Krappy New Year!

On this day, January 6, 2024, as we celebrate the third anniversary of “Insurrection Day”, can anyone imagine 2024 being worse than 2023?  In a word – Yes.  Comandante Amtrak Joe kicked off the presidential campaign season yesterday in Valley Forge, PA with his deepest, vilest, most vitriolic impression of his fake Marvel-like villain, Dark Brandon.  His pathetic, thinly veiled portrayal of himself as the heroic George Washington with his frost bitten, rag tag troops saving the nascent Republic from the wicked King George Trump, flopped like Saint George Floyd trying to pass an Obama $3 bill.


Dark Brandon’s laughable attempt to jump start his campaign with a mumbling, bumbling “shot heard around” the media speech, went over like a lead Chinese spy balloon.  As of this morning, not one of the three big broadcast Democrat Party networks (NBC, CBS, ABC) even mentioned the speech in their top headlines on their “news” websites.  Although they are firmly and loyally entrenched in Lunch Bucket Joe’s camp, his bluster is losing its luster even for them.


In case, like most Americans, you missed His Hideousy’s speech and you’re into masochism, here’s Dark Brandon at his worst.  Please clear your children from the room before viewing.

Expect all the forces of the dark side to show their ghastly faces this year as they fight with all their might to desperately hold on to the powers of the government behemoth they created and its dominance over our lives, which it wields so gleefully, effectively, and remorselessly against the populace.  It’s their government, by golly, and they will not give up its all-sacred power without an ugly, vicious fight to the death.  Brace yourselves for the Democrat Party, and all its minions, to try to scare the dickens out of you for the next 10 months, like never before.


Brandon knows what’s at stake and as the hapless puppet of his puppet masters like his power-hungry wife and all the hanger’s-on he surrounds himself with, he and they will not pull any punches.  Anyone familiar with history will recall Hitler’s last desperate orders barked by him from his Reichstag bunker as Russian bombs rained down incessantly.  Brandon’s last gasps must sound much like Adolph’s orders that fell on deaf ears as his minions nodded in comically bizarre astonishment at the self-delusion of their once great leader.  “Yawohl, mein Fuhrer!”  


You can feel it in the air, the sense of pitiful regrets the Democrat Party has over not replacing Brandon as candidate when it had the chance.  His LBJ moment to bow out gracefully was never forced on him.  Now, it’s too late.  They deluded themselves into believing they could somehow drag the buffoonish Dementia Joe over the finish line.  But alas, they are stuck with this shell of a man and his empty pantsuit VP. 


After three years of utter chaos when we were promised a return to normalcy, the voters are left with a choice of continuing the chaos or not.  Polls show voters favoring the “not” side.


Even Democrat stalwarts like big city mayors and blue state governors are souring on Biden’s border policy and sanctuary city/state nonsense as their districts are getting flooded with undocumented Democrats with their hands out waiting to be filled with government cheese.  It’s always fun to promote chaos when it’s in someone else’s neighborhood.  The fun stops when the chaos is sent directly to you via buses by red state governors.  The far away border invasion scene chickens are coming home to roost.  The pitchfork mobs coming for Brandon are filled with liberal Democrats.  Like Dr. Frankenstein, Joe didn’t see it coming.  Thankfully for the U.S., the stupider of the two stupid parties has handed border policy back where it belongs, into the hands of Trump, like they did in 2016.  You can’t fix stupid.


Did you know that “we nearly lost America” on January 6, 2021?  That’s what El Presidente exclaimed yesterday in his gawd awful speech.  He kept screaming that America’s cause is democracy, even though our Founders guaranteed us a Republican form of government in our Constitution.  In that same clause of the Constitution, the Framers ordered that Republican form of government to protect each State against invasion.    Brandon claimed to be clinging to the Constitution as he dumped it into the trash bin.


That pesky clause of the Constitution also obliges that same federal government to protect the States against domestic violence.  How’s the crime wave doing in your town?  Another Brandon failure.


Amtrak Brandon is doubling down on all the issues that have made America great, like putting boys on girls’ sports teams, men in ladies’ bathrooms, and the gender confused into frontline infantry units (unless they choose not to deploy).  What a winning message.  Who can’t wait to vote for that?


Biden’s accomplishments in three short years – wrecking the economy, debilitating the fossil fuel industry (only our life blood), destroying our border and national sovereignty, instigating foreign wars, emasculating our once great military, promoting a record crime wave and taxing every American with Bidenflation.  A record that only Jimmy Carter could be proud of.  The fake president gushes about his supposed efforts to save democracy, as he tries to lock up his number one political opponent in jail, ala Banana Republica.


If Dark Dementia Brandon wins 85 million votes campaigning from his basement, expect nothing less than a Krappy New Year.  It’s in our hands (and God’s) to make sure that doesn’t happen.




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