The Deepest Part of the Swamp The FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was once considered the greatest investigative organization in the world.  Their investigative talents and reputation were unparalleled. The mission, as stated on their website, is to ‘protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.’ And they did.  They were men and women in white shirts, clean, dedicated, and by the book. But something happened along the way.  They became an arm of the Deep State, the deepest part of the swamp, the establishment in Washington, D.C., principally the Democrat Party, which spent years placing operatives in key permanent positions. 

The FBI has had some low points, notably Waco and Ruby Ridge, which arguably both involved excessive force and needless death, but that was behind them. 

Some say the FBI became political, but the FBI was always political, to a point. Every president tries to use the bureau for their political aims.  After all, the Department of Justice serves at the pleasure of the president as part of the Executive Branch. Maybe not such a good idea.  

What is not well understood is that the FBI makes assumptions, and one of their principal assumptions is that the people, or the electorate, for the most part, will make the wisest possible choice as to who leads the country.  It was a demonstration of trust in our representative republic. The elections of 2012, 2016, and 2020 changed everything. 

The CIA possessed a device for surveillance and meddling in elections. The computer and its software were called Hammer and Scorecard. The CIA has no charter to be used for domestic objectives; therefore, it is illegal to use it for domestic purposes. Never-the-less, In February 2009, the Obama administration commandeered The Hammer and Scorecard. Notwithstanding, onetime director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, spent $5 million to fund the expansion of the Hammer to be used to spy on Americans and ‘other’ domestic purposes, according to whistleblower Dennis Montgomery.

But the appetite of the Democrat Party and the FBI to win under any circumstances overwhelmed them, drunk with power, you might say.  They had to maintain control to realize their dream of ‘fundamentally changing America.’ Having the media in their hip pocket, having the ability to setup pre-arranged questions in interviews, paying for phony Russia-collusion stories, fraudulent primaries—all weren’t enough.  They demanded guarantees.  The FBI directors, both former and current, Mueller, Comey, and Wray, known by FBI Special Agents as the Three Amigos, were at Ashcroft’s bedside for the passage of the Patriot Act, which curtailed the constitutional rights of all Americans. 

When Trump complained that he was being spied on, it’s because he was.  Of course, the establishment and mainstream media painted him as paranoid.  

The Obama administration was turning America into a Soviet-style totalitarian police state.  And it continues today! 

2012 worked well.  Obama needed Florida and won the state with the help of The Hammer. 2016 did not work for them.  The demand for a Trump presidency was too high, and the massive turnout for Trump overwhelmed their algorithms.    But they learned their lesson.  It will not happen again. As a sidenote, on April 26, 2017, FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) judge Rosemary Collyer ordered the destruction of surveillance data collected on and before March 17, 2017, the date The Hammer (CIA/FBI) wiretaps were exposed, and Schiff held a meeting on Trump’s wiretap claim. American Report, 12/24/2019

Ten days prior, on March 7, 2017, Wikileaks dumped CIA Vault 7, publicly confirming the existence of The Hammer.

Washington doesn’t like outsiders.  Trump is the quintessential outsider. If you look up the word in the dictionary, you’ll see Trump’s face.   Washington insiders take care of each other.  To a point, yes, but someone usually has your back, unless you go against their grain.  Then you are history. They know one another, and they usually have something on everyone to use as leverage.  Trump being outside the zoo makes everyone uncomfortable. 

Anyone who has been watching the Washington soap opera knows that the ‘enemy of democracy’ is no longer Marxists (BLM/Antifa, Communist Party USA), Islamic terrorists, or Leftists burning down cities.  To them, the enemy now is ‘far right’ nationalists and white supremacists.  In other words, Trump supporters, those who want to make America great again. 

The Biden administration has decided to deal with their political opposition, not on issues but in a more ‘permanent’ way—destroy them.  Destroy them using lawfare, the use of law applied as loosely as possible, and the Chinese principle of unrestricted warfare.  That is, using psychological warfare, media warfare, network warfare, economic warfare, cultural warfare, and drug (vaccine) warfare.

According to an FBI whistleblower, the FBI ignored active and planned terror operations emerging from domestic-based terror cells.  They actually shifted blame from Marxist left-wing organizations to the political right, their opposition. 

The FBI had replaced fidelity, bravery, and integrity with diversity, equity, and social justice and left the real enemies of America to do their dirty deeds unmolested.  Political correctness and political interference have compromised them, just like so many other agencies have. 

Many former FBI agents are asking, “Where was the FBI during the cyberwarfare attack on the 2020 election?” Marxist revolutionaries determined to overthrow the American government have coordinated this into a transnational and international threat, and Christopher Wray, the FBI director, is protecting these treasonous leftist operations.  It has been over three years since evidence was delivered to the FBI concerning massive election fraud in Michigan.  There has been no further investigation, and no charges have been filed.

While the whistleblower’s infiltration of left-wing domestic terror cells was extensive, the whistleblower found the FBI no longer interested. He or she was told instead to ‘keep looking’ for evidence of ‘white supremacist’ terror operations.  Photos of real terror suspects were even presented, but FBI agents remained ambivalent.  They kept asking, “Where are the white supremacists?”  Where is the investigation of domestic terror plots by the Marxist Antifa, BLM, and CPUSA? American Report, 5/18/2021

Disregarded were Chinese Communist activities within the United States, terror training facilities run by “Confucius Institutes,” and labor unions under Chinese control. 

In the meantime, on January 6, a militant Black activist, not identified as a Trump supporter, roamed the hallways of the Capitol freely, yelling, “Burn this sh*t down.”  He remains relaxing at home under ‘house arrest.’  All while patriots who were quietly walking around the ‘people’s house’ just wanted to exercise their right to protest an election are sent to prison without trial.

Following the January 6th incident, FBI agents attempted to contact their ‘asset’ again, seeking evidence that he might have found white supremacists.  At that point, the thoroughly disgusted FBI asset cut off all contact with the bureau.

It is important to point out that most men and women in the FBI are upstanding citizens and agents. But it is disappointing that so many agents do whatever they are told, regardless of legality. At any rate, it is their leadership that is swimming in the swamp. Unfortunately, what leadership there is reflects upon the rank and file.  Ultimately, what makes it the deepest part of the swamp is the 37,000 heavily armed special agents they command.

It will take an outsider or a small army of outsiders to clean up the mess.

It is a sad story when a vaunted federal crime organization is no longer interested in crime but instead becomes the weaponized arm of a major political party.  They may as well turn in their white shirts for brown. 

This article originally appeared on Stand Up America US. Reprinted here with permission.

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