Parody As a Weapon Part CX; Yet we still will see Joe Biden through next year.

Last week, in Part CIX, we avoided the censors while delving into the congressional censure of the Hamas-embracing Rashida Tlaib. This week, we will explore current events to arrive at a worthy target of this week’s song parody.

Meanwhile, the democrat on democrat and everyone else violence continues in the District of Columbia, where the protective detail assigned to Biden granddaughter Naomi opened fire in Georgetown on a group non-violently breaking into a presumably armed and briefly unattended Secret Service vehicle. Elsewhere in the District, six Capitol Police Officers were reported injured as the attempted to run the blockade as mostly-peaceful pro-Hamas insurrectionists seized control of the entrance/ exits of the Democrat National Committee, trapping several democrat congressional representatives inside, echoing the hostage-taking methods of the terrorists supported by the protesters.

In San Francisco, where intramural crime and disorder dominates the landscape every other week, the city was swept clean of its homeless denizens as California Governor Gavin Newsome tidied up in anticipation of the Asia Pacific Economic Summit (APEC). Newsome, who had recently returned from a trip to China, stopped short of adopting China’s practices in responding to the Uyghur population that they have deemed undesirable, presumably reserving those techniques for conservatives who resist his policies now and in the future.

Much of the media coverage of the APEC summit was focused on the meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Xinping, which in reality was about as exciting and meaningful as the office conference between a bored executive and his least competent subordinate meeting for the annual performance review where the minimum expectations were met and a minimum raise granted. Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley considered the meaning to be an embarrassment, which is redundant considering all of Biden’s other public appearances since January of 2021.

In exchange for not having Xi Jinping eat his lunch, Joe Biden tossed praise at the trustworthiness and sincerity of the communist practitioner of genocide *and then referred to him as a dictator after the meeting. Biden also got the promise of a new panda exchange, but given his behind his back name calling, the next pair will likely have bladder infections or other ailments and shortcoming that will bring to mind the current occupant of the White House.

For his part, Xi Jinping got to check his investment, like a landlord doing a walkthrough of a rented property. Having cultivated Biden through son Hunter and brother Jim when Biden was vice-president, the Chinese dictator must have been alarmed at the amount of deterioration that Biden shows. While his return has been realized many times over (it is difficult to imagine what else Biden could do to treat China more favorably, as other than bluster, he has done little to curtail their ambitions), Xi’s ability to amortize the expense by many more years of productive service by Biden seems unlikely. What does seem likely is that Xi saw a corrupt, loudmouth bullying blowhard without many miles left before the junkyard.

While Biden is far from stable, there have been many examples of his contemporaries that are much more unstable. Biden’s use of foul language to try to impress is reminiscent of Frank Booth, the character played by Dennis Hopper in David Lynch’s eccentric 1986 film “Blue Velvet”. The movie did feature the song of the same name by Bobby Vinton (also performed by the very lovely and often unclothed Isabella Rossellini in a noteworthy performance), though it was eclipsed by the lip-synched versions of Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams” by Hopper and Dean Stockwell.

The importance of the song “Blue Velvet” in the movie was diminished in the way that Xi Jinping would like to see the role of the US in the role. With the aid of Joe Biden he has set out to achieve this, and I have borrowed the music to memorialize the Chinese dictator’s relationship and meeting with his erratic employee.

Joe Biden
Woe, woe, woe

We sent Joe Biden
Off to meet with Chairman Xi
This was after for years he
Took their cash

We sent Joe Biden
As a man he was quite eager
Just as every errant Uyghur
Gets the lash

Brother Jim and son Hunter
Took the payoffs for years
A high fastball to a bunter
It’s hard to hit, Joe whiffed at it

So Joe Biden
Bowed his head and took a knee
Cast down his eyes ‘fore Chairman Xi
It appears
As it seems Xi sees Joe Biden
In arrears

Xi knows Joe Biden
Deep in his debt Joe’ll always be
From the cash he paid his family
Through the years

And so now he has Joe Biden
By the spheres

(Joe Biden)

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