Reexamining Values: The Paradox of Pride and Embarrassment

In today’s society, there exists a paradoxical trend where individuals often find themselves embarrassed by aspects of their identity or beliefs that should evoke pride, while simultaneously taking pride in attributes or behaviors that might warrant reflection. One such example is the prevailing social construct that tends to foster embarrassment towards religious affiliation, particularly Christianity, while celebrating nonconformity and eccentricity as sources of pride. Especially this month. 

At the core of this paradox lies a complex interplay between societal norms, individual values, and cultural perceptions. Christianity, historically a cornerstone of Western civilization and a source of moral guidance for many, has faced increasing scrutiny and skepticism in modern times. As a result, individuals identifying as Christian may often feel compelled to downplay or hide their religious beliefs, fearing social judgment or ridicule. These actions are wise in historically hostile environments. 

On the other hand, the celebration of nonconformity and eccentricity reflects a cultural shift towards Wokeism that values individuality and uniqueness. Those who live unconventional lifestyles or defy traditional norms are often praised for their courage and authenticity, leading to a sense of pride in their choices and identity.  Isn’t pride a sin? 

In conclusion, the paradox of pride and embarrassment underscores the complexity of identity and societal norms. It invites us to reexamine our values, challenge preconceived notions, and strive for a culture that celebrates authenticity, and mutual respect without dismissing or diminishing the significance of traditional beliefs and newfound identities.

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  1. Thanks David, I get an overall sense that lately even the “middle of the road” folks are tiring of the Alphabet Mafia et al. Identity markers such as hetero, Christian and pro-2A and Conservative are fine in my book.🇺🇸

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