Trump Made Our Political Choice Clear

I used to think that Donald Trump’s greatest accomplishment was banishing the Clintons from the political landscape. I was wrong. Sidelining the Clinton grifters is a distant second to his greatest feat – showing us, in the starkest possible way, the political choice that we face. He has drawn the radicals into the open, to show us what they have been working towards since the administration of Barack Obama.

I’m an unapologetic Trump supporter, but even I must admit that he makes it easy for some to dislike him. He’s everything the social justice warriors insist that we despise. He’s a white male multi-billionaire, who had a privileged childhood. He has a jaded history with the ladies, and is inclined to get into verbal battles that would be better avoided. In other words: he’s just as flawed as the rest of us. But I’m beginning to realize that his unlikability to some is actually his superpower. He causes the left to act out a self-destructive demonstration of their corrosiveness to the American experiment.

The radicals falsely perceive Trump’s personality as a weakness, drawing them into attacks that reveal their true nature. He’s the cheese, which temps the rats into the transparency trap. He triggers them to openly demonstrate their utter disregard for basic fairness and the rule of law – things which most Americans still hold dear. Blinded by their hatred, the radicals can’t see that their actions offend most Americans, and result in unintended consequences.

The left demonizes Trump without realizing that we don’t judge him by the contents of his heart. That’s God’s jurisdiction. We only care about his deeds – which have been 100 percent beneficial to the citizens of the United States.

We also don’t care about what’s in the hearts of his opponents. We instead are judging them by their deeds, and we’re finding those deeds very disturbing. They have

  • Trashed our civil rights,
  • Corrupted any notion of due process,
  • Weaponized the government against its citizens, and
  • Destroyed civil debate (i.e., calling opponents fascists).

It was all done to crush one man – with no acknowledgement of the individual liberties which the Constitution guarantees.

The Attorney General of New York, Latitia James, found a friendly judge and got a $464.5 million settlement and a suspension of Trump’s right to do business in New York. He was found guilty of defrauding banks, who claim they weren’t defrauded – making it a victimless crime, if it was a crime at all. The left attacked (action) and MAGA grew (unintended consequence).

Advice columnist E. Jean Carroll got an $83 million settlement from Trump for the libel of denying that he had raped her – even though she can’t remember the year in which it supposedly happened. Luckily, she had a friendly New York jury, since she was relying on Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) to triumph over a preponderance of the evidence. The left attacked (action) and MAGA grew (unintended consequence).

New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted Trump for a campaign finance violation, which the federal election commission ruled wasn’t illegal, and for which the statute of limitations had expired. But by calling it a “conspiracy,” Bragg was able to extend the statute of limitations, even if the act still wasn’t illegal. Bragg is counting on a TDS afflicted judge and jury also. Is that anyone’s idea of justice – seeking a conviction because you can, rather than because you should? The left attacked (action) and MAGA grew (unintended consequence).

Special Counsel Jack Smith indicted Trump for the same crime that Joe Biden committed – having classified documents in his possession (but without Presidential authority in Biden’s case). Special Counsel Robert Hur explained that Biden wouldn’t be indicted because the jury would find him a “likeable old gentleman.” Left unsaid is what that statement reveals: Trump was indicted because he would come across as unlikeable, while Biden was excused because a jury would find him likeable. Again, justice has been turned into the pursuit of the unlikeable, rather than the guilty. Is that what the Supreme Court building inscription “Equal Justice Under Law” intends? The left attacked (action) and MAGA grew (unintended consequence).

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis indicted Trump for the same action that every losing Democrat since Al Gore has committed – challenging the outcome of the election with every legal means available. When Al Franken overturned an election in Minnesota, it was a defense of democracy. When Donald Trump didn’t overturn an election, it was a criminal conspiracy in violation of racketeering laws – because he talked to people about his legal options. We’re not supposed to notice that what is justice for a Democrat is conspiracy for a Republican. Fani got her mugshot, and Trump’s campaign donations came rolling in. The left attacked (action) and MAGA grew (unintended consequence).

One must ask: why did the radicals think they would benefit from such public displays of raw political corruption? Was it because they presumed that our values were aligned with theirs? Did they think that we hated Donald Trump more than we loved our republic? Were they expecting us to celebrate the destruction of due process – if it was to “save our democracy”?

Surprise! The leftists were wrong. We value our country far more than any one man. We will not excuse them for trashing our justice system – to “save our democracy.” Unlike them, we know that “saving our republic” depends on fairness – especially towards those whom we may dislike. Lady Liberty wears a blindfold for reasons which we understand – and they clearly don’t.

The left’s hatred of Donald Trump, caused them to show the public their complete disdain for legal traditions. In their lust to attack him, they revealed the lengths to which they are willing to go in attacking our republic. Considerations of justice, fairness, and the common good were of no consequence in their decision making.

Leftists put the question to us: Do you dislike Donald Trump enough to excuse us for trashing legal traditions to keep him out of office? We have given them a resounding: No! But rather than hear us, the radicals continue to do the same thing over and over, while expecting a different result. They refuse to accept reality – that we prefer the America of our founding over the North Cuba which they are creating. So, they continue to attack, and MAGA continues to grow as they spiral into insanity.

With each Trump indictment, the Donald’s chances of returning to the Oval Office have increased. He now beats Biden in national and swing state polling. His meteoric climb in the polls is not because we adore Donald Trump. It’s because voting for him is the only way to express our displeasure with what they are doing to our republic. It’s our means of delivering judgement on their actions.

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker, and American Free News Network. He can be reached at

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