America’s Future: Multi-Cultural Nations Always Collapse

The United States of America is undergoing a radical demographic shift, with tens of millions of people from various cultures and beliefs being imported into the country, both legally and illegally, over the past few decades. More recently, in violation of his oath of office, Joe Biden has invited heretofore unheard of numbers of foreign nationals to enter and live off American taxpayers (currently Biden’s Guests total 17 & 18 million and counting*). This transformation raises a critical question: Can a nation survive such a significant & rapid demographic change and remain united? The answer, as history has shown, is unequivocally NO.



The United States is currently experiencing a demographic & ideological shift that is unlike anything in America’s history. Throughout history there have been numerous examples of multi-cultural nations that have fallen due to their inability to address the underlying cultural and ideological differences within their societies. The Ottoman Empire (1299 to 1922), which was once one of the most powerful nations in the world, fell. The empire’s failure to integrate its various ethnic and religious groups led to a growing divide between the central government and the provinces, ultimately resulting in the empire’s disintegration. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The breakup of Yugoslavia (1918 to 1992) serves as a vivid & recent reminder of the consequences of failing to address the cultural and ideological differences within a multi-cultural nation. The country’s population, consisting of various ethnic & religious groups, was unable to find common ground, leading to a series of brutal conflicts and the eventual breakup of the country into several smaller, more homogenous states.


According to a Axios Vibes survey conducted by The Harris Poll in April, 50% of Americans, including 42% of Democrats, support mass deportations of illegal aliens. Additionally, 30% of Democrats and 46% of Republicans express a desire to end birthright citizenship, which is currently protected by just one interpretation of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Mass deportations appear to be a uniting solution that both The Left and The Right largely agree upon; however, the Ruling Elite rarely listens to Americans.

Our elected representatives do not truly represent We The People; instead, they serve the interests of the ruling and donor classes. This fact has slapped Americans upside the head daily ever since Day One of the Biden Regime. The people’s desire for solutions that benefit Americans, such as mass deportations, is ignored.


Instead of investigating the numerous 2020 election irregularities in most of the swing states, the Ruling Elite responded to the January 6th “stop the steal” protesters with mass incarcerationsmass persecutions, and nonstop media coverage demonizing the protesters. This approach is in stark contrast to the Ruling Elite’s response to nationwide BLM/Antifa rioting during the summer of hate & chaos in 2020. Indeed, they cheered when cities were burning, when violence took over the streets, when businesses were being looted and when Americans were being murdered.

As many churches and businesses were shut down by Covid restrictions, the BLM/Antifa thugs rioted on. Mask restrictions did not apply to them, according to the Ruling Elite. The media coverage of these protests was sympathetic, with many news outlets highlighting the grievances of the protesters and calling for defunding police, with no concern for the law-abiding victims.

The Ruling Elite’s response to Americans demanding answers to the massive irregularities in the 2020 presidential election continues to be brutal to this day.


Every speech Biden gives is designed to further divide Americans. He thinks his power will increase if he has Americans fighting Americans. The consequences of the disconnect between the ruling classes and the people are becoming increasingly evident. As history has shown, when a nation undergoes a dramatic demographic shift without addressing the underlying cultural & ideological differences, the result is often balkanization, the division of a country into smaller, ethnically or culturally homogenous regions.

The term “balkanization” originated from the breakup of the Balkan Peninsula in the early 20th century. The region, once part of the Ottoman Empire, was divided into numerous smaller states, each with its own distinct ethnic & cultural identity. This fragmentation was driven by the desire of various ethnic & ideological groups to achieve self-determination and assert their unique cultural identities. The process of balkanization has occurred throughout history in various regions around the world. In each case, the underlying cause has been the failure to address the cultural & ideological differences that exist within a nation, leading to the eventual division of the country into smaller, more homogenous regions.

The Biden Regime, instead of addressing the underlying differences, has chosen to oppress, demonize & abuse, and in some cases, imprison, those who are speaking out.

The country is becoming increasingly diverse & divisive, with people from various cultures & beliefs being imported in large numbers, and with The Left demonizing & persecuting The Right. This change is being driven by a combination of factors, including mass immigration from over 100 countries & cultures, lower birth rates of natural-born Americans, and the changing attitudes of the American people who are demanding their Bill of Rights be respected.


The negative impact of Biden’s massive importation of foreign nationals is being felt in many and varied ways across America. To name just two: Denver’s two largest hospital systems are on the brink of collapsing from caring for illegal aliens for free, and crimes by Biden’s Guests are soaring throughout the nation.

The political landscape has become increasingly polarized. This divide will only grow wider in the coming years due to Biden’s “newcomers” who are coming from more than 100 different cultures.

Given the current demographic trends and the (intentional) failure of our elected representatives to address the underlying cultural & ideological differences within the country and, at the same time, importing more cultures, it is becoming increasingly obvious that balkanization is the inevitable path forward for America. It’s not the ideal path, but it is the inevitable one.


As the divide between different groups within America continues to grow, the likelihood of a peaceful resolution becomes increasingly unlikely. The process of balkanization has already begun with the formation of smaller, more homogenous regions across the country, as conservatives flee the hatred & crime in blue states for respect & safety in red states. These regions will be defined by their unique cultural & ideological identities, with each group seeking to assert their own values & beliefs. Thirteen Oregon counties voting to secede from the Marxist state and join Idaho, is just one example of the process of balkanization. If this “divorce” is finalized, over 60% of Oregon’s land mass will become part of Idaho, and over 500,000 Oregonians (14%) will become Idahoans.

As these smaller regions become more established, they will likely begin to demand greater autonomy from the DC Swamp. This could lead to the eventual breakup of the United States into several smaller, independent nations, each with its own distinct cultural & ideological identity. This is not the ideal, it’s not something Americans want to happen, but the writing is on the wall.

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*At his Bronx’s rally yesterday, President announced this number.

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