The Government has Gotten so Comfortable with Lies They Take to it Like Fish to Water: there is Seemingly no Relief or Recourse (Part 2)

Part 2 in this “series” is a bit overdue-by like eight months-but my excuse is I wanted to grant some semblance of relief to dear reader after pounding out and hosing y’all down with a series of articles that-viewed from reading distance-all hammered on variations of the same theme, lies and government lying.

A number of my friends and relatives find it somewhat “precious” for me to be-in effect-bashing and bad mouthing something I was a part of for the better part of 44 years-but it really is a continuation of my complaints about this topic during the time I served.

The oath of office means something to me and when I see our top government officials lying and violating their oaths-from the president on down-it should be called out-and we-as taxpayers funding their salaries should call it out to our elected representatives.

I’m going to somewhat catch-up with the spirit and intent of my original article-and go figure-I am likely to go long and also bury the Lede while doing it-but ultimately my goal is to get to this outrageous matter of propaganda and disinformation and misinformation by the LSMBTGA writ large.

The only thing worse-in my view-than government lies is when the medical community lies, and our government then trumpets and legitimizes on top of them.

Oaths of office are important and telling, whether fealty to the constitution as contained in the US Government Civilian Service or military oath, or the medical equivalent “Hippocratic Oath,” once upon a time was considered just as serious and inviolate.

The Founders considered the construct of oaths executed by officers whose salaries are paid by taxpayers an important enough matter to be specified in the constitution (under Article VI,) while the oath itself is specified under US Code.

Historically the medical equivalent was considered at least a strong analogy or somewhat binding in theory, as well as in practice. I deliberately chose the term “historically” because-as we have seen in this century-the medical community has been far worse than our government in the specific instances of COVID hysteria and the LGBTQ disinformation.

As evidenced by unnecessary COVID deaths, child mutilation and a failure to prescribe necessary psychological treatment in the case of sexual dysphoria in youth, while advocating aberrant and dogmatic methods of treatment sold to naïve patients as not being permanent. Most of whom-and we are all adults here-have later found that those body changes-including the interruption of puberty-resulted in infertility in many and also eliminated the possibility of having an orgasm…

If I were a medical professional, I would take great umbrage-exception-to my above comments: and good on you if you do. You should and in very vocal ways. I look forward to any professionals who care to debunk Robert Kennedy Jrs’ book “The Real Anthony Fauci” where he charges that Fauci-on behalf of and working as a civil servant on COVID policy for our government, oversaw and implemented a disinformation campaign that Kennedy charges caused the unnecessary deaths of over 400K Americans.

There is also the matter of profiteering on vaccines that didn’t quite meet the heretofore medical definition of a vaccine, while colluding with others in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and funding questionable research in places like Wuhan in known, insufficiently secure bio-labs.

That seems like quite a charge to make-the stuff of lawsuits-but strangely enough there haven’t been any since the book was published in 2021.

With Fauci you have a “double-double,” a medical doctor bound (loosely speaking) by the Hippocratic Oath and also a government civilian servant senior executive bound by an oath of office: which speaks to the reality that some people are somewhat callous-phfft-in regard to oaths.

What could be worse than potentially causing that many deaths? I believe the propaganda and disinformation that passes for LGBTQ advocated treatment protocol will likely go down in medical annals as a disgrace not unlike Nazi experimentation with Jews and diseased prisoners in WWII concentration camps under Joseph Mengele.

Holy crap and wow! I (myself) usually subscribe to the belief that the first to bring up a Nazi analogy in a debate is (1) desperate and (2) losing.

Europe has been leading the way on sexual dysphoria treatment for decades and has largely been the source of the blatant propaganda efforts pursued in America that have tugged on gullible, although-in fairness-but also puzzlingly driven by parent’s emotions and desperation and guilt-by the “clever,” but despicably evil propositional medical question of whether a parent wants “a dead male child or a living female?

The Dutch studies that formed the basis of much of this nonsense turned out to be so: thumb on the scale, rigged and inappropriately thin from a sample size standpoint, while also cherry-picked to support the desired end state. An extract from an updated review:

It has been a quarter of a century since Dutch clinicians proposed puberty suppression as an intervention for “juvenile transsexuals,” which became the international standard for treating gender dysphoria. This paper reviews the history of this intervention and scrutinizes the evidence adduced to support it. The intervention was justified by claims that it was reversible and that it was a tool for diagnosis, but these claims are increasingly implausible.

