Viet-Nam War officially ended 49 years ago today

I received a text message from an Army buddy this morning, reminding me that the Viet-Nam War officially ended 49 years ago today. While I have told many people already, I felt it was time to publicly point out something about our Viet-Nam Veterans, in case nobody else noticed it:
  During the course of our last wars (OEF, OIF, etc) I made many trips over and back to the AOR. One thing was constant through it all: The American Flag waving Viet-Nam Veterans leading throngs of patriots in “send-off” cordons for us as we drove out the gates at McDill AFB and Fort Riley.
They showed up again with “welcome home” signs and American flags at the arrival terminal cheering every time we returned home…
  At a little known (tiny) airport in Kansas when we departed Fort Riley at bedtime. At the mega airport in Atlanta on a sleepy Sunday morning. In Tampa on a Friday evening during Spring Break, and Bangor, Maine at 0230 in the snow.  They were there from start to finish for two decades.
  This encouraging support was led by the Viet-Nam Veterans who gave so much and got so little back… who were determined not to let our generation of Soldiers suffer in silence as they had been forced to do when they served a seemingly ungrateful public all those years before.
  So when you see them in their ball caps, VFW hats or with their bumper stickers on their car give them a handshake or a friendly wave and thank them for serving. Welcome THEM home. God Bless them all!
  When future generations of our warriors head to and from the battlefields, remember to let them know they have our support, like the Viet-Nam Veterans let us know.

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