Whenever There Is a Truth You Cannot Tell, That Is a Truth You Must Tell!

The Tennessean is Nashville, Tennessee’s premier newspaper, at least if anyone can call anything owned by USA Today premier anything. In my fairly frequent attention to what passes for journalism these days, I have coined the word journolism, based on JournoList, an email list of 400 influential and politically liberal journalists, the exposure of which called into question their objectivity. And it seems that there has been some real journolism happening at Nashville’s newspaper. A site search for Audrey Hale, the Covenant School transgender mass murderer, turned up relatively little recent news, and nothing on Miss Hale’s ‘writings’ prior to the shootings. But there was this:

Ownership of Covenant shooter’s writings will transfer to parents of students

by Evan Mealins | June 8, 2023 | 1:20 PM CDT | Updated: June 12, 2023 | 5:27 PM CDT

Ownership of the writings of the Covenant School shooter will soon be transferred to the families at the school.

Attorney David Raybin, on behalf of the parents of the shooter, appeared at a hearing in a lawsuit seeking the release of the records Thursday morning to make the unexpected announcement.

Raybin told the courtroom that ownership of the writings found in shooter Audrey Hale’s car and residence, which transferred to Hale’s parents after Hale’s death, will be transferred by the end of the week to the group of parents of Covenant students who intervened in the case.

The physical papers will remain in the custody of the Metro Nashville Police Department and will be unaffected by the change of ownership, Raybin said.

Raybin said transferring ownership of the records to the parents solidifies their standing to intervene. While Chancellor I’Ashea Myles has already granted the parents’ intervention in the lawsuits, petitioners seeking the records — including The Tennessean — have appealed that ruling.

“If they own the papers, then they have standing over whether they will be released or not,” Raybin argued outside the courtroom.

That was almost a year ago. The Tennesean appealed the ruling, but if you think the newspaper did so because it wanted to publish those writings, nothing in the subsequent 52 weeks has shown up as that newspaper having investigated and published anything about them.

Wikipedia describes The Tennessee Star thus:

The Tennessee Star is a conservative news and commentary website founded in 2017 and based in Franklin, Tennessee. It was cofounded by talk show host Steve Gill, and is part of a network of similar websites in multiple states.

The Tennessee Star was launched on February 6, 2017 by Steve Gill, Michael Patrick Leahy, and Christina Botteri, all of whom were supporters of the Tea Party movement. The trio went on to found similar publications in other states, which were consolidated into Star News Digital Media, Inc.[1]

The publication has been compared to Breitbart, which Leahy also writes for, as well as NewBostonPost.[2][3][4][5] It is partially funded by multiple influential Republican donors.[1] Despite this, The Tennessee Star claims to be neutral.[6] Neil W. McCabe, formerly Washington bureau chief of One America News Network, serves as the publication’s national political correspondent.[7]

Footnote #6 is particularly interesting:

Derysh, Igor (March 5, 2019). “Republicans launch propaganda sites designed to look like local news outlets”Salon. Retrieved February 17, 2021.

If you researched who and what the Star is by searching Wikipedia, you would be meant to see it as a propaganda rag, put forth by evil reich-wing Republicans, and something not worth reading. Mr Derysh’s Salon article used the Star as its takeoff point. This is not an uncommon message; The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Alfred Lubano also trashed sites not affiliated with the credentialed media as “Pink Slime.”

But it seems that the Star has done some actual journalism, journalism that the credentialed media eschew:

‘Underlying Psychological Co-Morbidities’

by Robert Stacy McCain | June 8, 2024

Thanks to The Tennessee Star, this week we learned a whole lot more about Audrey Hale, the deranged 28-year-old woman who wanted to be a man named “Aiden” and who killed six people at Covenant School in Nashville before being shot dead by police. Among the revelations this week, we learned that Hale had been a “patient of mental health professionals at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC)” since she was six years old! Heck of a job, “mental health professionals.”

