Satan welcomed. Jews must hide; Iowa Capitol hosts Satanic temple.

No graphic today because I would have to show that damned satanic temple display inside the state Capitol in Des Moines. It is disgusting. Satan has enough media outlets promoting him.

The Des Moines Register reported, “Iowa lawmaker calls for Gov. Kim Reynolds to remove satanic display from Capitol.”

That lawmaker is state Representative Brad Sherman.

The paper said, “He proposes additional legislation to clear the way for displaying the Ten Commandments in all state buildings, including the Capitol, and in Iowa public schools.

“But Sherman, a pastor, may not have wholehearted support of his initiative from other Republican legislators, some of whom say they would oppose the government limiting freedom of speech in reaction to the display, which will be in place for a total of two weeks.”

Now let me try to wrap my head around this. When you want to display the Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments, freedom of religion blocks you.

But if you want to display Satan’s seven fundamental tenets prominently in the Rotunda of the state Capitol that is covered by free speech. The Rolling Stones are not the only ones with sympathy for the devil.

Sherman said, “The outrage and disgust for this satanic display is widespread, but few people think there is much that can be legally done about it because of free speech and freedom of religion. However, I disagree.”

I do too. Our rights come from the Lord. I am sure He would not protect Satanism because He wants to protect mankind from evil. God isn’t a RINO.

Sherman also said, “It is a tortured and twisted interpretation of law that affords Satan, who is universally understood to be the enemy of God, religious expression equal to God in an institution of government that depends upon God for continued blessings. Such a legal view not only violates the very foundation of our State Constitution, but it offends the God upon whom we depend and undermines our wellbeing.”

Again, I agree.

But Iowans have a soft-thinking governor in Kim Reynolds.

She said, “In a free society, the best response to objectionable speech is more speech, and I encourage all those of faith to join me today in praying over the Capitol and recognizing the nativity scene that will be on display — the true reason for the season.”

Why should we be fair to Satan? He’s evil. Satan has no plans to return the favor if he ever takes over. He is gaming the system. To those who may claim this is no big deal, I ask why is Satan doing this.

While the devil gains acceptance in America, Jews face an historic rise in anti-Semitism. Instead of sympathy following the Palestinian attack, rape, torture and murder of 1,400 Israelis and the kidnapping of 240 people on October 7, many anti-American liberals have embraced the Hamas terrorists and are attacking Jews.

20% of young people are Holocaust Deniers, according to one poll.

Colleges have become recruiting stations for actual Nazism as students adopt the Palestinian chant for genocide of “from the river to the sea” as their battle cry, too.

Forward reported, “Jewish students at Cooper Union told to hide as pro-Palestinian protesters banged on doors of locked library.”

Cooper Union is the small private college that hosted Abraham Lincoln on February 27, 1860, when he launched his presidential campaign in the Eastern portion of the USA. That speech made his nomination possible. How terrible it is that a school that enabled the Great Emancipator’s presidency now is a home to Nazis.

I won’t go into the Three Blind Rats who preside over Harvard, MIT and Penn and told Congress last week that calls for the genocide of Jews are not necessarily hate speech. But I will remind readers that calling a tranny by his real pronoun can get you fired or expelled from college. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop and empty heads are his piles of wood.

That all three college presidents were female is no coincidence. Just as Palestinian terrorists hide behind women and children to protect themselves, so American Marxists hide behind the various tribes that are divided by sex, race, religion and sexual preference. Being black as well female gives Harvard’s president double protection.

Diversity is a misnomer. Their thoughts are all the same, they just look different. And they score one point each for not being white, not being a male, not being a straight, and definitely not being a Christian. They call their point system intersectionality. Lori Lightfoot is a three-pointer.

After October 7, Americans now see that what binds all these various socialist factions on the left together is their anti-Semitism. The left’s call for genocide have terrified some Jews.

The Washington Examiner reported, “Multiple Hanukkah celebrations have been toned down or canceled this year due to a rise in anti-Semitism in the United States, and following the outbreak of a war in Israel, with the terrorist organization Hamas.

“There have been at least four instances of a Hanukkah celebration being canceled or dialed back in the U.S. this year, with other celebrations in Europe also being canceled to avoid inflaming tensions during the conflict in the Middle East. At least one event in London was canceled by the city council for this purpose.”

The four Nazi cities in America are Washington, New Orleans, Houston, and Williamsburg, Virginia. The last city was able to relocate its celebration.

The Daily Press reported, “A Williamsburg rabbi said Monday that he found a new location for a menorah lighting after plans to hold the event at an upcoming weekend festival fell apart.

“Chabad Williamsburg Rabbi Mendy Heber and the director of the 2nd Sundays Art and Music Festival also disputed whether the menorah lighting had been canceled, with the director of the festival saying the event had not been formally scheduled.

“Heber had sought to hold a menorah lighting Sunday at 2nd Sundays, an event organized by nonprofit LoveLight Placemaking that hosts artisans, street performers and food vendors each month. Heber’s proposal included a 30-minute Hanukkah celebration on the Williamsburg Community Building stage on North Boundary Street.

“But event organizers turned Heber down, citing concerns about the Israel-Hamas war, which Heber called a kick in the gut.”

On the upside, New York Mayor Eric Adams is standing up for Jews.

CBS reported, “New York City Mayor Eric Adams and religious leaders came together in calls for unity, peace and safety Friday at City Hall.

“The mayor said in the two months since the Hamas terror attack in Israel, there has been a 250% rise in ethnically-motivated hate crimes in the city. He said that includes a 150% rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes, and a dramatic rise in those targeting Muslims and others.”

We were a much better country when Jews could walk the streets at night without fear and the Nazis and Satanists were the ones hiding in the attic. Let’s go back to that.

This article first appeared on Don Surber’s Substack. Reprinted here with permission.

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