Stasi State Techniques Of Our US Government: The Biden Administration Authorized An Inherently Dangerous Raid To Resolve A Fabricated Administrative Document Dispute With President Trump Part 6

I wrote an article that became a series some 21 months ago about what a tawdry, classless, lawless, game changing event this raid was by the Biden Administration.

My article was entitled the Shot Heard Round The World” addressing the unprecedented, unlawful, collusion of President Biden’s administration to raid former president Trump’s residence over a contrived document dispute in terms of the outrage committed by the British of marching on the colonists to confiscate weapons in Concord and Lexington.

I mention the article series of nearly two years ago because the information now dripping out of Judge Cannon’s courtroom about the Biden administration collusion that took place to orchestrate this crass, raw act of political power gets worse with each day and each page of unredacted and unsealed DOJ prosecution exhibits that the government-DOJ-Jack Smith-never intended for us to see.

These taxpayer funded documents tell the story of Biden administration collusion between the WH, DOJ, NARA, the FBI and GSA.

The unsealing of the long sought after justification documentation to raid President Trump-Mar-a-Lago, reveals that Biden-the DOJ-Garland-and the FBI-Wray authorized the use of deadly force over what at best is an unprecedented political witch hunt over administrivia against a former president in violation of all norms and protocols and protections under the congressionally approved Presidential Records Act: and at worst a risky, dangerous act against a cooperating target that represents no threat to the public, nor the raid party.

They will likely dismiss it as chalk-typical language used in these type of routine Stasi State SWAT raids, where our government has consistently used overwhelming force over the past near decade against targets that were (1) cooperating with authorities (2) negotiating terms in pursuit of the stated government requirements (3) which the government approves anyway (4) despite the known high risk of such actions.

It appears there was no prior coordination with the Secret Service detail assigned to protect President Trump: that is inexplicable, dangerous and unnecessarily risky. The documents indicate they were advised to not show badges, badging, or visible evidence to announce that it was the FBI, DOJ, and sycophants with the Biden Administration that were conducting the raid: why?

Are we to believe the government was going for the element of surprise to go after administrative material-documents-in their third or fourth visit???

This continues a trend where average Americans who have run afoul of the STASI State get treated worse than any habitual criminal, pedophile, murderer or illegal alien being pursued by law enforcement.

What makes this both unprecedented and criminal on the part of the Biden administration is knowingly raiding a Secret Service protected ex-President who was not only cooperating but had been visited multiple times at this point by Biden officials seeking something that has not been disclosed to the public yet.

Julie Kelly has been all over these Kangaroo Court cases. The detail being released is incredible-disturbing-not only from the standpoint of how corrupt and conniving the Biden Administration has conducted themselves throughout this effort, but from the sheer chutzpah of DOJ and Jack Smith’s tactical use of sealing documents from the court and the defendant that are obvious and clumsy attempts to cover-up the collusion and duplicity between the WH, DOJ, FBI and NARA.

Recall that Smith’s tactics have based on hiding the sausage, keeping the DC conducted Grand Jury proceedings redacted and sealed, withholding them from Judge Cannon and the defense team, sealing documents that detail the collusion and decision-making between and among the Biden Administration, and petitioning the judge to limit the defense team to a witness list that only includes Jack Smith’s prosecution team present in the court room.

On what planet would a defendant not have access to named witnesses identified in charging documents that were involved in the process followed to indict them? (yes, I know-Russia, China, Iran, etc.)

This extract from Kelly with some of the latest unsealed documents is disturbing:

Now of course this is going to be defended as routine administrative instructions that the Stadi State uses in every raid.

But there is nothing routine about colluding against a former president and then fabricating a legal approach that attempts to keep all such evidence hidden.

NARA played a key role in this criminal action, alleging that Trump was withholding documents as evidenced by (likely) the transmittal list provided to NARA and GSA by the Trump WH-Mark Meadows-in his official duties as Presidential Records Act representative for President Trump.

Now I’m a simple retired Army and government guy, but if I were part of the NARA-DOJ-WH-FBI responsible POCs to execute on behalf of my agency in this matter, I would have simply asked NARA to identify by name-based on the WH document transmittal list and inventory-the titles of the documents they believed were not included-the justification in NARA’s mind that made them important enough to take such unprecedented actions-and-here is a novel idea-ask Mark Meadows and/or President Trump to produce them.

For all we know this may have happened-and for all we know President Trump and/or the PRA (Meadows) may have told them to pound sand.

If that is the case the law says that is the final answer: the President is the ultimate authority, whether current or ex, in this matter.

Much like all the other tidbits of critical information being unredacted and unsealed, we don’t know whether that’s the case. Just like we didn’t know the extent of the collusion, the unprecedented Biden authorization to NARA to make the decision in this matter, nor his approval to violate the PRA by giving the DOJ and FBI access to PRA protected material: that is a dangerous precedent when looked at in consideration of presidential immunity-think drone strikes on Americans overseas…

Nor the fact that the Biden Administration approved the use of deadly force over an administrative issue.

Which proves in my mind that there are specific documents embarrassing to one or more entities involved-likely the Biden or the Obama administration-that they are desperate to get back-and they will do anything necessary under the Stasi State playbook to achieve that end: even if it means a firefight between federal agents theoretically on the same side.

I wrote my August 2022 article in what I considered the strongest terms imaginable, but I failed to do justice-even in equating the Biden Administration to King George III and his roughshod, “look down the nose at the peasants-the colonist’s-“ attitude that cost him-in the end-the very entity that he ignored in pursuing his “royal duties.”

I invoked the Declaration of Independence as one of the final pieces in the series because of the lawlessness of myriad actions of Biden and his administration.

The lesson and takeaway from these egregious actions of the Biden Administration and the Stasi State is what it takes to hold our government accountable to the governed.

We the people-American taxpayers who fund each and every one of these politicians-from the president on down to the lowest rank on the General Services pay scale-deserve better than this from our leaders.

The American system of justice-a land of laws and not men-bases on the safeguards, checks and balances in place represented by our three branches of government and the tools reflected in our laws that we expect our government to abide by in each and every case.

Which is the opposite of what is going on in this Biden engineered Stasi State, typified by the unprecedented raid on President Trump’s residence with some nearly 35 federal officials in the “raid party,” authorized to use deadly force if necessary.

It was an outrageous, out of control power play that the Biden Administration has normalized into lawfare. Making routine the raid of cooperating persons of interest to maximize the stigma associated with interactions with our government.

There is going to be a day of reckoning and retribution over this continuing malfeasance at every level of our government. You can’t get this type of “lawfare” back into the bottle: once released, it’s like Shakespeare’s the dogs of war.

The Biden administration upped the ante on the quest to get the Bad Orange Man at any cost with their reportedly no-notice raid on an ex-president’s personal residence.

The evidence is in-it now makes total sense why the Biden Administration has been playing hide the sausage on all matters relating to the Jack Smith case. Lies, lying, liars and more lies.

A famous document states it distinctly, clearly and unambiguously:

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident,…

Think of this document not in terms of a Civil War type solution, but in the context of working to get our government-one malfeasance tainted, inflicted and corrupt government official at a time-back in the box with the acknowledgement that they work for us-we the people-American taxpayers-not globalists, special interest groups, the mob-socialists-war mongers or illegals.

There is going to be a reckoning, justice and retribution: and it is going to be glorious….

23 May 2024

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