All The Trump Cases Should Be Dismissed

Democrats love to brag pointing out that every election fraud case brought to court over the 2020 Presidential election was dismissed without going to trial.  Most of the 64 cases brought to court in 2020 were dismissed by judges, out-of-hand, for supposed jurisdictional or other procedural, i.e. technical, issues.  The remainder dismissed by judges, after perfunctory review of the cases, for failure to prove fraud.  Yes, that’s right, according to these judges, the pro-Trump plaintiffs were required to prove their cases before going to trial.  I thought that’s what trials were for?  No chance for examination, cross-examination, discovery, etc. was allowed.


Fast forward to today.  Democrats are still bragging, but this time about the four cases that have been brought against Donald J. Trump himself.  The previous 2020 election rules of evidence, proof, jurisdiction, or technicalities have been tossed out of the proverbial courthouse window. Lawfare rules the day when it comes to “getting Trump”.  Lawfare is just as deadly as warfare.  Only rather than bodies, it kills our justice system.  No longer is Lady Justice blind.  In lawfare she peeks out of her blindfold to selectively prosecute and persecute those the left deems unfit for justice.  That sort of injustice corrodes the very fabric of our society, the fabric of law and order that binds our country and keeps it from falling into anarchy.


I’m no lawyer (thank God), but if any cases in the annals of our legal system cried out for dismissal, the cases against Trump should be at the front of the line.  


  1. The case brought by the nutjob known as E. Jean Carroll, should never have made its way into court. Carroll was an advice columnist in Elle Magazine from 1993-2019. I can’t imagine taking any of her advice.  She sued Trump for sexual battery and defamation.  The standard of guilt for these civil charges is proving a preponderance of the evidence.  Fine, however, she and her legal team produced NO evidence. 


Carroll claims that DJT raped her in the 1990’s in the lingerie department of Bergdorf Goodman, one of the largest and busiest department stores in NYC, during the day.  Not one single news story I could find laid out any of the “evidence” to prove her case.  She couldn’t remember what year it supposedly happened in.  She had no witnesses.  She spoke to no family member or friend contemporaneously about the supposed incident.  She made no claim until well after the statute of limitations had expired. 


She was only able to bring a case after the communists in the NYS legislature passed an ex post facto law, “New York State Adult Survivors Act,”, which according to CNN is, “a state bill which opened a look-back window for sexual assault allegations like Carroll’s with long-expired statutes of limitation”. 


This fraudulent “law” was written specifically with Donald Trump in mind.  Even though the law doesn’t mention Donald Trump by name, it is a Bill of Attainder, which is illegal.  The judge in this case, a leftwinger named Lewis Kaplan, appointed by none other than Bill “BJ” Clinton, has refused numerous requests from Trump attorneys to dismiss this case for lack of evidence.


  1. Then there’s the case of Letitia James and Arthur Engoron, the NYS Attorney General and Manhattan Supreme Court Judge, respectively, both playing Real Estate agents in evaluating whether Donald Trump overvalued his own properties. Who knew that law licenses bestow previously unknown powers to discern property values and that it’s illegal, not to mention immoral, to think your property is more valuable than it is? No one has ever done that before in the history of real estate. 


Keep in mind that Donald Trump’s career, expertise and knowledge is entirely in building, buying, and selling properties and real estate.  But two know-it-all lawyers think they know his business better than he does.  They have managed to criminalize property valuations.  This is a naked attempt to steal Donald Trump’s wealth.


James ran in her election campaign on getting Donald J. Trump on any charge she could think up, regardless of evidence or lack thereof.  Does that sound ethical to you? 


The weirdo who passes for a judge, Engoron, made up his mind about Trump’s guilt before the kangaroo court trial even started,

“Engoron’s ruling, days before the start of a non-jury trial in James’ lawsuit…”

So, before any non-evidence was even presented to this hack, I mean “judge” (I hesitate to even call him that), he already made up his mind about Trump’s supposed guilt.  How Kafkaesque is that?


