Illegal immigration has various impacts on all nations.

Illegal immigration is a double-edged sword. There are advantages and disadvantages. the key is to identify and make use of the good, while of course, identifying and eliminating the bad.

The Good: As Western birth rate continue to fall, immigrants are needed to sustain their work force. These new citizens-to-be will not only become taxpayers as they join the workforce, but will be needed to service the aging population who are exhausting health care and retirement systems.

The Not-So-Good: The influx of unskilled, undocumented invaders are becoming dependents costing the existing taxpayers and driving inflation as governments expand social services. These new arrivals, whose numbers are significant, are overwhelming monetary and education systems; and as they become voters they will influence the political and military direction of the invaded nation. In addition, lapses of vetting encourages contraband smuggling and allows penetration of terrorist.

The worldwide shift in population density is but a symptom.

Short Term Solution: All illegal aliens will be returned to their country of origin; though the country they fled might not want them back. Therefore, a fee will be paid to the country of origin for each person returned. The negotiable fee could be in the form of humanitarian aid, defensive weapons, trade-advantages or….

Long Term Solution: See next week’s column.

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