Is Speaker Mike Johnson a ChINO?

Many today are confused by the behavior of House Speaker Mike Johnson. After all, he declared he was a Christian conservative. Doesn’t he coordinate with his son to use a computer algorithm to ensure they both don’t engage in viewing online porn? And didn’t leftists cry out that his appointment was some kind of “threat to democracy?” He must be one of the good guys!

Sadly, Speaker Johnson has a fatal flaw, one that many, both Christian and non-Christian don’t understand.

Because, Speaker Mike Johnson is a CHINO.  A “CHristian In Name Only.

What does that mean? It’s really quite simple, so simple that many will be stunned by its simplicity once understood. Mike Johnson’s beliefs are personal. That is, they are almost exclusively for the home and family. Outside of that sphere, his Christianity is nonextant, having little to do with the real world around him.

Indeed, most Christians today live the same way. They live compartmentalized lives, with a spiritual side on one hand and a secular side on the other. For example, in Christian circles I’ve heard gasps of horror from good folks if they hear a cuss word. Yet, I knew guys in the Army who swore like stable boys, but who were the salt of the earth and folks I could absolutely depend on to watch my back. While their language was awful, their practical morality was far more Biblical than many of the good folks I knew in church.

As a consequence, people like Speaker Johnson rarely, if ever, demand that morality be pushed into the public sphere. After all, don’t you know that “you cannot legislate morality?” Of course, what is lost in this is that all laws are a form of morality. The big question: whose morality will dominate in any legal system?

I’ve seen this compartmentalizing drama play out in spades in my nearly 50 years involved in politics. Christians are afraid to deal with their theology outside of church and family because they are, in part, afraid of being called religious extremists who support theocracy. They are afraid that their so-called “friends” will not like them, or say bad things about them.

But in reality, I think much of it is moral cowardice. They, especially pastors, refuse to stand on moral issues in the public square because they are afraid of persecution. Instead, they retreat into the walls of their massive cloisters, hoping that the secular state won’t come after them in their little worlds. Physical courage, such as being shot at, is relatively easy. Moral courage… doing the right thing at the critical moment… is much harder. So much harder.

In saying this, I’m not questioning Speaker Johnson’s personal salvation, or the morality of his family. Rather, I’m pointing out what I knew as soon as he was made Speaker and the leftists screamed about his religious views. I would have told them to take a chill-pill and relax. Because Speaker Johnson is a CHINO, and as such will do nothing to upset the apple cart.

Russ Rodgers has several books published on Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “Is Speaker Mike Johnson a ChINO?”

  1. Well said, Russ. I think you completely nailed what we see from Mike Johnson. Regardless of his personal morality, he is a complete and total coward when it comes to taking a stand. He has completely surrendered on everything that has come across his desk as Speaker. Sure, he’s allowed a few hearings and issued an impeachment. Those don’t require courage. Courage would be required to allow the government to shut down without securing the border. He hasn’t even passed a single budget bill with the majority of the GOP, as feckless and awful as the GOP House is.

    Mike Johnson is not a leader. He is in way over his head as Speaker and is too weak and cowardly for the job. If you had a strong President that set the agenda and got engaged in the details of policy, Johnson would probably be okay at the job with someone else displaying the courage on his behalf and putting him in a position where there is no cowards way out and he faces attack for either position. We don’t have that and won’t for at least 5 more years. Regardless of what one thinks of Trump, he is not a detailed policy guy. He let’s others deal with the details of policy. Even if we take back control of the Senate, the leader there is likely to be no better than Mitch McConnell, just younger.

    Sadly, I see a Trump victory as a pause in the decline of this country at best. The economy, inflation and foreign policy will all improve, but I don’t see transformative policy being enacted between Trump, Johnson and McConnell’s successor. (If Trump wins, we almost certainly hold the House and win the Senate given the map headed into 2024.)

  2. Gentle readers, I invite you to ponder one simple question.

    Other than committee chairs and the Mayorkas impeachment, can you name ONE thing different between the legislation of Speaker Johnson and what we would have seen from a Speaker Hakeem Jeffries?

    Y’all are bein polite, I’m gonna be blunt: Mike Johnson is just another Democrat In Drag, same as McCornhole and too many others that give us expressions like “Uniparty,” “Two-Headed Bird of Prey” and “Donkey/Elephant – Different Animal Same S[cat].” He’s either been bought, blackmailed, physically threatened (never forget that the Deep State is NOT above Dealey Plaza Recalls) or was a Kabuki-con Poser all along.

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