Head of Biden Crime Family Feels Guilty … But Doesn’t Plead Guilty

The MSM is reporting that Joe Biden is raging at his staff, because of the unfairness of Hunter being investigated. It’s giving old Joe a guilty conscience. I didn’t even know that was possible. According to Axios:

The 81-year-old president has suggested to close associates that if he hadn’t run in 2020, Hunter wouldn’t be facing criminal prosecutions or be the target of daily stories by conservative media — all while trying to stay sober and rebuild his life.

Perhaps for the first time in his 53 years of collecting bribes for selling out the public that pays his salary, our President “In Name Only” got something right. Hunter certainly wouldn’t be in legal jeopardy if Joe hadn’t run for office again in 2020. But ultimately, Joe’s greed and lust for power may turn out to be his son’s undoing.

Joe Biden certainly has much to feel guilty for – but not for the reason he claims. He complains that his son is being politically persecuted as a grotesque act of revenge for himself being elected. Certainly, that’s the narrative (i.e., propaganda of Joe’s cohorts in the media). The counter argument is quite different though. Hunter is being legally pursued because Joe

  • Committed his son to a life of crime as the bagman for the Biden family crime syndicate,
  • Selling U.S. government favors for personal enrichment,
  • To some of the world’s most nefarious actors,
  • Then ran for the office of President to enhance his earning potential from those clients,
  • Leaving his son exposed, because organized crime investigations always start at the bottom, where Hunter resides.

Joe could have gone quietly into retirement after his time as Barack Obama’s Vice President – concluding his 46-year crime spree. Had he done that, Congress and the conservative media would have lost interest, and Hunter would have faded into obscurity.

But the “Don” of the Biden family decided to push his luck. He wanted a few more years of grift and sleaze, before retiring to his beach home, his classic Corvette, and his publicly funded muscle protective detail. He expected us to grant him that opportunity without complaint. That turned out to have been an unreasonable expectation after he stole the last election and called his citizens “fascists.”

When Joe made it necessary for himself to be investigated, it was inevitable that his underlings would be placed at risk first – including his son, the collections guy.

Joe Biden has always known that he is personally safe from facing justice. Hence why he’s been so bold in his public displays. As the Vice President, he took Hunter Biden on Air Force Two to meet with family clients in Russia, Ukraine, and China – on full display for the news cameras. He also boasted in a public speech about using the power of the U.S. government to shut down the investigation of his Ukrainian client. Joe has behaved just as Al Capone once did – bragging to the public as if he is untouchable. As the country’s chief executive, with the federal law enforcement apparatus in his pocket and his syndicate associates in Congress, he could confidently rest assured that he would never personally pay for his crimes. That bill would come due for someone else – as it almost always does in crime families.

But now the Capo of the Biden family has seen

  • His bank records seized by Congressional investigators,
  • His involvement exposed by a misplaced laptop, and
  • Whistleblowers testifying that operatives in his syndicate corrupted federal investigations.

Boss Biden is getting scared, and doing what crime bosses do – blaming his underlings. Naturally that blaming is causing friction in the family. As a result, Joe’s relationship with Merrick Garland, his head “button man,” has become strained. It seems President “Ten Percent for The Big Guy” isn’t happy about Attorney General Garland appointing a Special Counsel to look into his son. As Axios reports

One person close to the president unflatteringly compared Garland to former FBI Director James Comey, claiming they both have been obsessed with the appearance of having integrity rather than just trying to make the right decision — a reference to Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

The “right decision” in this instance being the continuation of the Biden family crime coverup (i.e., taking one for the team). One can always tell when an organized crime operation starts becoming less organized. The finger pointing gives it away.

All crime families eventually leave too much evidence lying about to be ignored. It’s the nature of criminal behavior. That inevitability is exacerbated when one of the family members has a demonstrated lack of self-control relative to drugs, women, and extravagant spending. It attracts the wrong kind of attention. In the end, someone must pay for the crime. It’s usually an underling, who is expected to remain loyal to the mob; serving the time and keeping quiet, to avoid retribution or in exchange for future rewards. However, it doesn’t always work that way. There is frequently no honor among dishonorable men.

Now that Merrick Garland sees the end of his tenure approaching, perhaps he’s reflecting on his career. He was once a respected judge, even considered for a position on the Supreme Court. But under Biden’s leadership he has become an unprincipled thug, using the full apparatus of the federal legal system to target innocent citizens and political opponents. Will he pay the legal bill for Joe by using his Department of Justice to hide the evidence of Biden wrongdoing? Will he trade his place in the history books from that of a judge, to that of the most corrupt Attorney General in history, who facilitated the crimes of the most crooked administration in history? Will he make that sacrifice for a President who will soon have nothing to reward him with, nor anything to threaten him with? Or will Mr. “No One Is Above the Law” attempt to rehabilitate his legacy by prosecuting one of his co-conspirators – leaving Hunter without a chair when the music stops?

If the bill comes due for Hunter, will he voluntarily pick up the tab for the syndicate? Will he have the spine to do the time – out of love for a father that cherished him just enough to include him in his crimes?

Life’s choices come with consequences. When Joe Biden chose to introduce his son to a life of crime, he started the chain of events which are now playing out. Whatever becomes of Hunter, it is because of Joe’s actions, not those of law enforcement or the conservative media.

Of course, if Joe Biden really feels the least bit guilty for the predicament his son is in, he can end his son’s suffering instantly. It would only require him to accept responsibility for the crime syndicate he created. With that simple act, his opponents would cease having any interest in Hunter whatsoever. But I suspect his guilt isn’t troubling enough for such an act of selflessness. Better to let his beloved son suffer a few years of torment “while trying to stay sober and rebuild his life.”

This article appeared previously on American Thinker.

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker, and American Free News Network. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

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