Illegals vamoose and self-deport Greg Abbott is beating DC’s open borders policy one bus at a time

Governor Greg Abbott is beating DC’s open borders policy one bus at a time.

For decades, Washington politicians have claimed that our immigration policy is broken and needs reform. By broken they mean their refusal to enforce the last immigration reform and are allowing millions of invaders to cross our borders, exploit our welfare programs and commit crimes. The invaders include so many rapists and murderers that they could be Hamas.

Americans have tried various ways to change the policy. They even elected Donald Trump president to erect a wall along the Mexican border to keep illegal aliens out. The deep state Congress laughed at his request for funding. Too expensive, they said. Instead, they gave their donors another tax break without accompanying spending cuts.

The illegal aliens invited by Democrats and RINOs overran Texas. Its governor faced a huge crisis, as self-righteous mayors declared their big cities to be sanctuary cities. After a couple of years of this, it dawned on Governor Greg Abbott to call their bluff.

Biden forced his hand by ending Title 42, a covid pandemic panic health order by President Trump that allowed immigration authorities at the border to deny entry to migrants, even those seeking asylum. Abbott loaded up a bus and sent illegal aliens to DC.

The socialite socialist Texas Tribune, funded by status-seeking millionaires, reported on April 13, 2022, “First bus of migrants arrives in Washington, D.C., from Texas under Abbott’s new controversial plan.

“About 30 people from Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua traveled to the U.S. capital as part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s new plan in response to the end of Title 42.”

Rachel Maddow’s blog wrote if off as a stunt. As did NBC. As did most of the media, which parroted the DNC talking point.

But Abbott was determined. He began sending these border-jumping vagrants to other sanctuary cities. This ticked off Biden.

Reuters reported on December 26, 2022, “The White House on Monday accused Texas Governor Greg Abbott of endangering lives after busloads of migrants from the southwest border in Texas were dropped near Vice President Kamala Harris’ home in Washington, D.C., on a cold Christmas Eve.

“The Republican Abbott, a vocal critic of Biden administration immigration policies, has not acknowledged the Christmas Eve drop and his office has not claimed responsibility. President Joe Biden is a Democrat.

“An estimated 110 to 130 migrants seeking asylum in the United States, many of them families with children, were placed on buses by Texas officials, immigrant aid groups said on Sunday after the migrants arrived in the U.S. capital.”

Easily more than double that number jumped the border on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after. Crime takes no holiday.

As the number of illegals piled up, the mayors of sanctimonious cities began changing their tune.

New York Mayor Eric Adams was the first to deport the South American illegal aliens — to Canada. BBC reported on February 7, 2023, “An immigration official in the Canadian province of Quebec has said it is surprising to learn that New York City is sending migrants to the country’s border.

“New York City Mayor Eric Adams told Fox 5 that his administration was assisting migrants who had been sent to his city but wanted to go elsewhere.”

(Readers do not realize how difficult it is to type while laughing your arse off. I know, I know, the world’s tiniest violin is playing.)

So much for give me your tired and your poor.

Texas Public Radio reported on June 15, 2023, “L.A. mayor slams Abbott for ‘despicable stunt’ after Texas sends more migrants to California.”

Wait a second. LA already had 951,000 illegals — and she complained about a few buses headed her way?

18 months after Abbott began these journeys, Democrats are demanding that Biden do something about the illegal aliens. Oh, they don’t want him to do something radical like enforcing the law. No, they want money — lots and lots of money — because this will enable them to spend more money on illegals via programs that hire their families and friends.

Big-city hoteliers who were going broke because no one will visit their crime-ridden, poop-smelling cities suddenly had a surge of cash as cities rented luxury rooms to house the illegals. Hotels need 70% occupancy rates to make a buck. Cities are driving those occupancy rates to 100% and paying the full fare.

But Abbott’s busloads of illegals are forcing Democrat mayors to pressure a Democrat president to turn on his open borders benefactors and stop the surge.

Politico reported on November 1, “A coalition of big city mayors is headed to Washington on Thursday to urge the federal government to offer more help with the surge in migrants that are overwhelming their cities’ budgets and services.

“The Democrat entourage will include the mayors of New York City and Chicago, along with Denver Mayor Michael Johnston, according to a press release from his office. Johnston is leading the group.

“Ahead of the trip, several mayors weighed in on the crisis facing their cities, including the mayors from Los Angeles and Houston. They wrote a letter to the administration earlier in the day to plead their case, asking for a meeting with President Joe Biden, more aid and a quicker path to work authorization for the migrants.”

But the deep state tripped Adams up.

The next day, CBS reported, “Mayor Eric Adams suddenly canceled his trip Thursday to Washington, D.C.

“Mayors from Chicago, Denver, and an Adams staffer met with senior White House officials to discuss the impact of the asylum seeker crisis on their cities.

“Adams was scheduled to attend the meeting and posted on social media that he was on his way, but then canceled his schedule in the capital. A spokesperson said the mayor was heading home to deal with a matter related to the campaign.”

That matter related to the campaign was an FBI raid on his campaign fundraising chief, Brianna Suggs. The deep state has the goods on every politician in America. Blackmail is a specialty of the Mafia and the federal government.

Earlier, Adams went south of the border to try to stop the invasion/

The New York Times reported on October 6, “Mayor Eric Adams of New York City touched down in Mexico this week on an urgent four-day mission: to witness firsthand the forces that have brought more than 120,000 migrants to New York, and to warn migrants in transit of the misery that awaits them once they arrive.

“He planned to visit the passageways migrants take through Ecuador and Colombia — including a treacherous stretch of jungle along the border of Colombia and Panama known as the Darién Gap. But first, Mr. Adams spent 24 hours in Mexico cheerleading for his city and singing the praises of immigrants.”

The deep state has shut him up, hasn’t it? I would say mission accomplished except Abbott sending illegals to sanctuary cities also has given migrants second thoughts because those sanctuary cities suck.

The Chicago Tribune reported three days ago, “Migrant family journeys back to Venezuela, more leaving Chicago as winter looms: ‘The American Dream doesn’t exist anymore.’”

The story said, “Migrants said they’re realizing the city is at a breaking point. Not only is there no more space in shelters, they also acknowledge that some residents in Chicago oppose the opening of more shelters for them. Michael Castejon said that despite the dangerous trek to get here — often begging for money and sleeping in the streets to cross several borders — the journey had not been worth it.”

Plus, winter is coming.

Besides busing illegals to sanctuary cities, Abbott has put buoys in the Rio Grande and razor wire along the border to discourage border jumping.

He will never be president but Governor Abbott has done more to change immigration policy — in a positive way — than any president since Eisenhower sent more than a million Mexicans back to Mexico in the 1954.

This article first appeared on Don Surber’s Substack. Reprinted here with permission.

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