October 7 revealed the new Nazis; 9/11 Neo-Cons demand Israel not retaliate

London has fallen. A Babylon Bee fake headline — “80 Years After Hitler Failed, Nazis Finally Seize London” — lasted only hours on a Sunday before it became true as Britain caved to organized anti-Semites.

The Times of Israel reported, “British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday fired Home Secretary Suella Braverman, days after she accused police of being too lenient with pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel ‘hate marchers.’

“The government said Braverman left her job as part of a Cabinet shuffle as Sunak shakes up his top government team.

“Braverman said ‘it has been the greatest privilege of my life to serve as home secretary,’ adding that she would ‘have more to say in due course.’”

London indeed has fallen to a group of Muslim invaders let in by the billionaires who installed Sunak, a Hindu, as PM. They seek to destroy from within and they are quite good at erasing history and love of country. Their latest lie is that black people built Stonehenge.

Americans may laugh all they want but they live in a country where black history has replaced American history in your schools. The big lie now is that blacks freed themselves on June 19, 1865, after the Civil War — which was a white people problem.

London elected Sadiq Khan, a Muslim, mayor. His police arrested an old man for waving a British flag. Never forget this Islamic idiot mocked the president of the United States when Trump made an official visit to England. Trump’s crime of course was making peace in the Middle East.

LBC reported, “Pensioner carrying British flag charged with racially abusing protesters on London pro-Palestine march.”

One old man racially abused — whatever that means — a thousand people supporting anti-Semitism and the October 7 atrocity?

The sun has set on teh British Empire. Free speech is dead. There are other examples.

CBN reported, “UK Police Arrest a Man for Criticizing Palestinian Flags in Social Media Post.”

That doesn’t happen in the USA? Baloney served on stale bread. Douglass Mackey is spending 7 months in prison for a mean tweet. And of course hundreds of Trump supporters are in prison for daring to protest the rigged election in 2020.

The rise of anti-Semitism under the name pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionism is alarming and dangerous to the world because totalitarians attack the Jews first because the Jews fear God, not them.

Some call October 7 Israel’s 9/11 but it was far worse. The hijackers only killed their victims. The Palestinians raped, tortured and mutilated theirs. Adjusted for population, the size of the Palestinian carnage was 15 times 9/11.

America bombed and took over Afghanistan and Iraq in the wake of 9/11. Neo-Cons and other Americans demanded it.

22 years later, they demand an immediate ceasefire from Israel.

Peggy Noonan in Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal wants Bibi fired.

Noonan wrote, “In our view what was needed for Israel was an absorbing, a regirding. Sometimes you must wait, build up your strength, broaden your resources, reach out to friends, let opportunities present themselves — everything shifts in life; some shifts are promising. But don’t get sucked into Gaza and spend months providing the world with painful and horrifying pictures of innocent Palestinian babies being carried from the rubble. ‘We told them to leave,’ isn’t enough. Some people can’t leave, they’re not capable, they’re old people in an apartment somewhere.”

They couldn’t leave because the Palestinian government would not let them out because the deaths of the old, the very young and the infirm make perfect propaganda pieces to appeal to Pulitzered low-information journalists.

Scott Johnson had a nice take on her awful piece.

Noonan also wrote of the turmoil, “All this is a gift to cable news. Here is a truth: Anything good for cable news is bad for humanity.”

Considering Fox News Channel subsidizes her publication, I cannot say her statement about cable news being bad for humanity is totally false, but the best summary of that paragraph is who are you going to believe, me or what you actually see? Cable news may be a train wreck but newspapers are nuclear meltdowns.

Oh how she and other warmongers have changed their tune from giving money and all our war materiel to Ukraine.

Way back then in 2022, she wrote, “I’m thinking of the astounding events of the past three weeks—how history throws its curves and you watch stunning new factors emerge and at some point you feel grateful to feel humble. This ol’ world can still surprise. It can confound every expectation.

“One surprise, the central one. No one knew the people of Ukraine would fight so bravely and effectively. Maybe they didn’t know. The past week I realized they will never stop. They are not going to give up. If Russia knocks down, blows up and occupies the entire country they will continue to resist. Ukrainians are proving each day that there is a country called Ukraine, and it isn’t Russia. It shares much with Russia, including blood lines and languages, but it is another place, an independent country with a proud people.”

The matriarch of the Neo-Cons has deigned that Ukrainians may defend Ukraine but Israelis cannot defend Israel because those plucky Ukrainians are fighting for democracy. Too bad Zelensky outlawed opposition parties and cancelled the election.

