Dodging the 13th Amendment; It’s not “slavery.” It’s giving a home to poor black people from Haiti who like to cook.

Boston TV stations are airing “exclusives” this Valentine’s Week about area residents taking illegal aliens — refugees in wokespeak — into their homes.

The Boston CBS affiliate’s exclusive — from Brookline — began:

With state shelters at capacity and images of migrant families sleeping at Logan Airport, the Stokes family said they knew they had the means and wanted to step up.

“The family is lovely. They are so appreciative. It has been wonderful,” said Jessica Stokes.

When Colin and Jessica Stokes called the state to sign up to be a host family, it took less than an hour for the displaced migrants to be dropped off at their door.

“I was like I have to get sheets on the beds. How many people are coming? Where are they from? What ages. We really knew nothing,” Jessica said.

“The need is so clearly overwhelming,” Colin said.

Brookline is the home of Mike Dukakis. The story flashed back to me his What Me Worry? ride in a tank. Quartering illegals in homes, too, is a disaster waiting to happen as liberals spin the dial of strangers in the house and someone gets macheted.

But that is the chance you take when you want free labor.

The NBC station’s report began:

A migrant family from Haiti spoke exclusively with NBC10 Boston about their experience in the Boston area. They recently found a host home in Brookline, Massachusetts, and they’ve been searching for jobs.

It’s been an emotional few weeks for Wildande Joseph and her husband. First, they slept on the floor at Boston Logan International Airport and then in children’s hospital, with their 2-year-old daughter who got very sick.

However, things are now looking much brighter as they’ve been welcomed into Lisa Hillenbrand’s Brookline apartment.

She said her daughter is very happy. When she wakes up in the morning, she says, “Hi, Lisa” and everyone starts the day smiling.

The story also said, “Hillenbrand said she feels like she has her own personal chef as Wildande loves cooking. In fact, her goal is to open a restaurant.”

Her own personal chef!

As the tweet said, “Holy shit. They found a way to bring back slavery and make it woke.”

Kimba Wood was ahead of her time.

Of course, for every nice illegal alien who cooks, Democrats let in a gangbanger, a drug dealer, a Chinese spy and a Muslim terrorist. Nightly soft-focus exclusives on Boston TV stations won’t change that.

White Democrats have a history of liking food prepared by black cooks who smile and work for free. Two centuries ago, Democrats took into their plantations refugees from the kingdoms of Ghana and Dahomey, where they had served as slaves. In America, they taught them to farm and grow cotton. They got room and board in exchange for the cotton. Democrats had no problem with that arrangement.

Then came the Republicans to break up all the fun. After winning a civil war, Republicans passed that darned 13th Amendment, which meant slavery could never return.

The house the illegals movement runs in sharp contrast to past concerns by liberals about using illegals as free domestic help.

The Guardian reported on March 13, 2013, “Last week a wealthy New York widow, Annie George, went on trial for allegedly keeping an undocumented immigrant as a virtual prisoner in her home for over 5 years.

“The victim, Valsamma Mathai, testified that she was forced to work long hours with no vacation or sick days, had to sleep in a closet and was not allowed to leave the mansion. George was ultimately found guilty of knowingly keeping the woman in the country illegally and may face up to five years in prison for that charge. She was spared from having to pay her the $317,000 that federal prosecutors calculated Mathai was owed based on the minimum wage and overtime hours she worked, but may have to pay a fine of up to $250,000. What the future holds for Mathai is uncertain.”

It is odd that the Obama administration actually prosecuted someone for keeping a person in the country illegally while Obama was setting up a program — DACA — to keep illegals in the country.

They know this use of illegals is wrong.

The Hill ran a piece on August 12, 2020, that began, “Let’s cut to the chase and call undocumented immigration what it is: modern-day slavery. The flow of undocumented immigrants into the U.S. exists by design, not because of poor border security. Our laws are designed to lure undocumented workers into the country with the prospect of loosely regulated employment (aka a job waiting for them once they arrive). These workers are then exploited while the employers are not held accountable for illegally hiring them.

“Once in the U.S., they are trapped, separated from their families here and abroad, taxed without representation or benefits, have no voice or vote, are criminalized, dehumanized, and exploited for economic and political gain. As if that were not enough, they are villainized and persecuted by law enforcement and civilian militias and incarcerated in for-profit detention facilities. Ask yourself, if this is not systemic oppression that compares to modern-day slavery, then what is?”

Well, build a wall and that will end that.

No, the Hill said: “Some argue that we have an illegal immigration problem that requires building a $20 billion wall to keep our neighbors out. Others call for tougher border security at the cost of $8 billion a year and climbing, most of which is spent on for-profit detention facilities. Facilities where detainees are treated as a commodity at $120 per day to enrich the pockets of a few at the cost of taxpayers and the humanity of those detained. I argue that we do not have an illegal immigration problem; what we have is an illegal employment problem built upon the systemic exploitation, marginalization, and oppression of undocumented workers. This is not only unsustainable, but it is wrong, inhumane, and immoral.”

So keeping people out is inhumane but enslaving them isn’t. I guess all the white ladies in rich suburbs need a personal chef.

Who smiles all the time.

This article first appeared on Don Surber’s Substack. Reprinted here with permission.

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