America wants Biden vs. Trump; Democrats think it is a cinch. Trump supporters want a do-over.

Remember, we could have had Jeb! Instead we have Biden vs. Trump and that’s far better for America because they represent the two polar opposite views of America. Jeb! represents the elitist political class that preys on tht conflict.

Biden vs. Trump is the battle Americans publicly say they don’t want, but really do. Americans know that we must determine whether or not we will have government that protects our rights or one that gives us things.

There is a lot of press about people not wanting this battle, but there is near-zero evidence of any interest in a compromise. Follow the money. It isn’t there. Consider the much publicized No Labels group which has promised compromise for years.

Esquire magazine reported, “No Labels? More Like No Candidate… (Sorry)

“Much ballyhoo later, they still don’t have anyone running for president. At this point the ‘party’ is just a vehicle for (bad word) Democrats.”

The magazine gives No Labels more respect than it deserves because the media wants a three-way race to cover. But No Labels is merely a money-making operations. It is a political roach motel. Money goes in, but nothing comes out. There is not enough serious money to attract a big-time grifter like Joe Manchin to front the party.

The press keeps trying to prop it up.

CNBC reported last fall, “No Labels, the nonprofit group actively working to field a third party ticket for president in 2024, doubled its annual revenue last year over 2021, collecting $21 million, nearly all of it from wealthy donors who gave $100,000 or more.

“No Labels is not required to publicly disclose the names of its donors, but CNBC obtained a list from the group of contributions last year that exceeded $5,000.

“The list did not include names, but it revealed that around 80% of the group’s total revenue, roughly $17 million, came from at least 68 individual donors who each gave the group $100,000 or more.”

$21 million. That’s a joke. No Labels? No Money is more like it.

The 2020 presidential campaign alone cost all parties $4 billion.

That’s nearly 200 times what this party raised. It is not enough to run a legitimate presidential campaign but it is more than enough money to recruit and pay future Presidential Campaign Strategists for the cable news networks.

A couple of bored housewives might be interested in fronting for the party. No, not Hillary although it would be fun to see Trump break her Grinch-sized heart again. I am thinking of Little Nikki and Krysten Sinema. The latter is leaving the Senate because there is more money for her in Washington being a former senator than there is being a former senator.

She would be a fun candidate. Kelly Phares of Fox News tweeted, “SEN SINEMA was asked by Julie Tsirkin of NBC if she has anything to add to her retirement announcement statement

“A Sinema staffer responds ‘blah blah blah blah blah’ and the Senator laughs.

“On her way into votes, Sinema also ignored Qs on if she plans to endorse in the Arizona Senate race.”

That she trailed by a lot in the polls for re-election to the Senate seat in Arizona which she now is giving up doesn’t matter. Look at South Carolina where former governor Nikki’s knack to lose her home state in a landslide amused us all. DC insiders wonder why that is.

Politico reported, “Haley ran a near perfect race. She just couldn’t figure out Trump.”

Bambi ran a near perfect campaign against Godzilla. How did that work out?

The story said, “The former U.N. Ambassador spent two years preparing to launch her bid for the White House. And, over the course of 13 months, her stump speech barely changed — down to the same pauses, the same inflections on the same words, the same laugh she conjured up when she got to the line about Congress needing to experience VA health care for themselves. (‘It’ll be the best health care you’ve ever seen. Guaranteed!’)”

Politico praised her, saying, “Haley rarely went off script.” Maybe she should have. Trump never gives the same speech twice. It is said Abbott and Costello never did their Who’s On First skit the same. Maybe she needed a better script.


Please clap.

But she said she won’t run as a third party candidate for president. She’s a woman of her word but her words keep changing, so who knows? In August, she said she would support her party’s nominee. Now she won’t.

However, most of the people who voted for her in the Republican primaries will support their party’s candidate. Joe Biden.

An overwhelming majority of Democrats want Biden as their candidate because they believe he is the best chance of defeating President Trump.

Likewise, an overwhelming majority of Republicans want Trump as their candidate because they believe he is the best chance of defeating President Biden.

The lines are drawn and the sides are formed. There is no unity for Americans to seek. The Marxists want to protect the central government from intrusion by the people. They want to Make Government Greater.

The Americans want to protect the people from the central government. They want to Make America Great Again.

The government imprisoned those who invaded the Capitol.

Americans want to imprison and deport those who invade our country.

There is no compromise. You can have a great government or a great country but you cannot have both. Most things can be compromised, but how do you compromise, say, abortion? Do you allow a woman to abort just half her child?

The media complains that Biden and Trump are too old. Well, have you looked at the younger candidates? Bobby Kennedy Jr. is 70 and he’s a crazy anti-vaxxer. (Don’t be confused. I am pro-vaccine. The covid shots are not vaccines.)

Ramaswamy is 38. I have glasses older than that. They still work. Why throw them away?

But he is better than Buttigieg, 42, who clogged up the supply chain while he and his homosexual lover took a few months off shortly after their adopted kids were born. And of course Haley, 52, had a governorship that saw her lose the state to Trump.

Even if there were someone under 70 worthy of the presidency, the public wouldn’t care. This is the rematch that the nation both needs and deserves. Americans want to rumble and I say let them. Biden, through such lowlifes as fat Fani Willis and psycho Jack R. Smith, has indicted Trump over and over again. This feeds Biden’s message that Trump is evil. Perish the thought that he should receive the presumption of innocence.

On the other side, Trump supporters believe Democrats, RINOs and the deep state stole the 2020 election and are trying to ruin Trump and the country.

There is no compromise and no third way. There is no unity ticket because there is no desire to unify. Obama’s dream of dividing the country came true. I want Donald Trump to turn that dream into Obama’s nightmare because Trump’s results were so much better than Barack’s boy. From inflation to the invasion to Afghanistan and the Middle East, Trump was the best president since Reagan.

The choice is clear for many Americans because it is between good and evil. There is no middle ground. Either we are a free people or we remain in this banana republic.

Meanwhile, No Labels is peddling its pox on both houses. Few people are buying it but enough to keep it going. $21 million may be chump change but some people don’t mind being chumps for the right price.

This article first appeared on Don Surber’s Substack. Reprinted here with permission.

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