The Buck Never Arrives

President Harry S. Truman once famously quipped, “The buck stops here.”  He took responsibility and accountability for whatever happened during his watch, good or bad.  The exact opposite is true under the regime of Joseph Robinette Biden, aka Brandon or The Resident.  He takes credit for anything good that happens, which he has zero responsibility for, and hides from the disasters he creates while playing the blame game.  Part of that game is to project anything he does that is unpopular onto Trump specifically or to Republicans, in general.

Biden is largely responsible for the inflation that has engulfed the U.S. economy since shortly after his taking office. That’s just a fact as provable as the sun is hot.  Yet Biden is having none of it. The inflation rate was hovering around 1.4% annually when he took office in January 2021 and had been constant for the previous year.  Due to his total economic incompetence and his shameless kowtowing to his leftwing kook base, he made a series of policy decision that had inflationary effects, from energy to supply chain to budgetary and spending to foreign policy.  Their drastic effects began to show almost immediately.

However, earlier this week listening to the Resident’s spokesliar, KJP, you wouldn’t know that a single Biden policy had any ill effects whatsoever on the U.S. economy.  Watch her obfuscate and twist and turn the truth till its undiscernible from her fantasies.

In other words, everything else but Biden’s policies have caused massive record inflation and subsequent spikes in the inflation rate.

Only government policies can cause inflation because only governments can massively print, borrow, and spend money with enough force to move economies.  Individuals cannot. Businesses cannot.  Only governments can.  Of course, KJP and Resident Brandon know this.  But, they think You are too stupid to know this.

The foreign policy buck never arrives at the current White House either.  Foreign actors have taken full advantage of Biden’s weakness and fecklessness. China is flexing its muscles at Taiwan and manufacturing and pouring deadly fentanyl over our open southern border with the easy assistance of the Mexican drug cartels and a Biden Border Patrol force turned nanny.  Yet speaking to the Brandon Regime, it’s all Trump’s fault.  According to KJP, when Biden took office he was working with a broken system and 10,000 illegal alien border crossers in one day is now defined as “stopping the flow”.

You can’t make this stuff up.  She said this with a straight face.  Maybe she’d make a good poker player.  She’s a lousy truthteller.

The new Biden campaign theme seems to be just blame Trump for everything, something’s gotta stick.

  1. Disastrous Afghanistan surrender: blame Trump.

  1. Arizona Supreme Court upholding 160 year old abortion law: blame Trump.

  1. Failed border deal giveaway: blame Trump.

  1. Woman nearly dying: blame Trump.

  1. More U.S. shootings: blame Trump.

  1. Iran supporting and funding terrorism: blame Trump.


It’s as if they want you to believe the Trump Administration never left office and is still in charge of U.S. policy, foreign and domestic, and they are just innocent bystanders.  Good grief!  This is leadership?  After more than 3 years, The Resident of the United States takes no responsibility for the calamitous consequences of any of his decisions.  Hey buck, where are you?  With apologies to Humphrey Bogart and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, “Buck?  We don’t need no stinkin’ buck!

As this election year continues to look more and more awful for Brandon’s reelection chances, don’t be surprised when his regime begins blaming the Trump Administration for the Biden Regime.  Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.



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