With Speaker Johnson, Who Needs Democrats?

It took a while, but many of us conservatives thought the long, drawn out, truly democratic process of vacating the Speaker chair of Kevin McCarthy and selecting a new Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, was a good thing.  We thought, maybe, just maybe in this one instance, the new Speaker, whoever he would end up being, would understand that conservatives are no longer standing for the Washington swamp nonsense.  For once, a new Speaker would be catapulted into office with a mandate to clean up the House of Representatives and start abiding by the laws, beginning with the Constitution.  I guess that was too much to expect.  Silly us.


In the midst of all the fiery vitriol the Dems and the left could muster along with their press, Speaker Mike Johnson took the gavel and promised to begin the task of reshaping our largest legislative representative body.  He sounded good and looked good.  He even got establishment RINO’s to vote for his Speakership.  He was saying all the right things.  He said he heard us and understood his task.  He professed to do the right thing.  He even did the unthinkable in Washington, D.C., he invoked his Christianity as his guiding principle.  The left went nuts and the right howled with excitement.  Turns out those days were short-lived.


Thursday, under Speaker Johnson’s “leadership”, the House passed a continuing budget spending resolution to keep our precious, bloated behemoth of a government from “shutting down” until sometime in March.  Spoiler alert: Our precious, behemoth of a government Never shuts down – don’t believe the hype.  Some things never change, new Speaker or not.


In effect, border security and all other small government priorities of conservatives have been kicked down the road.  Rather than force the Democrats to own up to fixing these problems now, Johnson gave them and their demented leader a get out of jail free card.  New Speaker, same ole same ole.


The federal budget that was last approved by Nazi Pelousy, aka Nancy Pelosi, and Chuckie Schmucky Schumer is remaining in place.  Yep, we’ll continue to fund open border policies, but not to worry, we’ll also fund the fun stuff like studying the holiday mating habits of brine shrimp, CRT/DEI/Transgender studies at K-12 and public universities, as well as more serious stuff like funding endless foreign wars and 87,000 new IRS agents.


This after Johnson promised just the opposite.  He promised he was putting his foot down with the occupant of the Oval Office.


It is understandably hard to negotiate with someone who can’t string two cohesive sentences together in a row.


We all know Joseph Robinette isn’t actually in charge of policy at the White House, although he is responsible for it.  Johnson is really negotiating with Brandon’s minions, including his obviously power-hungry wife.  The anti-American communist nit wits he’s surrounded himself with are the actual architects of all the failed Biden policies.  They want America to fail, and those policies are succeeding.  Border security IS National security and Johnson knows this.  No excuses for not getting this done.


We conservatives are collectively holding our breath for some sign that Speaker Johnson will grow back the gonads he used to have, but we’re not hopeful.  Marjorie Taylor Greene is floating the Matt Gaetz idea of moving to once again vacate the Speaker chair.  Johnson had better come to his senses before MTG is forced to use this last desperate measure.  Whatever it takes to establish sanity in Washington is on the table.  It should be an interesting, very interesting, Spring.




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2 thoughts on “With Speaker Johnson, Who Needs Democrats?”

  1. Eagle, you have landed on the truth again. I had high hopes for Johnson, but alas, he’s not the fighter of fools that we were led to believe. Instead, I feel like a fool for ever getting my hopes up that he would have a tough spine. Another one bites the dust……………..

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