The Global Madness Must Stop!

Millions of people have seen and heard the madness and some are still struggling to make sense of it. But change is in the air.  Conversations across the country are beginning to take up the topic. Governments are imposing irrational limitations on domestic oil production and pipelines, as well as outlawing coal, natural gas appliances, and gas-powered automobiles.  The Democrats think it’s okay to purchase expensive foreign oil, transport it across the ocean using a massive amount of fuel oil, and expend an enormous amount of carbon emissions.  How do you square that with all their environmental concerns?

Strange goings on have been our acquaintance for almost four years now.  A pandemic appears out of nowhere and turns out to be a glorified flu virus.  Vaccines that take 10–15 years to produce appear suddenly.  The government goes ape, spending trillions on mandating vaccines and masks for many workers, and corporate America follows suit. And now we find stories everywhere about ‘healthy’ vaccinated people dying suddenly and by the millions worldwide. Many in the act of commanding an airplane or competing on the athletic field. 

And the government implores us to continue taking the vaccines because they say they are ‘safe and effective.’  All while the borders are swung wide open, allowing upwards of 10 million unvaccinated, uneducated, unskilled, and diseased people who can’t speak English to illegally enter our country, contrary to the law.  The current administration continues to insist that the border is closed and secure.  Who are these people?

Life insurance companies are scratching their heads, trying to make sense of the sudden excess death rate. Funeral directors are equally mystified as to the strange blood clots they are finding in the bodies that are being prepared for burial. 

The climate change hoax that governments are selling is causing food production to slow to a crawl.  Prices are becoming outrageous. Farms are being sold off on the orders of governments, especially in Europe.  Here in America, family farms are being sold off to billionaire elites.  Egg, meat, and fertilizer production facilities are blowing up or catching fire. But companies are springing up that will offer lab-grown meat and edible bugs.

Crime is rampant, and the law is no longer used to its fullest extent except to punish political opposition.

Something is causing massive change, and the force behind it appears foreign and nefarious. There are no coincidences.  Nothing the government does makes sense anymore.  The government is preparing us for something.

Western civilization is dying, and it is not a natural death.

On their orders, these elites are planning colossal changes in how we live.  We are hearing about the rollout of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).  It is said it will better control inflation, be more secure (so they say), speed up transactions, especially across borders, and fight money laundering, yada, yada, yada.

The downsides are immense. They will be rolling out a monster.  All transactions will be monitored.  It will erase any privacy we have left.  When your privacy is gone, your freedom goes with it.

Governments like India are trying to assure their citizens that most transactions will be largely anonymous. Who in government can you trust?  Bureaucracies will not resist the temptation to spy on anyone they please. They will always come up with a reason.   We’ve seen it time and time again, particularly in the last few years.

The one point to ponder is THEY will have access to YOUR money with the flip of a switch.  Unless stopped, we expect the rollout to occur within 12 to 24 months. Hackers can’t wait.  More people need to get involved in preventing this tyranny.

In 1910, billionaire oligarchs secretly got together on Jekyll Island (Jekyll Island?) off the coast of Georgia to work out a central bank system. It’s called the Federal Reserve. The system is semi-privately owned, with little or no government oversight.  An act of Congress created the privately owned system when it was signed into law on December 23, 1913, when the nation was too busy to notice getting ready for Christmas.  Isn’t that nice?

When the government needs money to dampen a financial crisis, the Federal Reserve (Fed) prints it and puts it on our tab with interest, of course.  That was the original intent of the Fed, but its power has grown, along with the power of the government  to order the printing of money if it wants to buy votes and it always wants to buy votes. Many in the financial world are now asking how that all happened. 

It’s been said that a central bank is essential to preventing banking crises.  Has it?  Did it prevent the Great Depression?  In the 2008 financial crisis, during the TARP bailout, Congress authorized $700 billion to ‘fix’ the problem.  It was found later, much later, that the Fed actually printed and dolled out to their buddies…$29 TRILLION according to an independent audit. (The Blaze)

The more money they print, the more taxes and inflation we pay. More of any item always brings the value down.  Compare the price of anything to what it was anytime in the past, and you get the idea.  The privately-held Federal Reserve has, in essence, the keys to our money supply, and bankers will always do what they do best—make money for themselves.

Secretive globalist billionaires manage a debt-driven economy, ensuring that both the government and its citizens remain in debt. If that makes no sense to you, it’s because it doesn’t make any sense.

It gets worse.  A bank most people know nothing about is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), out of Switzerland. The BIS is a private, unelected, and unaccountable organization that oversees 95% of the world’s money, controlling 63 private central banks, including the Federal Reserve.  All of their top-level meetings are held in secrecy, with no minutes taken.  They have even granted themselves diplomatic immunity, preventing any investigation into their actions.

