Five Very Scary Things

Five very scary things that might happen, are such because they are avoidable.  The worst case scenarios don’t have to happen.  Maybe they won’t.  If they do, they will be terrible.  As has happened for the whole of human history, the human folly of a few people in power will cause great tragedy to many innocent people.  The four scary, bad things are Ukraine joining NATO, China invading Taiwan, illegal aliens voting and committing America’s Oct. 7th massacre, and Federal spending destroying the US economy.

  • Ukraine Joining NATO. The US Secretary of State said Ukraine should join NATO.  That’s precisely what nuclear-armed Russia said was unacceptable.  Also, on the day Ukraine joins NATO, then any attack on it is an attack on the US.  So, the US goes to war with Russia. 

Precisely what was avoided at great effort and expense for almost 80 years will be upon us.  War with Russia. 

The Ukraine is more important to Russia than Mexico or Cuba is to the US.  We barely escaped a nuclear war when the US felt threatened by Russia in Cuba.  The Russians were invaded twice in the 20th Century from the West.  Ukraine is part of their “near abroad” and a vital interest to their security.

Furthermore, the Russians have legitimate concerns for Russian-speaking people in Crimea and the two eastern Oblasts.  Do those people have a right to self-determination?  The Clinton Administration bombed Serbia, killing over 2,300 civilians, to allow Muslim Albanians self-determination in Kosovo.  Muslim Albanians deserve the government of their choice, but Christian Russians don’t?

Allowing Ukraine into NATO will start the nuclear, chemical, and biological apocalyptic World War 3.

  • China Invading Taiwan. The same Secretary of State said that Taiwan isn’t independent of China, but the U.S. would prefer that China not invade.  Similar stupid statements have been partially blamed for the Korean War and Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.  Giving China legitimacy to rule Taiwan is one step away from using military force simply to enforce the legitimacy assigned. 

Did the US-Taiwan defense treaty expire?

Do 24 million Taiwanese not have the right of self-determination?

What will the US do when the Chinese invade? 

Don’t fight and the US loses all of its power based on perception.  The US becomes the “paper tiger” Mao said we were.

Fight, and the Chinese activate their cells in the US and bio-chem-nuke-EMP us in a heartbeat.  They don’t have the restraint Russia had in the Cold War.  China doesn’t share Western Civilization’s mores.  They learned different lessons than the Soviet Union did from World War 2.

  • Illegal Aliens Voting and our October 7th. If the illegal aliens are the margin of victory in the swing states in 2024, election integrity is dead.  The Democrat (Commie) cheaters will institutionalize it for as many states as they can for 2026, 2028, and beyond.

The 10m illegal aliens invasion since 2021 is deliberate.  It’s intended to add to the government-dependent class of Americans with a more obedient, permanent underclass who’ll vote to keep the Commie elites in power in perpetuity to ensure they – illegals – get their government handouts.

Embedded in the illegals’ invasion are the troops to conduct an October 7thMassacre in the US.  The Cartels, Russia, and China probably have cells ready to act.  The barbarian Islamists are the most likely to attack for the same reason the Hamas savages attacked Israel.

  • Spending Our Economy to Destruction. The Democrat Commies and their useful fools – the Establishment Republicans -will spend our economy into a destructive debt. The US can go as bankrupt as Argentina, Greece, or Zimbabwe.  The money printed to cover the debt increases inflation. 

Inflation punishes the poor and robs the Middle Class’s savings.  The rich get richer. 

The laws of economics, like nature’s Law of Gravity, can’t be ignored.  The consequences, like jumping off a high height, are devasting. 

Congressional Republicans brag they are “changing the spending curve downward.”  Increasing the debt at a slower rate still gets the economy destroyed.  The day will come when the world won’t buy U.S. Treasury bonds.  No one will loan the U.S. enough money to keep running in the red.


Two horrible wars, a coming massacre or more, election cheating ending the Republic and the Rule of Law, as well as the destitution from Federal Government spending the US into bankruptcy are ruinous. 

These five things are very scary, because they are moving from the possible to the probable.

Buckle up for the worst case.  Pray for the best.  Be aware how hubris and ignorance in power produces suffering and loss.  Hold the guilty accountable if you can

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2 thoughts on “Five Very Scary Things”

  1. And only half of what you wrote is enough to see that, who was it, Kruschev(?), who said that they would give us enough rope to hang ourselves. I think there’s a lot more to follow, when you consider Bible prophecy. We have been getting warned since the beginning of time. We have allowed candidates to win by cheating national elections. We elect people to office who have just enough spine to maybe get in front of a camera and microphone to literally just gripe, then go back in their office to scam money off of lobbyists, who then tell them how to vote on issues they favor.

    We live in a fallen and cursed world, James. If Trump is allowed to take office, I’ll be very surprised, because the left has literally made a pact with the Devil to see this to the end, and only God knows what may happen to Trump. He may very well be our last hope for hanging on to our country.

    • Thanks for commenting. We definitely don’t deserve the Republic given to us, if we continue as we have. I don’t think Trump is the last hope. The future could break our way if there is enough outrage and grievances against the Commies in power or we could go the way of Russia in 1917 or Germany in 1933 or Spain in 1936. The Lord knows.

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