An Informative Evening with Eric Metaxas

Eric Metaxas was the headliner for the Peninsula4Life Dinner. It was a fundraiser for our pregnancy crisis center, Care Net Peninsula, serving The Peninsula of Virginia. Think Jamestown, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Hampton, Newport News, etc. – you know, where Virginia and America began. The fundraiser was a great success to support the small staff that saved – actually confirmed – at least 139 babies last year. The great purpose of the evening was heightened by Eric Metaxas’s clarion call for the Church to wake up and not become like the German Church of the 1930s.

That’s serious stuff to say that America in the 1920s is like Germany in the 1930s. Although, the Liberals Progressives Greens Democrats Commies would readily agree with the analogy if Trump = Hitler. Yet, Metaxas is uniquely qualified to provide such a perspective. His best-selling biographies of Martin Luther, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and William Wilberforce were weighted with impeccable scholarship. Metaxas knows what happened in the 1930s and can see what’s happening now.

Again, it’s startling and stark to say we’re going the way of Nazi Germany when we all know the enormity of the crimes against humanity committed by Nazi Germany in World War II. How can that be?

Here’s what Eric Metaxas said:

He began with “faith without works is dead” from the Bible. Because the Lord expects us to live in a way that shows we believe. We should live out our faith. Be fearless. Be Bold.

Bonhoeffer wrote that it was the silence of the church in Germany that made horrible happen. It was the responsibility of church to speak out.

Speaking the truth of God will cost us something. But, in America we’ve had centuries of liberty, so we have become unaware of the cost of Christianity.

What happened in Germany is happening today. Many good people didn’t speak out. Many in America are being silent now. Consider the demonization of pregnancy centers.

[Earlier, the director of our pregnancy crisis center recounted how Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) wrote Google to have pregnancy centers de-platformed so they wouldn’t show up in Google searches – because they were dangerous. Google complied. Meanwhile, pregnancy centers around the country have been attacked since the repeal of Roe v Wade. Who’s dangerous?]

Metaxas asked, “Do you understand how much freedom you have?”

It’s time to stand for what God says is right.

Silence in the face of evil is evil. God will judge your silence.

If we believe Jesus defeated death, then we shouldn’t fear death.

Possibly, God has allowed wickedness to wake up the church. It’s to make us understand that we need to fight back. Quit thinking that fighting is not Christian.

WWII wasn’t a unique time. The Church then is like today.

Nazism begin with demonizing the Jews. They created a narrative. They started with excluding Jews from jobs in government using a bogus blood test [guided in part by our Virginia Racial Integrity Act of 1924] in a society were Jews were more assimilated and there were more mixed marriages than anywhere else in Europe.

The young Bonhoeffer began to push back with Barmen Declaration in 1934. Six thousand out of 18 thousand Protestant ministers signed it. On the other hand three thousand were actively pro-Nazi. The Nazis countered with arrests and intimidation to reduce the resisting “Confessing Church” to three thousand ministers. The 12 thousand ministers that didn’t take a public stand anti- or pro-Nazi are the men who mattered – because they did nothing.

Then, Metaxas shifted to how the United Kingdom outlawed slavery across the British Empire in 1838. Like the resistance in Germany, it began with one man. It was one person in Parliament – William Wilberforce. It got fueled by Evangelical Christians standing up against slavery.

But, that didn’t happen in Germany. Ministers wanted to be good, loyal citizens. Ministers didn’t want to get political. They wanted to just preach the Gospel. But what Gospel were they preaching?

Metaxas said, “If you fear God you will put politics to the pulpit.”

People on side of truth shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. Eric Metaxas’s radio program was cancelled from You Tube 18 months ago.

That’s a huge red flag. When the other side wants to shut us up, it makes them look guilty. There going to pick us off one by one. [I’m permanently banned from Facebook and suspended from Twitter as noted in an earlier piece].

The middle 12k ministers think they are being prudent. But it’s being cowardly.

For example, we must speak about “transgender.” When you’re told not to talk, then it’s time to scream.

Good preachers in Germany opened the door to Satanic evil. If you knew what is to follow you would not be silent today. What is coming is satanic evil.

Pastor Martin Niemoller, a decorated WW1 hero, thought he could reason with Hitler. He tried over time and finally got meeting with Hitler. At the meeting they read him transcripts of his phone calls!. They had bugged his phone. Niemoller protested that he cared about the nation. Hitler replied “You worry about your sermons. We will worry about the nation.”

Same thing is happening in China today. The real church in China is underground.

By time Niemoller woke up it was too late. His famous quotes stands today:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.

  • Martin Niemoller

Authoritarians will force their faith [Human Secular Totalitarianism] on us. They’ll do it with the help of the American church. Ultimately they won’t allow even the dead gospel to be preached.

The political Goal Posts have moved. Democrats aren’t the same as they were. They are Marxists. It’s like the 1930’s. Your silence will be held as your responsibility. They call you “Christian Nationalist” or “Racist” to silence you. Some Evangelical pastors are writing books to be silent. Like, Andy Stanley. Jim Daly is happy about keeping quiet.

God is waking us up. He will make us maniacs for truth and love and real racial reconciliation and protection for the unborn. We must use everything for God’s purposes. People must see us working and going to war on our knees.

Revival will come to America. Finis.

Eric Metaxas delivered a powerful message. He says it all in his new book, “A Letter to the American Church.” I bought it, got him to autograph it, got the author’s pic with me, and read the book the next day. Cover to cover.

I give it three “Amens.”

It’s time for American Christians to say, “Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.”

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