Keeping The “Wrong” People Out Of Your Neighborhood

When a neighbor on our street was getting ready to sell his house two years ago it dawned on me that we could possibly wind up with a Liberal neighbor or, even worse, a Biden voter! So, I mentioned this to two of the neighbors and we came up with a simple plan.^ We put up five or six Trump or GOP yard signs along side the street that every potential buyer would need to drive past to visit the property. They would also notice my huge Trump 2024 flag as they drove by. It apparently worked! Within days of moving in, the new neighbors planted a huge flag pole and hoisted a larger-than-average US flag. I knew they were Conservatives before meeting them!



First of all, this same method could be used to discourage Conservatives from moving into a neighborhood full of Liberals. Actually, you would be doing Conservatives and Trump supporters a favor if you warned them before they bought the house, that they would be living behind enemy lines. My husband and I were forced to leave our dream house, in part, because the street we lived on, over the years, filled up with Democratsthen Trump hatersthen BLM promoters. Spending our retirement years surrounded by hate did not appeal to us so, when I retired, we moved to our beach house. We knew the six beach neighbors on our deadend easement road and liked five of them, who happened to be Conservatives.

Three months ago, another neighbor put his house up for sale. I jokingly asked this neighbor, who is a realtor, to vet potential buyers to keep Liberals out. He advised me that his realtor license doesn’t allow that. Soooooo, the yard signs went back up! It worked again! The buyers were thrilled to move onto a street full of Conservative neighbors because their former neighbors, apparently all Liberals, would not speak to them. At least they didn’t vandalize their house or tear down their US flag!


When we moved from a Liberal-dominated area to this more politically balanced area,* we immediately noticed a difference in attitude. Even though there are plenty of Liberals here, they are not as nasty as they are in Blue-run & Blue-ruined cities. Perhaps that is because they don’t own each part of government like Liberals do in major cities. Perhaps that is also because small town residents are personally acquainted with many of their neighbors and do not want to acquire reputations as being anti-social.

It is a sad commentary that neighbors can no longer discuss politics without risking an argument. Perhaps I am unobservant, but I did not notice any chism between everyday Democrat and everyday Republican voters in our Portland burb until Donald J. Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Then, Clinton voters turned on their friends, co-workers, neighbors & relatives who voted for Trump spewing “you’re a racist,” or “you’re a Nazis,” or “you’re stupid,” or “you’re a Fascist,” or my personal favorite, “you should not be allowed to vote!” I thought their hatred would diminish after Biden moved into the White House, but it only grew worse.



As I am saying goodbye to my beloved Solara, I am remembering what it was like to live behind enemy lines: We lived in West Linn, a suburb of Portland, Oregon, until December 2020. That is a Blue Metro Area in a Blue State. Beginning in the 1990s only reckless Oregonians dared to put any type of “conservative” or GOP bumper sticker on their cars. If…

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^On our rural easement road, where each property owner has 10 or 20 acres, the houses are not close together. However, since the county does not maintain our road, the seven homeowners must cooperate to maintain the road. The six Conservative neighbors did not want a second Liberal to move in because the lone Liberal who lives here is sometimes hard to deal with.

*For decades, Pacific County, WA, voted for the Democrat candidate for president. In 2016 & 2020 Trump won the county: 50%-43% in 2016 with 10,000+ votes counted and 49%-48% in 2020 with over 14,000 votes counted. Yes, fraudulent ballot counting is suspected.  Statistically, it is almost impossible for legitimate ballots to increase by 40% from one presidential election to the next, especially given that the number of registered voters only increased slightly.

The author, Diane L. Gruber, is a First Amendment advocate who writes for Substack. She calls her Substack newsletter America First Re-Ignited.  

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2 thoughts on “Keeping The “Wrong” People Out Of Your Neighborhood”

  1. Mrs Gruber wrote:

    Statistically, it is almost impossible for legitimate ballots to increase by 40% from one presidential election to the next, especially given that the number of registered voters only increased slightly.

    This ignores one significant point: the conditions of the election changed. Due to the reactions to the Covidiocy panicdemic, many states sent out mail-in ballots to all registered voters. Republicans have always had an advantage in that there is a larger percentage of Democrats than Republicans who are too lazy to get off their welfare-supported butts and go to the polls to vote.

    But when the state is sending them ballots in the mail, complete with postage-paid return envelopes, we get more of the lazy, good-for-nothing malingerers casting ballots. The increase in turnout was primarily among the worthless people, so it’s no wonder that the dummkopf from Delaware won.

    • Dana: Thank you for your comment. Yes, many states illegally implemented mail-in voting when they had, before 2020, in-person voting. However, Washington State has had ONLY mail-in voting for 20 years. Therefore, it is easy to compare the number of votes cast between 2016 and 2020. The 40% increase in little Pacific County is statistically impossible, absent fraud. BTW, Washington’s head election officer, Kim Wyman, did such a good job creating fake ballots for Biden, that they hired her to continue her work at CISA, the censorship agency within DHS. Diane

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