  1. Then there is the case of the fat, I’m sorry, Rubenesque Fulton county Georgia DA, Fatty, I’m sorry, Fani Willis. She is attempting to convince us that folks like her, who run the county elections system, are just so reputable, like her, and honest, just like her, and corrupt, I’m sorry, credible, so much so that Donald Trump actually broke the law by complaining that the election results in Georgia in 2020 were fraudulent.


She charged Donald Trump with conspiracy for his asking the Georgia Governor and Secretary of State to find the legitimate votes for Trump that had not been counted.  Only Democrats, don’t you know, are afforded the right to contest election results like they did in 2000, 2004 and 2016.  Can’t you see those were honest election denials, as opposed to Trump’s criminal election denial?


However, before she could even get started, her utter and complete corruption were on full display for the entire country to see as she hired her Loverboy to investigate Trump while paying him under the table with unaccounted for taxpayer dollars and illegally with her own election campaign funds. 


As if that wasn’t bad enough, the “judge” overseeing the case is running for reelection in a heavily Democrat county and just happens to have previously worked for Fatty Fani in the DA’s office just a few years ago.  How is that for unbiased and objective judgeship?  This is the same objective judge who allowed Fani to go on unfettered, Ebonics-laced tirades against the prosecutor questioning her during the ethics complaint hearings.


  1. Speaking of fat, let’s not forget Fat Alvin Bragg, NYC District Attorney who has decided that he wants a piece of the action as much as he wants another slice of pizza, or a pork chop or a big bowl of pasta with lotsa sauce or a dozen donuts. He’s decided he can out Trump-hate the other Trump-haters by cooking up a federal election violation case (which he doesn’t have authority to bring and which the feds decided wasn’t a prosecutable case) and turn it, somehow, into a NYS violation. Huh?


The supposed victim, a porn star, has already written an affidavit that the alleged affair the entire case is predicated on, never occurred,  But that doesn’t matter.  “We’re gonna get Trump this time”!!


Twelve NYC “objective” jurors of Trump’s peers have now been seated.  Of course, ninety plus percent of NYC voters voted for The Resident, Brandon, but not these guys.  They’re non-partisan right down the middle.


  1. And finally, the big enchilada. The Trump-hating Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, is persecuting Trump for having classified documents in Mar-A-Lago after he left office. The classified docs in question were known to be in Trump’s possession by the National Archivist and Trump’s attorneys were negotiating for their return to D.C. when Merrick Garland decided we had too much time between FBI SWAT raids on political opponents.  So, he ordered one on Trump at Mar-A-Lago.  Don’t all former Presidents get this treatment?


I know what you’re thinking, but never mind that Joseph Robinette Biden was allowed to have even more classified documents for decades at his several unguarded residences and Chinese funded think tank at UPenn.  Stop it.  Of course, Chinese nationals couldn’t access those unsecured documents at that misnamed think tank. Just stop it, already.


And to top it all off, Jack Smith decided to charge Trump with election interference.  Stop laughing.  I’m not kidding.  He really did.  According to Jack, The Donald orchestrated the biggest, most heinous attack on American democracy since Lexington and Concord. Apparently, tens of thousands of innocent Americans were either killed or maimed in the carnage, not physically but mentally, at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.  Our republic may never recover, as a result.


All of these cases are Election Interference orchestrated by the Brandon Regime (all the above prosecutors have met at the White House with Biden staff).  The Supreme Court disallowed leftist nuts from removing Trump from primary and general election ballots because of the 14th Amendment or something so they’ve continued their election interference through other lawfare.  The new communist Democrat Party motto is “If you can’t beat Trump at the ballot box, beat him in court“.  


Each of these cases against Trump are frivolous.  Each should be dismissed and the prosecutors investigated.  If we had a double standard of justice now, at least we would know where we stood (as bad as that is). What we actually have is NO justice system.  Arbitrary vindictiveness now passes as justice.  Leftist screams should fall on deaf ears when President Trump metes out real justice, not revenge, to his persecutors starting next year.




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  1. Of the four boxes of liberty, we are finding that the first box draws liars, the second box has become corrupted, the third box is being used to support the corruption… and they are trying to take the fourth box before we use that to secure our liberty.

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