Of course they will send him to prison

Of course they convicted him. There is no justice in New York City. The Mafia proved that a century ago when it bought off the judges. The corruption runs deep and putrid in the city that never sleeps. Alvin the Chipmunk Bragg ran for prosecutor on a platform of letting criminals run rampant and bringing Donald Trump down. No one should be surprised by the 34 cries of guilty by a jury of liberal sheep.

New Yorkers love living in swill. They brag about their swill city and its diversity and rightly so.

There are black victims of violent crime. There are white victims of violent crime. There are Asian victims of violent crime. There are Hispanic victims of violent crime. There are Jewish victims of violent crime.

New Yorkers laugh and mock the victims because the city sides with the bad guys. Criminals no longer have to post bail. Businessmen who take out loans and repay them with interest, however, must post millions of dollars in bond to appeal a ridiculous verdict.

The clean and relatively crime-free city that Rudy Giuliani bequeathed to New Yorkers has gone back to rot.

New Yorkers are responsible for this. This is the life they chose. They elect the corrupt and communistic.

Judge Juan Merchan does their bidding because most New Yorkers hate decency and they hate the rule of law. This is a city that honors a career criminal and drug addict — George Floyd — while making the author of the Declaration of Independence a pariah.

Some readers will say I am too harsh on New York because there are still a few Republicans left who oppose this totalitarianism, but Einstein left Germany when Hitler took over. You don’t have to be Einstein to leave Gotham.

Judge Merchan deliberately gave Trump a trial riddled with errors that demand an appellate court to overturn him.

That won’t happen because everyone knows John Roberts is a pawn of the deep state and the trio of justices that Trump appointed to the high court fear the mob will go after their kids and their loved ones. That fear is well-founded. Why would a lower appellate court even take the case on?

Judge Merchan will put Trump in prison. He has to or the DNC’s checks to his daughter won’t clear the bank.

The state will proceed to confiscate all of Trump’s property — including Mar-a-Lago which will trigger a decades-long legal battle between Florida and New York, which will end when Floridians foolishly elect a Democrat governor.

The only hope the nation has left is to elect Trump president on November 5.

That is a way off. Until then, review the reaction from opinion makers and politicians. Those who don’t protest deserve zero support in the future because if the deep state gets away with this one, we are all doomed as it only becomes a matter of time before the deep state gets everyone.

Well, I said what must be said. This will be my Friday piece as I will delay posting the newsletter I had scheduled until Monday. Meanwhile, Highlights of the Week will post on Saturday and it will not be morose because I am pretty sure that in a previous life, I was the one who drank champagne and sang ragtime songs as the Titanic sank.

This article first appeared on Don Surber’s Substack. Reprinted here with permission.

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1 thought on “Of course they will send him to prison”

  1. I agree.

    Parts of the problem, though, are the refugees who have moved to other states, bringing their leftist ideas with them. Californians are locusts. They destroy where they are and then move to fresh areas to destroy. Ditto for New Yorkers.

    I remember talking to an Episcopal priest some ten years ago. The US Episcopal church is run by heretics, in the true sense of the word. The Episcopal church experienced several bifurcations over the prayer book revisions, ordination of openly gay clergy, bishops questioning the authority of the Bible, etc. This priest told me that one of the problems is that in each bifurcation, the conservatives have left, joining other religions or starting new ones. Over time, the Episcopal Church became more woke, liberal, and apostate. So, as refugees from New York, New England, New Jersey, and the Left Coast flee, they not only ruin their new homes but leave their old homes more and more and more and more blue, communist, leftist, and woke.

    It will be interesting to see if Trump win with rampant voter fraud, mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and the candidate running his campaign from Riker’s Island. All while Repugnant Republicans do NOTHING.

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