What the Credentialed Media Don’t Tell You Is As Important As What They Do

The in-school assault was serious enough that several credentialed media sources reported on it, and how the school was warned, in advance, that the attack would occur, and did nothing.

But you know what all of the media sources I linked did not mention? It has been reported by the Daily Mail that the assailant was not a real girl, but a boy self-identifying as a girl

Girl who warned teachers about trans female student, 13, with ‘hit list’ bravely calls them out as she reveals in horrifying detail how attacker beat her friend with a Stanley cup while screaming ‘I’m gonna murder you’

by Stephen Lepore | Sunday, April 21, 2024 | 1:12 PM EDT | Updated: 6:05 PM EDT

A brave Pennsylvania girl has spoken out furiously against teachers and administrators at her school after a transgender student savagely beat her friend using a Stanley cup.

The incident took place at Pennbrook Middle School Wednesday, when the 13-year-old blindsided her 12-year-old female victim in the school cafeteria using the cup, hitting her on the head and creating an open wound.

The unidentified student had to be hospitalized and get staples to close the cuts in her head before undertaking concussion protocol, according to police.

School Superintendent Todd Bauer said that the attack – which was caught on security camera – was ‘deeply disturbing’ in a statement at the start of Thursday’s board meeting.

However, as one unidentified student bravely said, not only did she warn teachers the bullying student had ‘a hit list’ but she added that she was the next one to get assaulted had she not been stopped.

There’s more at the original, and almost all of the stories linked in my introductory paragraph tell the same story, one of an unprovoked assault with the assailant using a “Stanley cup” as a weapon. No, not the National Hockey League’s championship trophy, but a very popular insulated drink cup.

Breitbart also reported that the assailant is ‘transgender,’ as did REDUXX, and North Penn School District Superintendent Todd M. Bauer was doing some damage control by refuting reports that the assailant, who has started at Pennbrook only two days prior to last Wednesday’s attack had been transferred there following expulsion for violence at another area middle school. But, what I find interesting is that while school officials are doing everything that they can to limit the damage, and refute the reports of a prior expulsion, the school has not attempted to refute the reports, mostly from conservative, non-credentialed media sites, but with popular names like Post-Millennial and Louder with Crowder that the assailant is a male claiming to be female.

You should read The Philadelphia Inquirer’s story of the assault. While reporter Maddie Hanna clearly referenced the victim as being a girl by using either the word “girl” or the feminine pronouns seven times, the assailant was never referred to as either male or female by Miss Hanna, and was only once referred to as “her” in part of a direct quote from a middle school student who witness the attack. The Inquirer’s story was time-stamped at 3:42 PM EDT on Monday, April 22nd, a full day after reports that the assailant was a male claiming to be a girl; if Miss Hanna was aware of those reports, she did not bother to refute them if they were false. With popular advocates like Riley Gaines Barker also reporting that the assailant is ‘transgendered,’ this would seem like a major oversight.

A major oversight, or just poor journalism. I have previously stated that the credentialed media don’t exactly lie to us, but they sometimes deliberately conceal politically incorrect facts.

Superintendent Bauer stated, “There are many details to this incident that I am unable to share and this can be frustrating to both you and me.” Yeah, I can see where sharing the assailant’s ‘transgender’ status would be something ha could not share if the claim is an accurate one. That quote came from Miss Hanna’s last paragraph, and the possibility exists that my suspicious mind is reading more into it than was actually meant. But if I have developed anything in my reading of media reports, it is an eye that detects what we are not being told just as much as noting what is being stated.

At this point, I do not know that the assailant is a male pretending to be a girl, but the fact that no one, or at least no one I could find, is refuting that broadly disseminated allegation certainly pushes me toward believing it.
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2 thoughts on “What the Credentialed Media Don’t Tell You Is As Important As What They Do”

  1. While posted today, this article was written on Monday. The credentialed media had not tried to refute claims that “Melissa,” the (alleged) assailant, was actually a boy, 24 hours after claims were made, and here it is, 24 hours after that, and the credentialed media have still not attempted to deny that the (alleged) assailant is actually a boy pretending to be a girl.

  2. It’s Wednesday, and I have still been unable to find any credentialed media reports that the (alleged) assailant is ‘transgender.’ But I also note that no one in the credentialed media is reporting that the claims ‘Melanie’ — not ‘Melissa,’ which I fouled up in my previous comment — is actually a boy are untrue.

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