Some Deluded American Leftists Might Think That They Are Organizing the Pro-‘Palestinian’ Protests, But Much Of It Comes From Professional Agitators With Ties to Hamas

Intelligent people have already been wondering just how much of the ‘student’ activism in support of the ‘Palestinians’ and Hamas has been led not by the students themselves, but professional activists. We have previously noted that the majority of those arrested, 13 out of 19, as the Philadelphia Police ‘broke up‘ an attempt to occupy a Penn building, and 26 out of 33 arrested as the pro-Hamas ‘encampment’ at the University of Pennsylvania was broken up were not students there.

From USA Today, not exactly an evil reich-wing news source:

Amid campus protests, organizers with past ties to Hamas support also emerge

by Will Carless and Romina Ruiz-Goiriena | Wednesday, May 22, 2024 | 5:38 AM EDT

On Day 7 of the pro-Palestinian protests on the Columbia University campus, Osama Abuirshaid stopped by the student encampment.

The story can also be accessed here if you are stopped by USA Today’s paywall.

The executive director of American Muslims for Palestine walked through the tent city, then made a fiery speech to the gathered crowd.

“This is not only a genocide that is being committed in Gaza,” Abuirshaid said. “This is also a war on us here in America.”

Forty-eight hours later, Abuirshaid appeared at another campus — George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where he delivered another speech.

Campus protests, which swept the country this spring, emerged as an outcry over the civilian death toll of the military campaign Israel launched in response to Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack. Most student protesters have sought to distance themselves from Hamas, which the United States designated as a terrorist entity in 1997.

That last paragraph is a lie. If you see someone wearing a black-and-white ‘Palestinian’ keffiyeh, popularized by the late terrorist Yassir Arafat, who rejected an agreed partition plan which would have granted a ‘Palestinian’ state in Gaza, Judea, and Samaria in late 2000, because he knew that he’d be killed by the irredentists, you know that he is supporting the terrorists! When you see the “from the River, to the Sea” signs, or “By any means necessary” posters, which effectively support the murder and rape Hamas used in their October 7th attack, you are seeing people who support terrorist!

Much further down:

While campus protesters across the country have expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people, individual protests have also showcased moments of more overt support for Hamas or for violence: At Stanford University, officials alerted the FBI after a man at a campus protest was seen wearing a headband resembling those worn by Hamas fighters. At Columbia, students chanted “Hamas, we love you. We support your rockets too.”

It could be argued that many of the actual students in these protests are simply ignorant of what they are truly supporting, and that’s true enough: despite Stanford and Columbia being elite institutions, which are very difficult for non-Affirmative Action applicants to win acceptance, college students are young, immature, and hot-headed, frequently falling for radical propaganda. Many have fallen for the odd concept of intersectionality, which broadly and simplistically holds that every marginalized or oppressed demographic shares experiences with every other marginalized or oppressed group, leading to some sort of common cause between them, has thoroughly infected and infested liberal thinking these days, and has led to oddities like Queers for Palestine, when there are Islamic provisions which criminalize, up to the point of the death penalty in some places, homosexuality and advocating for women’s rights, and freedom of speech in general.

Yet, ignorant or otherwise, people are responsible for what they say. Our freedom of speech protects their right to say stupid things, but does not mean that people cannot actually listen to what they say, and react negatively.

But top members of Abuirshaid’s organization have complex connections to the campus protest movement. And Abuirshaid and others from American Muslims for Palestine were once employees or officials at another group tied to direct financial support for Hamas, USA TODAY found.

From 2002 to 2004, Abuirshaid ran the internal newspaper for a pro-Palestinian media organization called Islamic Association for Palestine. The group’s sister fundraising organization, the Holy Land Foundation was designated a terror group in 2001, investigated by the FBI and indicted by the Department of Justice. Ultimately, the foundation’s leaders went to prison for supporting terrorists, and a federal judge later found both groups responsible for funding Hamas.

An array of pending civil lawsuits alleges that Abuirshaid’s current group also has close Hamas ties, though these claims remain unproven as the suits work their way through the judicial system.

Pro-Hamas posters in New York City, photo0 via JNS. Click to enlarfe.

Our freedom of speech also means that activist groups can say what they want, and it takes complex investigations to prove that they are acting illegally behind the scenes. Mr Abuirshaid knows that, and perhaps he closely keeps on the side of legality, but it’s clear that he supports Hamas and he’s attempting to lead the easily-led students into supporting terrorism, whether they understand it of not. Even The Atlantic noted the significant denial that the Hamas attackers used rape as a terror weapon, but the article was written by Michael Cohen, and he’s a Jooooo, so many on the anti-Semitic left will ignore it. Many of the other reports on Hamas rape denialism have Jewish sources, though certainly not all, further enabling denialism by the left.

Don’t be fooled! Yes, there are some legitimate college students, and even some baffled ‘progressive’ adults taking part in these pro-Palestinian protests, but that doesn’t mean that those protests are not pro-Hamas and pro-terrorism. Some deluded American leftists might think that they are organizing this stuff, but much of it comes from the professional agitators.
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