Six Nervous Months Ahead

Are you a betting man?

As we look at the next six to nine months, as Americans, we know the many possibilities surrounding the coming election. President Trump could be returned to office, or Joe Biden could remain in place, or one or both could somehow be replaced on their respective party’s tickets.

Anything is possible.

We see the polls, which say President Trump is ahead. We also know our history, the history of the American electorate often voting against their own interest, and we know of the corrupt political machines famous for fabricating votes and stealing elections.

All the more reason to say, anything is possible.

And if we see this, the rest of the world sees it as well.

The rest of the world may not know how adept our cities are at vote fraud, though, so they may place more faith in the polls than we do. And that means, the rest of the world probably thinks a change in the executive branch next winter is more likely than we cynical Americans think it is.

Think about what that means.

There are actors in the world – rogue states, rogue governments, rogue leaders – who have been waiting for “just the right time” to do whatever they most dearly desire to do.

Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map – and Iran’s really not that crazy about a few of its fellow Arab nations, either, now that you mention it.

Venezuela has long had its eye on Colombia. It never seems quite to be “just the right time” though.

Russia moved on Ukraine, but that wasn’t as easy as expected. There are other neighbors that might be easier, if Russia wants them enough. And maybe a quick win somewhere else might be just what it takes to scare Ukraine and the EU into the negotiating booth.

And then there’s China, which wants Taiwan, of course, but not just Taiwan. China fancies itself a regional power, a world power, maybe the strongest power on earth. If and when China acts on Taiwan, does anyone think China would stop there? There are other countries in the South China Sea, and there are people in China who believe that particular sea should be a Chinese lake.

If you were Xi Jinping, or Nicolas Maduro, or Vladimir Putin, or Ali Khamenei, looking out at the world, and staring at your calendar today, what would you think?

Would you see a lifetime of opportunities ahead, and all the time in the world?

Or would you see your window for action closing, your opportunities narrowing, your risk growing?

If you think the confused Biden-Harris regime might be entering its final confused lap, what will that mean to your options?

No more dementia-ridden negotiator who can’t even remember what country you control. No more secretary of defense who spends weeks alone in the hospital without even telling his second in command that he’s out of the office. No more secretary of state who’s more interested in your carbon footprint than your land-lust. No more secretary of transportation who poses for photographs wearing a ridiculous plastic imitation teat for his adopted baby to drink from. No more intelligence structure that’s more focused on what dirt it can illegally dig up on its political rivals than on America’s foreign military threats.

We Americans may be looking forward to a second Trump administration with nostalgia for $1.85/gallon gasoline, low inflation and secure borders, but these enemy dictators are remembering how the Trump administration used massive MOAB bombs to fight terrorists, and successfully negotiated peace agreements – the Abraham Accords – between countries that most people thought would never sit down to the same table together.

America’s enemies have to be looking at these next six months, thinking that this just might be the clearest shot we ever get at invading our neighbors without fear of retaliation from the United States. And these months are quickly ticking away.

We are not fortune tellers, you and I; we must admit that anything is possible on this complex world.

But these next six to nine months may be the most delicate period, the touchiest time for geopolitical risk in the past sixty years.

Copyright 2024 John F. Di Leo

John F. Di Leo is a Chicagoland-based international transportation and trade compliance professional and consultant.  A onetime Milwaukee County Republican Party chairman, he has been writing a regular column for Illinois Review since 2009.  His book on vote fraud (The Tales of Little Pavel) and his political satires on the current administration (Evening Soup with Basement Joe, Volumes IIIand III), are available in either eBook or paperback, only on Amazon.

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