The Enemy Within

The Trojan Horse sure was old fashioned.  No one would think of such a thing now.  That would be too obvious.  No, the left is more devious than that.  The insidious left takes the long view.  Give them an inch and they will take a mile, but only a yard at a time.  The left has been cautious for decades, slowly inching forward until they see victory in reach.  When they think they can clearly see that, they will strike.  That time is now.

Nikita Krushchev, Soviet Premier, said the quiet part out loud many years ago,

“You Americans are so gullible.  No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find you already have communism.  We won’t have to fight you.  We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

That has been the left’s gameplan for decades and they have stuck to it with enviable and frustrating patience.  Like boiling a frog, we have succumbed to the slightly increasing temperature until we now find ourselves in a boiling cauldron from hell.  This is not the country I grew up in.  I know so many of us patriots feel the same.

How did we let this happen to our once great country?  Man has been a fallen creature since creation.  Yet, there was the hope that finally in 1776, a group of political, social, economic, and philosophical geniuses had finally come together as in no other time.  God had ordained a gathering of these remarkable men to cobble together nascent, idealistic, like-minded states to form a union like no other in the history of the planet.

Miraculously, this disorganized rabble of honorable, simple folk were able to successfully hold off the onslaught of the greatest superpower, Great Britain, not once, but twice.  Greatness, here we come.

For two hundred years afterward, America has been the bright shining magnet drawing millions from across the globe to the first and last bastion of freedom on the globe.  The place everyone dreams of.

Look around today and that dream is dead to most Americans. It is apparently still alive to foreigners, but that’s because Trump was right (as usual), anywhere else is better than the S*hole countries they are coming from.  But where do the rest of us go, if our country becomes one of those countries?

Chaos is literally everywhere – in our schools K-12, in our riotous, Bolshevik-run universities, on our streets where there is no justice but street justice, in our courts where politics, rather than law, now rules, in our sports where politics dominates like men playing in and dominating women’s sports, in our military where discipline has broken down and men pretending to be women are promoted and real women now lead our Army, and especially in our churches where socialist messages overtake Christ’s message.

How did we get here?  That is a good question and the complete answer is too long and detailed for this column.  But we can take a stab at it.

It probably started well before the 1960’s, but let’s start there.  Remember all those radical socialists burning our stars and stripes and their bras and draft cards, rioting, conducting sit-ins, protesting everything, demanding fill in the blank-justice.  Justice is justice.  If you have to use a modifier, then it ain’t justice.

The ’60’s nutniks grew up and then took control of those same major institutions they were once protesting against, now including industry, because weak feckless leaders allowed them to, slowly dumbing down and numbing our resistance to utter nonsense.  The enemy was now within the walls of power.

After decades of honing their radical skills and manipulating the language to make their ideology seem acceptable, their power and influence grew.

The result:

  1. Spending for social programs, especially anti-poverty programs, leading to an unsustainable national debt now standing at $34,700,000,000,000+ and counting. A debt we can never repay, with no end to poverty.
  2. A women’s liberation movement so liberating that even men can be women.
  3. Crime is no longer crime and criminals are heroes, ala Saint George Floyd.
  4. Racism is good, as long as it is directed at whites.
  5. Multi-billionaires censoring speech is promoting free speech.
  6. Invasion of our country is good, but the invasion of other countries is bad.
  7. Record setting inflation is good for you and though long lasting is actually only “transitory“.
  8. Genocide of Jews is good and those perpetrating that genocide are the real victims.
  9. Mankind controls the earth’s climate.
  10. Trying to lock up your biggest political opponent is Cool.
  11. A sexual revolution so revolutionary that now even men can get pregnant.

The list can go on and on, but you get the picture.  A new false reality that good is bad has overtaken our society.  Nikita Krushchev may be gone, but his progeny live on.

How can we get back to normal?  The proverbial genie is out of the bottle and we may never get back to normal.  It would take a national revival of common sense, a Great Awakening, so to speak, to shake us out of this delusion we’re now living in.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that one election will solve our current problems.  It won’t.  It’s a start, only.  The enemy is within.  The real solution lies in our hearts.  The only way to begin to defeat the enemy is within each of our hearts, person by person.  We must change.  That requires a power greater than us and greater than any political party or leader.  Stay tuned.  Buckle up.  We’re in for a rough ride.




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