Only recently have these studies been exposed and debunked, with revisions of policy and a return to sanity that advocates psychological treatment as the necessary first step and mandatory gateway as a path to any treatment.

Or-as an Army buddy of mine observes-“any parent who would cut off a leg and take out their kid’s eye so they could fulfill their wish to be a pirate should be shot.”

My running series on the topic of the “Letter People-Pass the Decoder Ring-was undertaken to present information, educate and warn grandparents and parents on the battle raging for our children that has been joined in earnest by the LGBTQ advocates since ~1986.

That was when they strategized a way to pervert (another deliberate word choice) communities, the LSMBTGA, local laws, and attack religion as “bigots” to play the “long game” to change the narrative from “acceptance” to support and compliance-or else-with their aberrant narratives best exemplified by “Drag Queen Story Hour” and attacks on religions which refuse to kowtow to their beliefs. From Part 6:

The point of my article series was that you need to educate yourself on what they are doing and engage with your kids with knowledge aforethought to debunk the happy talk, myths, rainbow-unicorns-happily ever after talk being marketed to your kids to counter this propaganda that has none of the consequences and facts about some of these decision options being presented to kids who are too young to understand the ramifications or options-that they are also not being given.

Does this mean the proverbial “worm” has turned? No, they ain’t going down that easy, as evidenced by this type of lunacy going on in the UK: Government Lawyer Sued For Stating that only woman can menstruate.

Also, Colorado’s Jack the Cake Baker Phillips is still being sued-again-even after the Supreme Court cowardly decision some seven years ago. And also, after the Colorado Civil Rights Commission settled with him in the wake of that decision-but this nutjob was not part of the settlement.

So this “transgender lawyer” (yes, that is apparently a thing) didn’t even sugar coat her/his WTFlap-ever deliberate flaunting of the details of the case to rinse and repeat the lawsuit…Don’t lawyers have some type of oath that should be applicable here (and I already mentioned I digress….)

More on this topic of going after religion from a different source…Not only invoking the Biden Administration’s DOJ and FBI involvement-who seemingly have nothing better to do now that the bulk of the 6 Jan “insurrectionists” (he cried hysterically) have been tracked down, and those meddling Loudoun County parents have been beaten back into their places, so there is time to go after the true bad apples…anti-abortion advocates looking to educate potential parents, and Catholics advocating to conduct mass in the original Latin: OMG, the horror! An extract:

President Joseph Biden’s Department of Justice has recommended against any jail time being handed down for Maeve Nota, who admits to vandalizing St. Louise Catholic Church in Bellevue, Washington, last June. She had been arrested and charged after smashing the church’s windows and doors, destroying a statue, spray-painting profane anti-Catholic messages and attacking one of the church’s workers. Damages amounted to over $30,000.

It was one of nearly 300 attacks on U.S. Catholic churches since May 2020, 118 of them since the May 2022 leak of the draft U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

And I digress (again,) but one of the recent talking points passed out among the LSMBTGA was incredulously, the two-tiered justice system supporting Trump that undid his dogmatic and outrageous, unprecedented bond amount: so much for a lack of bias and any semblance of common sense via the LSMBTGA.

Another seeming conspiracy theory, but consider what our government and the entirety of the LSMBTGA have been doing against religion in America these last 16 years…

Our government, lamestream media, big tech and academia-my concept of the LSMBTGA and yes, much like the vaunted letter people modeled after Germanic language construction (where you just stick the words you need together and pronounce it fast like Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän “Danube Steamship Company Captain,” and my fav backpfeifengesicht “a face in need of a fist,”) I extended my acronym in honor of those dogmatic academics who should be called out for their contributions to dis-and mis-information, who have chosen to brazenly lie to us-damn the torpedoes-to avoid the construct they so cleverly co-opted described by the “inconvenient truth.”

There seems to be a movement afoot to rebrand, recategorize or homogenize the terms of art related to propaganda-all somewhat oriented on highlighting the relatively “harmless” nature of the application.

The military art of information operations is well documented and likely the best source or reference on this “art“-black art fits since the very definition of the term is somewhat archaic to the layman… Information Operations is considered an umbrella term to describe the coordination activities required to plan, synchronize, and assess operations, activities, and investments typically related to the non-lethal capabilities of psychological operations, cyberspace operations, civil-military operations, public affairs, operations security, and military deception. 

In part 3 I want to look at updated studies on these topics in the context of how this topic of manipulating information has changed in the 21st century with a focus on study efforts.

28 March 2024

LSMBTGA: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT,) government (G) and academia (A)

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