Making It Illegal For Republicans To Hire Attorneys

The Marxist Left is in the process of eliminating YOUR right to attorney-client confidentiality. Indeed, Americans are currently witnessing attacks on some of our oldest and most treasured rights. These include not only constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech & freedom of religion, but some rights older than the US Constitution itself.* Until Trump Derangement Syndrome ate into the very marrow of the Democrat party, a consensus spanning the political spectrum protected these guaranteed rights. But, to the authoritarians of the Marxist Left, nothing is sacred.

When the Left wants something, you can be sure that limitless streams of money will soon pour forth to fund their hateful, destructive crusade. Project 65 is yet another initiative funded by millions in “dark money” to destroy as many Trump-affiliated lawyers as possible.


The concept of attorney-client confidentiality antedates the US Constitution,* and the Democrat’s jackboots are stomping all over it, with no concern for the long term harm it will do to the average American and the attorneys who represent them.^ This “privilege” guarantees that if a client confides in his/her attorney, the attorney cannot be compelled to disclose what the client said. In addition, the attorney cannot be forced to divulged the advice he/she gave to the client.** It also protects papers generated while the attorney is working for the client. This is central to our legal system. It helps assure that citizens receive honest and effective legal representation from an attorney who isn’t looking over his/her shoulder.


Soros’s Project 65 was launched in March 2022 by filing ethics complaints against 10 lawyers who filed lawsuits in various swing states requesting election audits. THIS is legal!!! The group seeks to disbar 111 attorneys in 26 states. Thus, EVERY attorney in those states has been put on notice: “Don’t you DARE question any election when a Democrat ‘wins!’”

They have also targeted 400 Republicans with criminal charges, civil lawsuits, disbarment and nasty, disgusting ads in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania & Wisconsin, all battleground states.^^ So far, these anti-American jackasses have filed disbarment proceedings against 100 lawyers who have worked for Republicans. Project 65 is also pressuring the Far Left American Bar Association to codify rules banning challenges to future elections whenever Democrats win.

Democrats want to neutralize anyone on the right with the legal expertise to stand in the way of the Democrats’ efforts to hide the fraud in the 2020 election and to clear the path for a repeat of similar fraud in the 2024 presidential election.

Pending disbarment actions prevent many of these lawyers from handling any cases until the proceedings are concluded, which usually takes two or three years. In almost every case, the charges lack merit but have a chilling effect that discourages other lawyers and other politicians from exercising free speech rights to help Trump or to help any America First politician.

Let’s pause here for a moment: Just because an attorney works for a Democrat, whether it is an election case or a divorce case or anything else, does not make him/her a Democrat. AND, so far in America, it is not illegal to work for a Republican. When I practiced law, the political views of my clients did not enter into my decision to take the case, nor how I handled the case. Indeed, usually I did not know a new client’s political leanings until some time later, after we got to know each other.

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These comparison stats tell Americans all we need to know about the bizarre irregularities in the 2020 elections. The Deep State & Democrats are demanding that we believe The Big Lie, or they will punish us.


As Trump’s poll numbers rose, Arizona Democrats belatedly launched indictments earlier this month against 18 Republicans who questioned the ballot irregularities in the 2020 president election. They crashed Rudy Giuliani’s 80th birthday party to serve him an indictment. One day earlier, the same Democrats arrested John Eastman, President Trump’s former attorney who had nothing to do with the election fraud case in Arizona. He worked on the Texas vs Pennsylvania case.

So far, power-mad Democrats, who are trampling all over our constitutional rights in order to maintain and gain power, have arrested 19 Republicans in Georgia, including eight attorneys; 16 Republicans in Michigan, including three attorneys; and six Republicans in Nevada. In addition, Democrats in Pennsylvania & Wisconsin are currently conducting investigations into 30 Republicans. They have successfully jailed Trump advisers Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon for contempt of congress. Navarro & Bannon claimed executive privilege regarding their advice to President Trump while he was in office, which is similar to attorney-client privilege. Jailing these two set a new low in lawfare: They are the very first in America’s history to be indicted for refusing to testify before congress. Hunter Biden refused to testify before congress.  Is he in jail?

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*The attorney-client privilege was firmly established in England before the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603).

^I practiced law in Oregon for 34 years (1986-2020). If Democrats get away with eliminating the attorney-client privilege in their quest to prevent Trump from returning to the Oval Office, it will just be a matter of time when this filters down to legal cases that do not involve Trump. It will set a precedent that judges will start to follow. Without attorney-client privilege, neither the client nor the attorney will feel free to speak candidly as they discuss the best way to handle the client’s legal problems.

**NOTE: There is no third-party arbiter who decides if the attorney’s advice is good advice or bad advice, UNLESS the client files a complaint against the attorney with the Bar. The client holds that right, NOT Project 65, NOT Democrat Attorney Generals. No one but the client holds that right.

^^Attorneys who represent Republicans in non-swing states are safe, FOR NOW. Should any Blue State “flip” to Red in 2024, rest assured, Democrats will be filing lawsuits, alleging fraud.

The author, Diane L. Gruber, is a First Amendment advocate who writes for Substack. She calls her Substack newsletter America First Re-Ignited.  

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