Secret Service Sets Deadly Trap For GOP

Corrupt Secret Service management has found a clever way to hurt the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in July, and to terrorize & perhaps injure the attendees. According to Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), the Secret Service designated a protest area just one block from the convention building where Trump Derangement Syndrome patients can scream and holler. Between the “protest block” and the convention building is an unfenced park through which attendees must walk in order to enter the building.

It does not take a security expert to recognize that crazed protesters will not only be screaming at the convention attendees, they will be throwing objects at them, perhaps attacking them and using any other method they can think of to prevent Republicans from entering the convention building. Republicans will be injured.

The RNC asked for an extra block between the designated protest area and the building, and were told that the Secret Service does not have that authority. Apparently, the White House wants it that way.



At the Democrat National Convention in Chicago in August the Secret Service has designated the area for protesters EIGHT blocks from the convention building!!! Can’t have the Hamas-loving, “genocide Joe” screaming maniacs close enough to be heard by the precious Democrat attendees. After all, they need to be protected from the Enemies Of The People they created.

Need I say more?

Secret Service Management Loses Its Mind

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