Trump did his job; Only traitors fault him for siccing the CIA on Red China


The propagandist Reuters reported, “Exclusive: Trump launched CIA covert influence operation against [Red] China.”

Good. We created the CIA to do such things. It was about time an American president stopped pretending that Red China magically became a capitalistic constitutional republic overnight.

The story said, “Two years into office, President Donald Trump authorized the Central Intelligence Agency to launch a clandestine campaign on Chinese social media aimed at turning public opinion in [Red] China against its government, according to former U.S. officials with direct knowledge of the highly classified operation.”


What a change from Obama using the FBI to spy on a political opponent (Donald Trump) — under the guise of stopping Russia. In Obama’s 2012 debate, he mocked Mitt Romney for calling Russia the No. 1 threat to the United States. No one in the press bothered to ask him, well, who is the No. 1 threat? If he were honest, he would have said, “Me.”

Back to the Reuters story, which said, “Three former officials told Reuters that the CIA created a small team of operatives who used bogus internet identities to spread negative narratives about Xi Jinping’s government while leaking disparaging intelligence to overseas news outlets. The effort, which began in 2019, has not been previously reported.”

Of course it wasn’t reported. The CIA is supposed to undermine our adversaries secretly. Aren’t the three former officials cited breaking the law for revealing this?

But I am glad they did because it shows President Trump was performing his constitutional duties both as chief of the executive branch of government and as commander-in-chief of the military.

Reuters is being hypocritical here as it described the CIA’s work against Red China’s communist dictatorship as “leaking disparaging intelligence to overseas news outlets.”

That is exactly what Reuters did in publishing this story.

Paragraph 8 said, “The CIA operation came in response to years of aggressive covert efforts by China aimed at increasing its global influence, the sources said. During his presidency, Trump pushed a tougher response to China than had his predecessors. The CIA’s campaign signaled a return to methods that marked Washington’s struggle with the former Soviet Union. ‘The Cold War is back,’ said Tim Weiner, author of a book on the history of political warfare.”

Reuters sneered at the Cold War — a fight America won. Gee, I wonder why the Canadian-owned propaganda machine would mock a war America won.

The unAmerican agency said, “Reuters was unable to determine the impact of the secret operations or whether the administration of President Joe Biden has maintained the CIA program.”

Considering all the bribe money Red China gave the Biden Crime Syndicate, I would bet that he has stopped it.

Paragraph 11 (it is important to show how far journalists bury pertinent facts in their stories) said, “Trump’s 2019 order came after years of warnings from the U.S. intelligence community, and media reports, about how China was using bribery and threats to obtain support from developing countries in geopolitical disputes as it attempted to sow division in the United States through front groups.”

So it was not Trump’s crazy idea but advice from CIA personnel. He listened and released the Kraken.

Paragraph 14 said, “Sources described the 2019 authorization uncovered by Reuters as a more ambitious operation. It enabled the CIA to take action not only in [Red] China but also in countries around the world where the United States and [Red] China are competing for influence. Four former officials said the operation targeted public opinion in Southeast Asia, Africa and the South Pacific.”

So he gave CIA employees something to do besides pose for Vanity Fair.

Throughout the story, Reuters made America out as villain. You see, friends, Trump is not the target of the story. He is just used to turn public opinion against opposing the evil of Red China and its communist regime.

Paragraph 18 said, “Covert messaging allows the United States to implant ideas in countries where censorship might prevent that information from coming to light, or in areas where audiences wouldn’t give much credence to U.S. government statements, said Loch Johnson, a University of Georgia political scientist who studies the use of such tactics.”

Reuters did not mention the Soviet Union’s covert messaging. Reuters did not mention Red China’s spying and use of operatives to compromise Democrats on congressional intelligence committees. When she headed the Senate intel committee, Dianne Feinstein’s chauffeur was a spy for Red China. Need I go into Fang Fang screwing Eric Swalwell?

Reuters quoted critics of the policy but not supporters.

Well, this supporter applauds President Trump for doing his job and using the CIA to help bring down yet another communist government that is trying to destroy the world in order to have power.

This article first appeared on Don Surber’s Substack. Reprinted here with permission.

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