Immigration, Invasion, and Too Many Fatalities to Dismiss

Laken Hope Riley was a nursing student at the University of Georgia, studying for an honorable career, when she was brutally murdered near her college’s intramural fields in Athens, Georgia.

Jose Ibarra, the Venezuelan illegal alien who viciously beat her to death last week, illegally crossed the border at El Paso in 2022, and was released by order of the Biden-Harris regime. He was then caught again by law enforcement in New York (on motor vehicle related charges), and was released there, by order of New York’s own sanctuary city policy. Most recently, he and his brother were arrested in Athens for robbing a Walmart, and again he was set free – free to assault and kill an innocent girl.

To say that Laken Hope Riley “didn’t have to die” is putting it mildly.

For decades now, Democratic Party policy has been to flood the United States with illegal aliens. Why? Because, as the old joke goes, immigrants will do the one job that real Americans won’t do: Vote for Democrats.

it was funny once. It’s not funny anymore.

The growth of this cancer has been gradual; it didn’t happen overnight. First, some big cities declared themselves “sanctuary cities,” welcoming in illegal aliens from all over the world, and happily adding them to the tax-funded burden shouldered by their constituents. Then this idea was expanded to counties. Now there are whole states – “sanctuary states” – in open rebellion against federal law.

We thought it couldn’t get any worse when Barack Obama, as champion of DACA, tried to legalize this class of crime retroactively. But nobody anticipated the unprecedented lawlessness of the Biden-Harris regime. Secretary Majorkas, as the face of this regime’s anti-American open immigration policy, has destroyed all precedent as he destroyed our border controls.

Fully conscious of the permanent economic and cultural damage done to this country by such unsustainable, unassimilable numbers – now millions of illegals every year – on top of the large legal numbers that we already welcome in, today’s Democratic Party is all-in on this veritable war against the very stability and safety of the nation. The statistics paint a sorry picture, and still the Democrats double down.

When studying this issue, it is critical that we recognize how intentional it all is.

Joe Biden’s writers have him deliver ridiculous sentences like this: “The laws haven’t kept up with our broken immigration system.” Such a position is patently false.

Our laws clearly provide for a certain, reasonable number of legal immigrants every year, with allocations apportioned across the world, with a careful vetting system to reduce the odds of allowing in criminals, terrorists, or other enemy operatives.

Existing law also provides for Customs checkpoints at every international airport and seaport worldwide that serves the United States, not to mention every legal road and rail crossing along our Canadian and Mexican borders.

There is nothing wrong with any of those laws or processes. They all work, when allowed to. They just need to be enforced.

And that’s what the Biden-Harris regime and its allies in the blue cities, blue counties, and blue states have forcibly, willfully, whittled away.

In any matter of public policy, there is a risk that there will be winners and losers. Every political position must therefore consider the possibility that an effort aimed toward the greater good may have some collateral damage.

But what is the greater good here? What “good” can they be trying to accomplish with this conscious importation of millions of indigents, devouring countless billions of American tax dollars as they overwhelm our entire country’s social safety net, our entire country’s criminal justice systems, our housing market, our healthcare system, our food supply…

The evidence is no longer simply anecdotal.

We don’t see just one hotel, paid millions of dollars by the government to house these people; we see hundreds.

We don’t see just one community destroyed by crime waves; we see hundreds.

We don’t see just one school destroyed by the impossibility of teaching a student body with no shared language, no shared experience, no shared culture; we see thousands of such ruined schools.

And what is the upside? With all this collateral damage, all this utter destruction caused by the sanctuary city and open borders policy of the modern Democratic Party, what is the positive that they think they are accomplishing for this horrendous trade-off?

We don’t have the unfilled job market desperate for unskilled labor of the 19th century. We don’t have a war machine so desperate to fill the ranks of our infantry that we happily offer an express lane to citizenship in exchange for enlisting, like in World Wars I and II, and Vietnam.

There can only be one explanation.

We are back to the old joke – yes, the one that’s not funny anymore.

The Democratic Party is inviting in tens of millions of foreign indigents for one reason, and one reason alone: they will vote Democrat.

And every fentanyl overdose, every mugging, every school or neighborhood destroyed, every rape, beating, or murder committed by these imported villains, is acceptable to the Democratic Party of today.

They could put a stop to it in an instant, by returning to President Trump’s simple, coherent policies. They choose not to. Because they really don’t mind all this danger, all this destruction, all this death.

There is no other explanation.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, their cabinet, and countless blue state governors, county boards, mayors and city councils, have rivers of blood on their hands.

This isn’t accidental. Everyone has always known that illegal aliens are a completely different population than the legal immigrants who honor our laws and patiently wait their turn.

And yet, the Democratic Party is not working to change, simplify, or expand the legal immigration process at all. They are just rhetorically taking advantage of its complexity to intentionally swell the ranks of illegals – every day, every night, every hour.

Laken Riley’s story is worse than a tragedy, because her murder can’t be attributed to bad luck; the presence of her killer was intentional. That this murderer was there, at that moment, can be directly laid at the feet of one specific group of people:

Her killer, like thousands of other killers, was invited into the country by the Democratic Party. Thousands of well-trained and well-equipped members of the law enforcement community were ordered to stand down, again and again, and allow this killer to walk on by, as they are ordered in the face of thousands and thousands of other such killers, every single day.

The lawlessness of the Democratic Party is no longer a mere side effect of their rein; no longer a simple, distasteful side business, one that we have to quietly put up with if we want all the good things that Democrat administrations do.

Because the good things are long gone.

All that today’s Democrats bring America is bankruptcy, joblessness, lawlessness, and death.

The sooner the American electorate realizes that, and turns these criminal politicians out of office – top to bottom – the sooner America will have a chance to restore the greatness that we could once be proud of, not so long ago.

Every election seems to be the most important one ever. But this time, it’s hard to imagine anything being more consequential for you and me.

But not for everyone… Think back a few years.

The most consequential election for Laken Hope Riley was 2020. Because that’s the election that allowed her killer to destroy her world.

Copyright 2024 John F Di Leo

John F. Di Leo is a Chicagoland-based international transportation and trade compliance professional and consultant.  A onetime Milwaukee County Republican Party chairman, he has been writing a regular column for Illinois Review since 2009.  His book on vote fraud (The Tales of Little Pavel) and his political satires on the current administration (Evening Soup with Basement Joe, Volumes III, and III), are available in either eBook or paperback, only on Amazon.

As an actor performing in Chicagoland theatre, John will be featured as “Old Joe” Boyd in the musical comedy “Damn Yankees” at St. Stephen Protomartyr in Des Plaines, IL, only on Fridays, March 1 and 8, 2024.

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