The Bidens-A Family Of Grifters

If you think the Clinton’s are grifters, you are correct.  If you thought the Obama’s are grifters, you would also be right.  But the biggest political grifters of all are the Biden’s, by a long shot.  The Biden family business is Grifting.  So few of the leaders of that clan have worked an honest day’s work to get where they are, starting with the patriarch, Joseph Robinette.


Amtrak Joe has been grifting, lying, and plagiarizing his entire adult life, and he continues to be rewarded for it.  Like those Geico commercials, if you want to save 15% on car insurance, you get Geico.  If you want to see grifting, you watch the Biden’s.  It’s what you do.


While in the Senate, Biden earned the moniker, “dumbest man in the Senate”.  There’s a lot of fierce competition in the U.S. Senate for that.  He deserved and earned that title.  It’s one of the only things he’s legitimately earned on his own.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with being a numbskull.  Many people are, especially in our Senate.  But when you combine that with arrogance and pride and deceipt, like Joe does, watch out.  Only bad things can come of that combination.


Lunch bucket Joe learned that lesson, albeit temporarily, when he ran for President in 1988.  He lied and plagiarized so much during his failed campaign, that even late night great, Johnny Carson, made fun of his plagiarizing.


Dementia Joe is a joke, a bad joke.  There is nothing illegal about being a joke.  It is illegal, however, to use your position of power to sell policy decisions and influence for personal profit, as the Joseph Robinette family has rightfully been accused of.  Of course, the Fake News is closing ranks around the First Grifter Family to insist there is no evidence against Joe and company.


No evidence, that is, except for multiple damning emails, photos, text messages, bank statements, cancelled checks, shell corporations, witness testimony, conference calls, unreported taxable income, unpaid taxable income, video, FARA violations, whistleblowers, mystery loan “repayments” to Joe, payments from foreign sources to spouses, children and even grandchildren for no apparent reason, etc., etc.  That is what Dems and their media call “no evidence“. 


Apparently, we have before us on full display, an entire family of grifters that the lapdog press corps keeps telling us to ignore.  As the Biden corruption fires burn brightly in the background, the Dem media tell us, like with the BLM riots, this is “mostly legal corruptionThere is nothing to see here, just move along, folks”. 


Now, Republicans and from polling, voters also, are having none of it.  Finally, FINALLY, a formal impeachment inquiry into the illegal selling of the Vice Presidency is beginning.  It takes quite a feat to get a unanimous vote of the Stupid Party, but Joe managed to do just that in getting 221 Republicans to vote Yes on Wednesday.  I guess Old Joe really is a uniter.


Some critics of the inquiry claim that if any of this happened, it happened when Joe was VP, not President.  But how do they know that?  And how do they know a President wouldn’t conduct himself in the same corrupt way he did as VP?  A compromised President is dangerous for the country, and much more so than a compromised VP.  How else to explain all his seeming anti-American policies?  Does he owe favors to foreign entities for their silence?  As Republicans have always stated, this investigation is into Joe Biden, not Hunter Biden.  However, the rest of the grifter clan can’t escape notice.


Jim Biden, Joe’s brother, and his grifting wife extraordinaire, Sara, Joe’s sister-in-law, are up to their eyeballs in lies, deceit, corruption and all the rest of the family business.  You probably have never heard of her before.  That’s because our watchdog (lapdog) Washington press corps has kept her under wraps to shield Joe.  Well it’s worked up till now.


Real Clear Investigations published an extraordinary exposé on who Sara Biden is.  The piece details the long, sordid history of Sara’s involvement in bilking many businesses of funds and leaving a trail of financial destruction wherever she and Jim do business.  It is a must read.  Here’s just one small juicy excerpt:

“Not long after her 1995 wedding to Jim Biden, she took a job with one of his brother Joe’s Senate donors, who later accused her of “fraud” and “unjust enrichment,” according to court records reviewed by RealClearInvestigations. In the years since, she and her husband have been accused of reneging on debts and failing to pay their taxes, court and property records show. Like their nephew, first son Hunter Biden, they have reportedly sold the promise of access to their powerful relative to companies, several of which have gone bankrupt, some of which are tied to foreign countries hostile to the United States.”


Sound familiar?  There is so much more rich detail in this story.  You just have to read it.  The rest of the media is purposely ignoring it and are hoping you will too.  If Sara Biden isn’t called as a witness to testify in the impeachment inquiry, something is wrong.


Representative Jim Comer (R-KY) has proof that at least one dozen (12!!) Biden family members have received cash payments from foreign sources for no known reason.  Like the old saying goes, “The family that grifts together, fries together” (hopefully).

“There’s not going to be anybody left for a Christmas picture if the [Department of Justice] did their job and went in there and indicted everyone that has any type of fingerprints involved in this influence-peddling scheme,” said Rep. James Comer (R-Kentucky) to Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” show.”


Now that’s the kind of Christmas show I could watch over and over again, like I do “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  If we had a real Justice Department, that might actually happen.  Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t. That will change soon enough.  But regardless, get your popcorn ready.  This Christmas Special is going to be spectacular!  I can hardly wait.




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