You Work (the dwarves sang Heigh Ho).

Those are Christian values. The antithesis is vanity, which the left promotes with its gay pride, black pride, Muslim pride and the rest. Separating people from God is a goal of all who seek power over man.

Vivian Bricker wrote on February 4, 2022, “Vanity is rooted in self-absorption and pride. Following God entails the need for humbleness and selflessness, not vanity. Rather than looking out for our own interests, we are to look out for the well-being of others.”

How is this Christian?

Bricker also said, “Jesus’ life was the exact opposite of vanity. He was humble, generous, and died for the salvation of the world (John 3:16-17). If anybody has a right to be vain, then surely Jesus, who is God in the flesh, could have the permission to be vain, yet instead, Jesus was humble and took on the nature of a servant.”

The Evil Queen is the epitome of vanity, going to her Magic Mirror each morning to get reassurance that she is the fairest in the land. If I had a magic mirror, I would put it to good purpose, using it to track down criminals and the like.

Envy is even worse. When she finds out Snow White lives, the Evil Queen relinquishes her good looks to become an old witch who will give Snow White the poisoned apple that would end her life. The queen’s vanity and envy blinded her to reason.

But Snow White lived and the men she helped kept her alive until her prince finally came and brought her out of her deep sleep with a single kiss. They married and lived happily ever after, which is the opposite of the dystopian world that Zegler and her bosses at Disney seek.

FINALLY, merry Veterans Day and happy birthday to the Marines. Thank you for your service. I am sorry the VA sucks. And yes, I have a DD 214 somewhere in the house.

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1 thought on “Why The Left Hates Snow White”

  1. I think you’ve missed the point. Snow White and Little Mermaid and the others did great originally, because at the time they were made, the most people had were 21″ televisions, frequently black-and-white TVs. Now, most people have 50+” high-definition color televisions, with surround sound, so if wanting to see the movie is anything other than date night, we can just wait, and it’ll be on free TV soon enough.

    Heck, even if the kids can’t wait for free television, you can stream it within a couple of weeks for $7.95, for the whole family, pausing it for bathroom breaks or raiding the refrigerator or whatever. Making Snow White somewhat less than white might ruffle a few feathers, but a lot of people wouldn’t care.

    I actually saw a bit of the live action Little Mermaid, and, in a way, it made sense to cast a half-black actress, Halle Bailey as Ariel, because, in the scene I caught, a formal dance, she stood out as different from the mostly white actresses, as a mermaid would be expected to stand out. Yeah, there might have been some stupid wokeness in the casting, but, at least for taht scene, it wasn’t bad.

    But I saw it on free TV. Unlike the VHS tapes and later DVDs we had to buy for our kids when they were kids, there are so many different things on the boob tube that parents today just don’t have to do that.

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