So Much Nonsense

We used to live in a world where there was a distinct separation between sense and nonsense, right and wrong.  We had instincts. We knew the difference between law and lawlessness, between male and female, what works and what doesn’t work. It wasn’t perfect, but there was order. Not  anymore. The differences have collided with a loud crash, taking much of society with them.  The rules haven’t changed; natural law is still in effect. However, due to massive political influence, we have chosen to disregard these rules and choose absurdity over normalcy.

The Left wants turmoil.  And what better way to achieve it than to expel God and His order? Predictably, the Left decided to be their own god, dismissing natural law for the rule of chaos. A Bizarro world, if you will. 

The Left in this country and in many others has decided that there are no longer any established customs or traditions born of thousands of years of trial and error that are valid today.  Never mind that Western civilization was shaped and forged by Christianity.  The sanctity of human life, medical care, education, art, individualism, freedom, personal and collective security, democracy, capitalism, technology, equality, and the family are all driving forces brought about by Christian thought and philosophy. 

When I refer to Christian thought, I mean it precisely as such. Christian people are just as capable of making mistakes and suffering from greed and immorality  as non-Christian people, but most of us accept the same societal benefits and norms that Western civilization has provided without question. We live our lives and learn from our mistakes. But Biden has learned nothing except to use his Catholicism as cover for the life of lawlessness he chooses to lead. 

It’s as dumb as a Black president telling Americans to their faces that they are racist or Biden making a deliberate decision not to be energy independent? To any normal person, it’s nonsense.

If you have any doubts about Biden’s corruption, allow me to remind you: Biden’s total disregard for our immigration laws, possibly even allowing a 5th column army to form loyal only to himself and other Democrats, evidence of pay-for-play activity with countries like China, and the undermining of equal justice under the law. The Supreme Court said he had no authority to pay off the student loans of college grads, but he chose to ignore them anyway.  Recent revelations of sexual misconduct with family members have also come to light. Biden is arguably the most corrupt president in our history. 

For many of us, our preference for progressivism over God and country has led to a level of nonsense that is shocking to the human conscience. Many recent headlines, which many of us are starting to associate with our current state of affairs, are becoming commonplace.  These are but a small sample.  They were very easy to find: 

Growing Concerns Over Links Between Transgenderism and Violence, The ‘Volatile Cocktail’ of Mental Health Issues and Body-Altering Chemicals – Epoch Times

More Than 40% of Transgender Adults in the U.S. Have Attempted Suicide – Williams Institute

Biden Administration Instructs ICE to Ignore the Law and Their Oath
The Hill

The Rule of Law is Under Duress Everywhere – Brookings

Biden Ignoring Federal Law With Sweeping Executive Orders – Fox News

Biden White House Ignoring the Law Shatters All Norms – Washington Times

Migrant Arrested 6 Times for 14 Crimes in First Two Months in NYC – NY Post

There is another aspect to all this nonsense, and that is not only the cancellation of the law, but the law canceling you.  You are no longer being protected by the legal system.  The police continue to be defunded.  The rate at which officers retire and leave law enforcement is shocking. The political establishment does not seem to be supporting the police in many blue cities.

Muggings, robberies, rapes, or violent attacks on innocent people occur with little or no action taken.  Sucker punches and flings onto railroad tracks are becoming more common, particularly toward the elderly. Despite this, authorities take little or no action. The criminal is released and disappears among the population within a matter of hours…nonsense.

Transexuals have not only gotten acceptance in many areas, the Left has  sanctioned it, for children as well as adults. Hospitals all over the country, especially in blue states, are offering ‘gender reassignment surgery’ for both age groups.  This is not subject to debate.  It is sick!  What child knows their mind enough to make a decision like that? 

If this is our new medical establishment, can we ever trust their advice or recommendations?

Women’s sports have become an exercise in buffoonery. Biological men competing against real women and leaving them in the dust with their hopes of an athletic scholarship dashed.  The Left finds this perfectly normal.  Feminists are nowhere to be found. It is their way of being the god they have so thoughtlessly dismissed.  More nonsense.

What’s next?  Legalizing pedophilia? No joke; they have been working on that for decades.  With the Democrats working hard to take over the judicial system, nothing should surprise you anymore. Believe nothing the Left says. Just twenty years ago, the Clintons and the rest of the Democrat Party were in total support of the Christian concept of marriage.  What changed their mind?  Was it political opportunism, or were they just finally showing who they were?

In California, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill allowing judges to decide whether a person should be listed as a sex offender for having sex with a minor.  Of course, liberals say it doesn’t make pedophilia legal, which is true, but it puts it one step closer to their goal.

Run for president, be on the wrong side of the deep state, threaten established power, and watch as the system comes down hard, spending millions to get any kind of conviction.  If Donald Trump triumphantly overcomes this legal quagmire, regains the presidency, gets us out of the mess we are in economically, socially, and politically, keeps us out of war, and restores the dignity and prosperity of our country, I would say that Trump should have his bust on Mt. Rushmore after he passes.  

Have we entered a time of communal stupidity?  Yes!  While much of Western civilization believes we have outgrown Christianity, the Left has been busy filling the void with chaos and nonsense. And it is now everywhere.  

I have heard Biden goad gun owners into violence. Joe Biden, several times, mocked American gun owners, saying they’ll need F-16s to fight back against government tyranny.  And then mocked a Thomas Jefferson quote about the ‘tree of liberty being watered with the blood of patriots.’

It sounded very much like Biden admitted to government tyranny and really wants to see armed conflict.

All indications are that there is a nefarious purpose behind this social change. We are being led back to the middle-age serf system with a noble or ruling class.  They will enjoy distinct food, housing, modes of transportation, and privileges unavailable to mere serfs. All to save the planet, or so they say.  Red states are lining up to outlaw lab-grown meat.  As usual, Florida was the first to pass such a law.

Come the next election, no matter where you are—in the United States, Canada, Europe, or South America—you will know what to do.  Don’t vote for nonsense. Vote for normalcy, decency, and freedom under God.

This article originally appeared on Stand Up America US. Reprinted here with permission.

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