Fascism- It’s Not About Racism

Possibly one of the greatest triumphs of propaganda in history was not stolen elections, false marketing campaigns, or pushing dangerous and unnecessary medical treatments on unsuspecting people.

It’s the idea that Fascism (and its close cousin Nazism) is just racism.

A few years ago, World Economic Forum prophet Yuval Noah Harari did a TED talk, where he spent 18 minutes as a digital avatar, haranguing the audience about the fascist impulse.[1] And through all his talk and going round and round, what he really said was that fascism was essentially racism, though he never uses the “R” word. People watched the digital Harari make assertions that could have taken a 30-second read in an email post. Though he makes some interesting points, his talk was loaded with humorous contradictions and lack of definition.

So… what is fascism? It’s “government and business working together for the betterment of the community.”  How many times have we heard this line on various ads, as our political leaders prepared to provide a business, typically run by one of their buddies or monied partners, to get taxpayer funds to create a product or service that benefits them at our expense?

This… not racism… is the essence of fascism.

The core of fascism is government using force to provide an exclusive monopoly to a small group of business people. And once a person understands this principle, they come to one conclusion: nearly every nation, state, and tribe in the world is fascistic to some degree. It is, indeed, the natural form of government in all places.

But the level and depth of fascism can vary, ranging between a soft version to a brutally hard one. Soft fascism is where political leaders help business buddies by giving them special privileges in a certain sector of the economy, but you can often avoid purchasing the products. For example, a city may grant an exclusive monopoly… i.e. a franchise… to a sports team, but you can avoid them by not going to the games.

But in hard fascism, the pressure ramps up significantly. When it reaches this level, you are compelled by government force to purchase the product of a select business, whether you need it or not, and at the exclusion of competitors. One example of this has been government education, which until recently was an exclusive monopoly, save for the wealthy few.

Besides outright force, fascism uses government licensure and regulations to “guide” an economy. While “quality” is often the excuse, the real reason is political control, as recently witnessed by the disbarment of attorney John Eastman in California, simply because he represented a hated client. Could one imagine the howls of indignation from leftists if Clarence Darrow had been disbarred for representing confessed murderers Leopold and Loeb in 1924?

So the real bottom line question for us today is: if we cannot have a totally free market economy governed by Biblical moral law, what version of fascism will we live under… soft… or hard?

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[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHHb7R3kx40

1 thought on “Fascism- It’s Not About Racism”

  1. Interesting take on fascism. What you describe as soft fascism is really interference in the free market (private sector) to get to a desired outcome artificially. For this precise reason, the Founders saw to it that we would be guaranteed the right of a redress of grievances regarding government actions. It is this unConstitutional abuse that leads a party to be agrieved by the federal government (or state or local gov’ts), and thus seek redress. It is the lack of free markets around the globe, due to government interference – socialism, fascism, communism, that leads to so much human suffering around the world. Ours is one of the few governments that guarantees our ability to petition for redress of grievances. A just court system is necessary to fulfill this guarantee. We are not a fasicst country…yet.

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