Hey Director Of National Intelligence-Any Leaders Around? Does This Political Hack Speak For You? So Intel Pukes Can Make These Type Decisions-Is That What The Public Takeaway Is Here?

John Brennan thinks the IC “should “select” what is shared with future presidents like Trump. While likely none of my business, the DNI should step up and dismiss these comments as silly, unprofessional, and punishable by the government for any IC member who takes it upon themselves to act upon this idjiotcy.

If IC leadership does not strongly condemn this stupidity the message will be that this behavior is “okay.” Or is it just okay because “Bad Orange Man?” Particularly in light of some of these IC “stalwarts” serving as “grey beards.”

And-I know-these are just words by a civilian-albeit, ex-CIA Director-who cares. It’s not like we’ve ever had this type of unprofessional, punishable behavior happen before, right?

Unless you want to count-and recall-how CIA analysts and leadership colluded to keep information about 2020 Chinese interference in the election from reaching POTUS because it “might be used in support of policy…” Which resulted in a considerable delay of the report and a black eye for the political and arrogant CIA: and a diluted report.

This letter includes extracts from the DNI’s Ombudsman, if not familiar with the term it is an informal issue intervention option short of statutory legal authority like the IG (when you don’t intend to pursue a remedy such as reprimand, fine, etc.) From the Ombudsman’s report:

CIA management took actions “pressuring [analysts] to withdraw their support” from the alternative viewpoint on China “in an attempt to suppress it.”

The DNI standards of intelligence reporting policy took several years to coordinate as the IC defacto policy and there is a corresponding qualitative analytic monitoring program that reviews a subset of products each year to assess progress.

It goes without saying that IC Agencies do not have the authority to willy-nilly modify and change such criteria to suit their leader’s or analyst’s “fancy,” never mind to deliberately withhold intelligence for political reasons.

Back to Prissy John (I usually refer to him as “Islam John,” since he is an Arabic linguist and abhors-along with his mentor-the term Radical Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism, but I’m being nice,) could some of this attitude of his have rubbed off at some point in the movie, or does the CIA-and by default-the DNI support such actions?

Of note in this report is the rarely heard and little-known fact that a National Intelligence Estimate done in 1962 assessed the Soviets were “unlikely” to put missiles into Cuba, which CIA Director John McCone strongly disagreed with, eventually deploying the U-2 over Cuba to verify.

Some would point to issues with Iraq and pipes and Weapons of Mass Destruction as an exemplar of leadership bias-a story for another day.

These remarks by prissy John Brennan are a disservice to any and all intel professionals he purports to represent or speak for with this silliness.

Talk about an ego maniac, small-minded individual. Is it possible that knowing what he had to know-that he still subscribes to the Russia Collusion Hoax?

The DNI should put out a statement that this guy is a loon-the very notion that some intel puke gets to make this/these calls is unlawful, a violation of fealty to the constitution represented by the oath of office for every senior executive in the government-and just plain arrogant… There is no “I follow only the rules I agree with” clause—what an absolute clown!

Calling this guy “rogue” is a disservice to rogues. Even if little Johnny truly has Trump Derangement Syndrome-just that problem-who cares-go away quietly-we can’t miss you unless you leave.

Love him or hate him, the one thing Trump has managed to do above all else is expose charlatans like this who were in govt service but don’t seem to have taken the same oath of office that all the rest of us did.

The notion that some intel weenie has the power to decide what an POTUS gets to see-whether pure intel, sources and methods-whatever-tells you a lot about a person who would make such a statement.

Just a reminder that Brennans apparent organic Trump Derangement Syndrome looked a lot different from inside the wire when it was clear that the sympatico with Obama-Brennan, conveniently appointed to be the CIA Director when GEN David Petraeus was suddenly fired the week before he was scheduled to testify about Benghazi, later-by all reports-had the inside track on the quest to be the next DNI when “Hill the thrill” became president.

And by any objective measure or rationale you care to apply, the deliberate actions he took toward “helping” that end state were tawdry, political and beneath the oath of office he took to the constitution as Dir CIA (although all likely within the realm of what he and DNI Clapper would later describe in their “Nuremburg Defense,” getting in trouble for “following the orders of POTUS,“) and as a senior executive in the federal government.

Let’s rewind the tape a bit, shall we? This is somewhat off the cuff, but when Jake Sullivan proposed to HRC in mid-July 2016 (16 July) -and she approved-conducting an information operation rumor effort -a Russian smear campaign-against Trump to take the pressure off her email problem that was obviously a server problem-this was before the Huma Abedin and Wiener issue arose (2 months later) the Russians found out about it and notified the CIA…

Brennan briefed the execs of the NSC-at least Obama, Biden, Rice, Comey, Clapper in late July- ~28 July or so-and Obama directed that the IC-presumedly the DNI-put together a “Request for Investigation” or an investigation referral to the FBI. Now you talk about a proverbial slow boat to China-that referral was slow walked and not signed out and delivered until 5 Sep 2016 or so.

In the meantime, Brennan briefed Dirty Harry Reid, and a few select others-probably John McCain-that the CIA had come across information that the Russians were colluding with Trump’s team to smear and undermine Clinton-somewhere around 25 or 26 Aug 2016-which caused Reid to send a note to the FBI asking them to investigate this issue.

