Be kind to libs because they’re losing

Donald Trump isn’t the only one getting the best of them.

Friends, please be kind to your liberal friends. They are going through a rough patch where it is difficult for them to sit down because the truth keeps biting them in the bottom. The targets of their hate are having a good old time. Let me run through the short list starting with your favorite president.

Lawfare is a 21st century political attack that bleeds an opponent’s bank account by forcing them to hire attorneys to defend himself in unwarranted criminal and civil actions. Democrats never forgave Rudy Giuliani for defeating the Mafia which was a source of bribes for decades in New York City. Crime pays, quite well, to Democrat mayors. As long as the much-heralded black community is OK with coffins, murder and mayhem will continue on a daily basis in Chicago.

Democrats upped the stakes in their lawfare against President Donald Trump by trying to disbar any attorney who dared defend him in court.

The problem for Democrats is they learned the wrong lesson in the Republican attacks on Bill Clinton. Ken Starr investigated Clinton for nearly a decade but came up with squat to prosecute him on. While I supported the impeachment, in retrospect it was dumb as a bike lane in West Virginia to pursue it. Democrats pointed out the perjury was about sex and everyone lies about sex.

A quarter-century later, they have hauled President Trump into court over sex. I am disappointed that Bill Kristol didn’t live to see this.

(What’s that? Only his career and reputation died? Then cruise on, captain.)

I don’t really care about the Never Trumpers because my readers no longer care about them. But I am fascinated by all those pipsqueak talk show hosts who are watching their wet dream dry up like the Sahara.

Comedian Eric Abbenante tweeted video of the Anderson Cooper/Bill Maher interview in which the two cheerleaders of the witch hunt pouted because Soviet-style show trials don’t work in the USA.

Abbenante wrote:

Anderson Cooper: “Can you believe that this [‘Trump Hush Money trial’] seems like it’s going to be the only trial that will go before the election?”

Bill Maher: “Well I’ve been moaning and railing about that on my show. I think the Democrats blew it as they always do with this kind of stuff.

They’ve had four years. What was all the delay about? Of course they’re going to try and run out the clock, and they did!”

Bill Maher thinks the problem with the Democrats’ lawfare was that they didn’t start weaponizing the justice system earlier.

Why do they sound like villains complaining that the good guy got away again?

Maher said Democrats should have weaponized DOJ earlier? Obama had the FBI spying on Trump before he secured the 2016 nomination.

That Maher wants Democrats to use the government to crush their political opponents is all you need to know about him. He seeks to be FJB’s Maximilian Böttcher with Rob Reiner as August Hinrichs and Stephen King as Charlotte Rissmann.

Bur let’s not forget the Scold of Comedy Central. Abbenante tweeted a video of Jon Stewart whose only punchline is an F-bomb.

Abbenante wrote:

Jon Stewart marvels at the ‘luck’ of Donald Trump as he discusses Michael Cohen stealing money from the Trump organization:

“Michael Cohen admitted on the stand today he stole money from the Trump organization. Only in a Donald Trump trial would the star witness be the one who ends up going to jail. How lucky is Donald Trump?

“Gets out completely unscathed. But forget about all of that.”

Trump isn’t lucky, he just hasn’t souled his soul to the devil like the Democrats prosecuting him.

Gee, it was lucky of Trump to be extorted for $130,000 by a prostitute and chiseled out of $60,000 by a shyster lawyer. Just a reminder that for years Stewart bragged that he donated to only one candidate in his life.

Anthony Weiner.

Meanwhile in sports, two targets of liberal loathing are getting the best of them: basketball’s Caitlin Clark and football’s Harrison Butker.

Clark became the No. 1 draft pick in the WNBA after a torrid college career in which she set all sorts of records for women. And she did it without having a penis. She is a sensation who had people actually watching women’s basketball.

The Los Angeles Times — which recently ran a column headlined, “Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned” — dumped on Clark for being white.

The column said, “Caitlin Clark marketing boom is celebrated but also draws questions of race and equity.”

Equity means you do the work and the government makes you share the money with those who didn’t.

The column said, “Clark, who will lead the Fever against the Sparks on Friday at Arena, also stands out for who she’s not. In a league in which approximately 70% of the players are black, nearly a third identify as LGBTQ and most come from urban environments, Clark is white, straight and from Iowa.

“And that sets her apart even more than her shooting skills.”

So being white, straight and from Iowa are bad things. I’ll have to tell my sister in Atlantic, Iowa.

You know, for decades sportswriters bristled at calling the WNBA’s fan base dykes and tikes. And heaven knows how sportswriters made a big deal about Bubba Wallace being the first black NASCAR driver (actually it was Wendell Scott more than 60 years ago) and the first black NHL player. Racial integration is praised but only in one direction.

The game is rougher and faster in the WNBA than in college. It’s that way in every sport. Only the best make it to the pros. She’ll either sink or swim. It will have nothing to do with the color of her skin and everything to do with her ability to adjust.

Finally, there is Butker of the Kansas City Chiefs. Liberals tried to cancel after giving a pro-Catholic commencement speech at a Catholic college. That backfired. Sure, the NFL denounced him, but the wife and daughters of the team’s owner backed his call for men and women to be good parents. That ended that.

As a bonus, Jon Stewart is hopping mad that the White House will allow Butker to join his teammates at the Chiefs appearance with the president following their Super Bowl win. If you see Jon on the street, give him a hug for me because he’s having a bad week.

Outkick pointed out ESPN wants to cancel Butker.

The conservative sports site reported, “Religion and gender roles are at the center of the controversy surrounding Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s commencement speech at Benedictine College last week.

“ESPN added race to that discussion Monday.

“Andscape, an ESPN-run website dedicated exclusively to covering race, published an article titled, ‘Why Harrison Butker’s commencement speech comments won’t negatively impact his career.’”

Fact-check, the league denounced Butker and embraced Colin Kaepernick because the NFL is 70% black and the league feared offending the millionaires who actually play the game and make money for the billionaire team owners.

Race is crazy. No wonder liberals try to use it every time they lose an argument.

This article first appeared on Don Surber’s Substack. Reprinted here with permission.

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