Trump has a plan to federalize the Federal Reserve.  It’s been a long time since it could be controlled and held accountable.  The Fed is a semi-private entity that prioritizes both its own interests and those of its banking partners.  The Fed gives our government the ability to spend money they don’t have, like giving a credit card to a child, and allows the Fed bankers to protect their buddies in the banking industry.

Behind the scenes, something is going on, and this coming election will determine our future for many years.

Let’s face some facts: climate change policies, net-zero, the Green New Deal, a carbon moratorium, or whatever will cost lives—millions of them, maybe billions. Net-zero will only work if the vast majority of the planet’s population is not alive. I can’t believe the governments of the world do not realize this, or do they? This must be an intentional global policy to wipe out whole populations.  Climate change and open borders are all part of a scheme to create chaos.  Not one of their scores of predictions has come true. We must get serious about stopping this madness.

Net zero will not work; let’s stop pretending it will.  They want to end our use of oil, coal, and natural gas with no viable alternative. Solar and wind will not cut it.  They must know that.  The cessation of mining and production of our vital resources will bring all industries to a standstill, thereby impacting their employees, their families, and all businesses involved. In Canada, high energy prices have already killed more people than COVID-19.  Energy prices will rise steadily, going easily to two to three times what they are now.  Electricity and transportation costs will go up drastically, making them unaffordable for the majority of the planet’s population.  Everything else will rise too, making it even more difficult than it is now to survive.

In China, new coal plants are opening each week.  Is their coal better than ours?  China is simply the country they have picked to be the blueprint for the world that is coming, complete with a tyrannical government, tight control over every human being, and a social credit system to keep you in line.

Relying on wind or solar power will give us an insufficient and/or unreliable power grid and certainly cause blackouts and brownouts on a regular basis.  It will not be merely a matter of inconvenience.  It will be a matter of life and death.  Foreign enemies or terrorists will find it easy to attack and disable a solar or wind power grid.

Investments will cease. Jobs will disappear. Infrastructure will be ignored more than it is now.  Whole populations will be on the move to places where they think they can survive.  Tax revenue will all but dry up, bringing about much fewer services like health, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. The loss of those health services will greatly increase government-sponsored assisted suicide.  It’s already happening in Canada. Pensions will probably either disappear or be reduced substantially. 

Domestic food production is already declining due to billionaire takeovers of farmable land. The UN has warned of a 30% drop in food production by 2050.  Of course, the globalists will blame climate change.

Dairy cows pose an environmental challenge to these globalist psychopaths. They dispense methane—you know, cow farts. So, we must kill the herds. No more dairy. I told you these people are crazy. 

There is no doubt that the government(s) are leaving us with less money in our pockets.  Inflation and taxes have taken their toll.  The impact will extend to all industries, including tourism and hospitality. I envision that snowbirds will soon have to choose a permanent, year-round residence.

I have connected as many dots as I can find and come to one conclusion: The globalist elites are designing and building a world where only a small fraction of people will be left on the planet—about one half to one billion people total. That’s about a 90% reduction.  They have talked and written about it incessantly.  I believe them.

We must get control of this global madness.  These globalist billionaire psychopaths, or oligarchs, are tearing our world apart piece by piece. Stop believing everything is normal or that this is an average election year. It is not!  The psychos are trying hard to keep us down.  They are determined to destroy or tightly control our economy, businesses, energy, food supply, transportation, jobs, homes, churches, and families.  Did I say churches?  Yes, I did. 

This article originally appeared on Stand Up America US. Reprinted here with permission.

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1 thought on “The Global Madness Must Stop!”

  1. Mr. Ray, last night I listened to a Glenn Beck video, where he described a troubling dream that he had twice in the last two years, exactly the same both times. The gist of the dream is that
    he is in the White House with a few others. The group is soon divided, & he is left talking to a government agent, who says, “You have no idea who you are dealing with.” The agent rips off one of those full facial masks & exposes the demon underneath.
    During the time between the dreams, Glenn is told by a prominent religious leader that God speaks to us in many ways, dreams being one of those ways. He advised Glenn to listen to what he was being told, and to act on the message from God….but the leader did not know of the dreams at that time. He was delivering a message that God had sent him to give to Glenn.

    I truly believe that are in war where good is pitted against evil, & right now, evil is winning. Can the forces of good ( and God) be marshaled in time & with enough strength in numbers to win this war against Satan & his unleashed demons? I don’t think we will have to wait much longer to know.

    Thank for another excellent, revealing article. You never disappoint.

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