A week or so in advance of the completion of the investigation referral coming out of the IC warning about the opposite problem. To the same FBI.

And scant weeks before the FBI was notified of the “truly inconvenient” information that they had a Wiener problem with the HRC email and server issue.

Now I can spell this out for you if any of it is confusing-but shortly after the 2020 election-a McCain trusted employee made a foray over to London to get “briefed up” on the DNCHRC funded-washed through Perkin’s Coie (Marc Elias)-Fusion GPS (Glenn Simpson) contracted/executed Steele Dossier-contracting the former MI-6 operative who had done the State Department (Nuland) FIFA investigation for Obama that had proven that Putin bribed the selection committee to get the World Cup-but I digress…

And shortly thereafter McCain’s CofS -I think his name was David McKay (* correction-actually it was an official of the McCain Institute-David Kramer) met with a Buzzfeed reporter at the Institute in DC who was associated with another journalist who was not only sleeping with the SSCI Security Director-who would later be found guilty of passing classified information to his “honey-” but Kramer just happened to be in possession and had a copy of the infamous-but only rumored about up to this point-Trump Kompromat, aka, the Steele Dossier-and his story is he went to the bathroom-left it on the table-and the reporter copied it. What I’ve described as the “longest and most suspicious dump in DC history…”

Brennan testified to congress that he had not heard of the HRC-DNC-Perkins Coie funded Fusion GPS Steele Dossier until Dec 2016—so he would have us believe that the gal that he placed as Chief of Station in London to “cool off”-Gina Haspel-after she deep-sixed the interrogation/torture videos drawing the wrath of the SSCI/Diane Feinstein-during a time when the CIA spied on the SSCI-so Haspel likely brokered the meeting for Kramer between he and Steele-resulting in a copy of the dossier getting to McCain-that Brennan was unaware of-any of it-did not know about the link with the DNC-HRC-and wants us to believe that our CIA-our premiere Intel Agency-did not know about any of these shenanigans ongoing behind the scenes with London-Haspel-our Five Eyes partners–that he only later heard about in December.

Thats his story: that’s what he’s got.

He next produced a novel-the Election 2020 Interference Intelligence Community Assessment-where the consensus-that we heard about for months-was that “all 17 IC Members agree that the Russians interfered in the election on behalf of Trump“–except that was a total political bald-faced lie!

Number one it was only 4-including the DNI-not 17-two, the analysts were hand selected-and three and more importantly-Adm Mike Rogers-NSA-did not concur or agree with the judgement about Russia as it lacked the sourcing and provenance of the other judgements. Finally, the ICA was completed in record time, faster than the IC normally completes the terms of reference outlining the work plan for such an effort.

Brennan later colluded with partners Clapper and Comey to brief Obama on the Pee Pee Hoax Steele dossier because-“it was being widely speculated about in the community.” However, our oath optional IC leaders knew very well that their normal sources who had-up to this point-printed any old BS story spun by Ben Rhodes for Obama or stuff for the CIA or FBI-would not print such a flimsy, obvious BS hit-job on Trump-the most sensational part of the story was also the most unbelievable.

That Trump-a well-known “germaphobe” had participated in a golden shower event with hookers in Moscow and there was a tape. I mean-if you’re gonna make stuff up-by all means, flying monkeys, time machines-make it good!

So what better way to dislodge the log jam-the reticence to print-than to brief POTUS-call it a “defensive briefing” so they were not caught unaware of the “rumblings” which set the predicate to brief POTUS elect Trump-and then have some selective leaks-each had their own go to sources, for instance-Clapper’s future employer CNN-leaking the fact of the briefing to Potus’ which released the floodgates to enable the dossier to be published.

I have pointed out in the past that a significant Red Line was crossed throughout this treason by the “collective IC leaders.” For these leaders to collude against a presidential candidate was tawdry, distasteful and disgusting-playing politics with inside information, putting their thumbs on the scale of the resources of government to target in particular Trump-the lead political candidate for president of the party out of power.

We crossed the Rubicon when Trump became “President-Elect” and it is likely about the time when these leaders changed tone somewhat in terms of doing what “POTUS asked us to do.”

We love to talk us some “insurrection, treason,” when it fits our narrative. Does colluding and doing what amounted to illegal actions-violations of oaths of office-amount to treason when perpetrated against a President-Elect? How about when Sussman approached the CIA with the ALFA Bank hoax in Feb 2017?

What makes this question both precious and delicious is the issue of Presidential Immunity…

Brennan covered a lot of ground once he found out about the dossier in Dec…So-yea-including later signing onto the Nifty Fifty-One IC pukes who certified publicly that while they knew absolutely nothing about it and had no information to support it-the Hunter Biden Laptop looked like Russian disinformation to help Trump.

Serpents like this need to be disciplined through govt processes whenever they step out like this-regardless of what you think about any politician-no matter the circumstance.

If we have taxpayer funded civil servants who publicly tell us they believe the oaths of office and fealty they swear to the constitution are somewhat malleable or fungible-based on their judgement-at the very least it makes a mockery of service to American taxpayers.

That includes the entire set of dominoes-from the authority of the president delegated to them-on down to the lowest person in the chain entrusted with a clearance on behalf of the American people…

What is treason? What is a traitor?

Max Dribbler

10 March 2024


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