Yes, I Love War… Sort Of

As Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.’s Third Army broke out of the Normandy lodgment in August 1944, his command car was speeding along a dirt road past a carnage of twisted wreckage and blackened corpses of a German column that had just been smashed by Allied aircraft. Leaning over to his aide, Col. Charles Codman, Patton shouted, “Compared to war, all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance. God, how I love it![1]

And yes, I too love war. Well… sort of.

Actually, I hate war for what it destroys, not only killing many but destroying entire cultures and civilizations. Whether one loves or hates Bashar al-Asad, one must hate what the recent war in Syria has done to cities like Aleppo. What were once bustling streets of shops and apartments with people raising families is now smashed wreckage, much like that dirt road in Normandy in 1944. But while I hate war, I love one aspect of it.

War drives the child out of all of us.

War is the ultimate and final form of human reality. I believe this is what Patton, in his wild enthusiasm of the moment, was getting at. After all, when an enemy’s boot is on your neck, all of your childish pretensions vanish. You come to understand reality.

Today, we have many living in what Arthur Schopenhauer called a “Wolkenkuckucksheim,” or “cloud-cuckoo-land.”[2]From the idea that men can become women, boys can become girls, and men can get pregnant, we also have the lesser understood forms, in today’s terms, of kooky thinking: the mass killing of unborn children or the notion that puny man can destroy the entire earth by burning fossil fuels. Not to mention the current push by the United States to spark a nuclear war with Russia.

I have an historian colleague who repeatedly sends me articles from the usual leftist suspects about conservatives and their “kooky” conspiracies. But in reality, my leftist colleague is the one who’s kooky. He’s the one who votes for a guy with dementia to have his finger on a nuclear trigger, supports women slaughtering their own babies, and supports little girls having their breasts cut off so they can become little boys. My colleague’s thinking, and that of the typical leftist, is that of little children, living carefree on a playground.

That is all they are:  spoiled, petulant little children… but wielding a nuclear cudgel.

Sadly, I believe these leftist brats are about to get an education in reality. As we plunge towards war, whether in Europe, the Middle East, the Pacific Rim, or more insanely, all three at once (forget World War II Germany… let’s go for a three-front war! Secretary Yellen said we could do it- it must be true!), the leftists will find themselves facing painful reality. They will be grabbed by their nose rings and pulled like the cattle they are into the slaughterhouse.

War does drive the child out of all of us. Hopefully, our spoiled leftist children will grow up before they hurl all of us into the maw of destruction because of their greed and temper tantrums.

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[1] Drive, COL Charles R. Codman. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1957, p. 159.

[2] On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason, Arthur Schopenhauer. New York: Cosimo, 2007, §34, p. 133.

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