Concerns Over Democrats’ Decision to Introduce a 60-Home Ghetto in Hillman, Michigan

Editor’s Note: This article is about the impact on a small town by the unconstitutional, Federal action of dumping illegal aliens in small communities that also happen to be conservative voters. All politics is indeed, local.

The recent decision by local Democrats to introduce a 60-home ghetto to the small town of Hillman in Northeast Lower Michigan has sparked significant concerns and raised questions about its potential impact on the local community. Hillman, with its 700 rural residents, is among the poorest counties in the state and is known for its solid red conservative values and resilient population. However, the sudden influx of illegal alien families, without adequate consideration for the town’s capacity, raises serious issues that could have severe secondary and tertiary effects.

One of the primary concerns is the strain that this massive injection of people will place on essential resources such as schools, healthcare systems, and the job market. With limited infrastructure and resources already stretched thin, the addition of 60 or more immigrant families could overwhelm the existing support systems and lead to increased competition for already scarce resources.

Moreover, the decision to introduce a ghetto-like settlement in Hillman highlights a lack of foresight and consideration for the long-term consequences. The potential for social tensions, economic disparities, and community divisions is a real concern, as the town may struggle to accommodate and integrate such a significant influx of people effectively.

Critics argue that Democrats pushing for this decision may be more focused on profit, political agendas or short-term gains, rather than genuinely addressing the needs and concerns of the local population. The disregard for the potential secondary and tertiary effects, as well as the burden placed on others to fix these problems, is a troubling aspect of this situation.

Ultimately, the decision to introduce a 60-home ghetto in Hillman reflects broader challenges and debates around immigration policies, community planning, and the responsibilities of policymakers to consider the well-being and interests of all stakeholders. While DEI is a noble goal, forcing DEI on a rural community has the potential for severe undesirable repercussions by not addressing the complex social and economic issues by creating undue chaos for small  communities.

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2 thoughts on “Concerns Over Democrats’ Decision to Introduce a 60-Home Ghetto in Hillman, Michigan”

  1. David, DEI is in no way a “noble goal”. It is discrimination and racism, pure and simple. It is anti-meritocracy and all thinks American. There is nothing noble in that.

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