The Undead Defense Act: Why We Desperately Need the Right to Keep and Bear Zombie-Fighting Drones


Picture a world where the Constitution guarantees every citizen the right to keep and bear zombie-fighting drones. No longer will we cower in fear of the undead; instead, we’ll take to the skies with our trusty aerial companions, armed to the teeth (or rotting flesh) with anti-zombie weaponry.

A white drone flying in the sky Description automatically generatedImagine the scene: a horde of zombies lumbering towards your neighborhood, and there you are, standing on your roof, directing a swarm of drones armed with flamethrowers and chainsaws to fend off the apocalypse. Who needs a shotgun when you have a drone squadron at your command?

Of course, there will be skeptics who question the practicality of zombie-fighting drones. They’ll raise concerns about battery life, flight range, and the ethical implications of drone warfare against the undead. But let’s not be deterred by technicalities. When faced with a zombie uprising, innovation knows no bounds.

Think about the economic benefits. The zombie defense industry would boom, creating jobs for drone engineers, weapon manufacturers, and zombie eradication specialists. It could be the stimulus package we never knew we needed.

And let’s not overlook the entertainment factor. Zombie drone hunting competitions, anyone? Imagine the thrill of watching contestants pilot their drones through an obstacle course filled with zombie targets and a flame thrower, competing for the title of Ultimate Zombie Slayer.

In conclusion, the time has come to enshrine in our Constitution the right to keep and bear fighting drones. Let’s embrace a future where drones are not just tools of convenience but also our first line of defense against the undead menace. Because when the zombies come knocking, only the sky will be our limit

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