She also said: “Leaders are grave in Ukraine. We should be grave here, too.”

Grave, grave, grave. Yes, fill those graves. It’s a gravy train for the military industrial complex.

As for Israel, the Neo-Cons side with the people who broke the ceasefire, turned the Rave for Peace into the Rape for War and hide behind (actually beneath in tunnels) women and children to shield them from a counterattack.

Our support for Israel no longer can be financial. We ran out of money somewhere in the second Bush administration. But certainly American should stand by Israel and instead of calling for a ceasefire, lobby to finally end the Palestinian terrorist war by destroying the terrorists. International law should require it.

Let us review the war crimes of the Palestinians.

  1. Attacking civilians instead of military targets.
  2. Not wearing uniforms.
  3. Rape, torture and mutilation.
  4. Taking civilian hostages.
  5. Using schools, hospitals and mosques to shield military personnel, equipment and bases.

But marchers and rioters for Palestinians portray Israel as the war criminal because that fits their narrative. This is dangerous. Darya Safai, a member of the Belgian parliament, is appalled. She and her husband and kids fled Iran in 2000 after Iran’s version of the SS went after them.

MP Safai tweeted video of an anti-Semitic protest.

She said, “We are not in a sharia court here. This is not the Islamic Republic of Iran or an Islamic caliphate.

“It is Washington DC where these extreme threats reverberate through the speaker, where sentences are apparently already being handed down.

“The demonstrators are threatening Western politicians, MPs and media, making it clear to them that they themselves will deal with the ‘genocide’ they are ‘organizing.’

“It reminds me of the many fatwas and death sentences pronounced and carried out in Islamic Iran against the ‘enemies of Allah.’

“They stamp, they will bring them to justice, they judge, they condemn and they ensure that some will even take action.

“The West really needs to take this seriously before there is no turning back.

“Let what happened over the past few days be a wake-up call.

“The signs are abundantly clear.”

I thank MP Safai for speaking out.

Germans in the 1930s were the best-educated people on Earth.

The anti-Semitism in the Anglosphere — Australia and Canada also support this poison — stands in stark contrast to the Arab reaction to Israel leveling Gaza.

The Middle East Monitor reported, “More than 11,000 Palestinians have been killed as a result of Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza since October 7. Though a number of Arab and Muslim states have condemned the attacks, no action has been taken to reprimand Israel for its actions.”

This gives me hope because the greatest immediate threat to Jews are the Muslims. Ever since the Yom Kippur War, most Arab and Muslim countries have backed off from attack Israel. 50 years later, formal recognition of Israel has expanded under President Trump’s Abraham Accords. Palestinians attacked Israel as savagely as possible in a vain effort to stand athwart history.

Duane Patterson credited Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for blocking action against Israel in an Arab League meeting he hosted in Riyadh this weekend.

Patterson wrote, “Salman is ruthless and determined at all costs to keep the country, and the House of Saud’s rule of it, together for the long haul. He knows, like everyone else in the world with moral clarity, that Iran’s hegemonic goals do not stop with the eradication of the Jews. Christians are next. And once the world that remains is Muslim, in their fever dream of a utopian world, they turn inward to the wrong kind of Muslims.

“Sunnis [Saudi’s religion] are apostates to the Shia and have been for centuries, and bin Salman, with this move, is recognizing that it’s in his own long-term interest to side with the allies that are going up against his biggest threat in the region.”

So in the short-term, Arabs are giving Israel room to get rid of Iranian-backed Hamas. Bibi is doing just that.

The long-term problem for Jews and Israel is in the West where Hitler is making a comeback on college campuses.

London has fallen — as have Harvard, Columbia, Oberlin and every other once-prestigious in America.

But the American people still stand tall for Israel. The congressional censure of Rashida Tlaib, D-Hamas, for her call to eliminate Jews from the river to the sea reflects public opinion.

Also, the American Center for Law and Justice announced, “Rutgers University Disbands Student Bar Association for Violating Its Own Rules and Targeting Jewish Students With Vile Anti-Semitism.”

London has fallen but America hasn’t. Americans still believe in justice — and still oppose anti-Semitism be it homegrown or not. Our leaders, not so much, but they are replaceable in the next election. Such fear is very useful to the majority of Americans who support Israel.

This article first appeared on Don Surber’s Substack. Reprinted here with permission.

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