Transgender Men in Women’s Sports: I blame feminism

In 1848, a group of people met at Seneca Falls, NY to draft what became known as “A Declaration of Sentiments.” Most were women, but about one-third were men, including Frederick Douglass, along with Quakers James Mott and Thomas M’Clintock who chaired most of the meetings. The primary purpose of these meetings was for women to gain the same rights and privileges of men.

Margaret Fuller’s book, Women in the Nineteenth Century, preceded the Convention and in large measure inspired it. Fuller’s arguments have a religious undertone, but are void of Biblical authority. She appeals to the vague notion that men and women should be brothers and sisters in the same faith, stating that “we only ask of men to remove arbitrary barriers.” She further asserted that woman could fill any of the positions currently held by men, bemoaning that in her day “there is no woman, only an overgrown child.”[1]

What many today do not know is that in early America, women had a privileged place in society. For example, if a woman was caught shoplifting, she was typically not charged with a crime but was released to her father or husband, while the latter could be charged to pay restitution. The reasoning was that women should be shielded from many legal consequences so as to care for their families. Feminists complained that this made a woman “dead to the law.” One wonders how many women today wish that they were “dead to the law.”

The real core of the feminist mystique was for women to demand the same rights and privileges of men. In other words, to be as men. And in this they largely succeeded over the last 150 years.

There was only one key area, besides having children, where men and women still had their unique spheres, and that was in areas where physical strength predominated. It was only a matter of time until that last barrier was torn down. Indeed, this was presaged over 100 years ago by Olive Schreiner, when she wrote that the only difference between men and women was in sexual activity. “We, to-day, take all labor for our province! We seek to enter the non-sexual fields of intellectual or physical toil, because we are unable to see to-day, with regard to them, any dividing wall raised by sex which excludes us from them.”[2]

And now, here we are, witnessing the culmination of the feminist mystique- the complete breakdown of all distinctions and barriers brought about by powerful men and deluded women.

And who are the ones today screaming the most about this travesty? Why, women of course. We can, and should, applaud the efforts of women like Riley Gaines, but the reality is much starker. Today, women who oppose mentally ill men engaging in women’s sports are making the same types of arguments made by men a few hundred years ago, about how there should be separate spheres for the two sexes beyond sexual reproduction. In a repudiation of the feminist ideology, these women are now demanding their own place, and yet deny men their place, wherever that may be.

Sorry ladies. You wanted this, and you got it. Now you have to live with it in the new Amerika.

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[1] Women in the Nineteenth Century, Margeret Fuller. Mineola, NY: Dover Publications, Inc., 1999, p. 94, 96.

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2 thoughts on “Transgender Men in Women’s Sports: I blame feminism”

  1. Somehow, Americans — as did people all over the world — manage to reproduce and survive before sex education was pushed into the schools. Somehow, we all managed to figure out how to put tab A into slot B.

    Well, once sex education was put into the public schools, the obvious question became: what sex education would be included in the curriculum? For years, it was a sort of antiseptic instruction on normal sex. Then, Alas! homosexuality was normalized, and suddenly kids needed to know not only how to put tab A into slot B, but also how to put tab A into slot A. The not so slow expansion of the curriculum occurred.

    Add to that the apparently natural tendency of the left to go as far to the left as possible when the subject is anything remotely connected to sex, or, Heaven forfend! they might somehow empower or be supporting those evil, reich-wing conservatives, and thus ‘transgenderism’ has to be normalized and approved, or else you are a complete bigot. ‘Transgenderism’ is the reductio ad absurdum of sex on the left, but the left just can’t see it.

    “Trans women are women” the left tell us, but if sensible people note that there are actually physical differences between “trans woman” and real woman, physical differences which make a difference when it comes to sports, then those sensible people are concomitantly saying that “trans women are not women,” and the left can’t have that! The positions are mutually exclusive.

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