Applying Sherman’s  Military Strategy to Hamas

In the realm of military strategy, historical insights often serve as valuable guides, offering lessons that transcend time and space. Drawing inspiration from the principles of General William Tecumseh Sherman, renowned for his decisive and aggressive tactics during the American Civil War, and Indian Wars, today’s Military officers can glean invaluable insights applicable to the complexities of modern conflicts, like Hamas.

General Sherman

Sherman’s principles of war centered on decisiveness, speed, and achieving objectives with minimal casualties. His advocacy for a harsher approach aimed to expedite conflict resolution while minimizing overall casualties, a concept that resonates even in today’s intricate conflict scenarios. Something the US forgot during two decades of perpetual war in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

While acknowledging the limitations of directly applying historical military strategies to contemporary conflicts, the essence of Sherman’s principles – swift, decisive actions to minimize prolonged conflict and casualties – holds relevance. In today’s context, the adaptation lies in understanding the nuances of insurgencies and asymmetric warfare. Something that our current leadership fails to understand or acknowledge. 

In this context, examining the challenges faced by modern nations combating insurgent groups like Hamas becomes imperative. Political, ethical, and humanitarian complexities shape these conflicts, demanding strategies that balance military necessity with ethical considerations. But violence of action and driving your enemy to beg you to stop killing his people and breaking his things is how wars are still won. The US has forgotten how to win wars. 

In conclusion, historical military strategies, exemplified by General Sherman’s principles, provide a foundation for understanding the essence of decisive, violent and effective actions in conflicts. While not directly translatable, these principles offer invaluable insights for a modern crop of military officers grappling with the complexities of contemporary national security challenges.  War is hell, it shouldn’t be a prolonged money making cash cow for the military industrial complex like we see today.

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