At the time she perpetrated the Covenant School massacre, Hale was under treatment by both a psychiatrist and a therapist. The distinction is important — a psychiatrist is an M.D., who can write prescriptions, whereas a therapist is basically a counselor, someone with a degree in psychology, to whom the patient talks about their problems. So medication and conversation are, in such a case, handled by two separate “mental health professionals” who, we suppose, consult with each other.

The fact that Audrey/“Aiden” Hale was not healed by this treatment — to the contrary, she became a worst-case scenario of therapeutic effectiveness — is not unusual. Most people who are subjected to treatment by “mental health professionals” never really become healthy. With the assistance of anti-depressants or other medications, they may be able to get through life OK, but how can you say turning someone into a drug addict is “success”? Excuse me for speaking so bluntly, but if the goal is “mental health” and you require Prozac (Zoloft, Paxil, etc.) just to make it through the day? No, you haven’t achieved “mental health.”

Mr McCain is, of course, one of those evil reich-wing Republicans, so you’re not supposed to pay attention to him either, but he noted that the Star actually did the journalistic legwork. I’m not going to go over the part in which he documented that Miss Hale was just plain crazy; you can read his original, which is not behind any kind of paywall.

Mr McCain goes into the efforts by the federal Department of Justice, specifically the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to keep the evidence about Miss Hale suppressed.  It wasn’t as though evidence needed to be protected for her trial, since she was killed by the police when they responded to the attack.

It’s hardly a surprise, because the Biden Administration specifically and the left in general are all in on normalizing ‘transgenderism,’ and the last thing they want is documentary evidence that a transgender school shooter and mass murderer not only was crazy, but knew she was crazy, and was taking a drug store’s worth of medication to suppress the crazy, and it still didn’t work. They most certainly don’t want people associating ‘transgenderism’ with people being just plain nuts. When three notebook pages of her writings were leaked to conservative podcaster Steven Crowder last November, the response of Mayor Freddie O’Connell was to call for an investigation into who leaked the information, and how he did it.

My concern is that the Star, certainly not a credentialed media source, has been able to dig up a boatload of evidence on Miss Hale, while the Tennesean either could not, or did not really try. My guess is that they did not really try, because they, too, didn’t really want to know what everyone suspected would be discovered.

Which brings me to The Philadelphia Inquirer. A site search for “Robert Davis”, the accused killer of the well-connected homosexual activist Josh Kruger, conducted on Sunday, June 9th found this as the last story published in the Inky:

19-year-old accused of killing Josh Kruger expected to plead guilty

Robert Davis appeared in court Tuesday morning for the first time since he was charged with killing local journalist and advocate Josh Kruger.

by Ellie Rushing | Tuesday, March 12, 2024 | 11:25 AM EDT | Updated: 3:25 PM EDT

Josh Kruger and his cat, Mason.

The 19-year-old man accused of fatally shooting local journalist and advocate Josh Kruger last fall is expected to plead guilty to murder and related crimes, attorneys said Tuesday.Robert Davis appeared in court Tuesday morning for the first time since he was arrested in October and charged with killing Kruger, 39, on the steps of his Point Breeze home late one fall night.Davis waived his right to a preliminary hearing, allowing the case to move forward.

Davis’ attorney and the prosecutor on the case said Davis was expected to plead guilty to third-degree murder and possession of an instrument of crime for his role in Kruger’s death. He would also plead guilty to aggravated assault and illegal gun possession for firing a gun at someone on a SEPTA platform in the weeks earlier, said Assistant District Attorney Jeffrey Palmer.

In exchange for the guilty plea, reporter Ellie Rushing told us that prosecutors dropped the more serious first-degree murder charge. Under Title 18 §2502(a), first-degree murder is the intentional killing of a person, (b)second-degree murder is a homicide during the commission of another felony, and (c) third-degree murder includes all other types of murder. Third-degree murder is a first-degree felony. Under Title 18 §1102(a)(1), conviction of first-degree murder results in either a life sentence, or possibly a sentence of death, while for third-degree murder (d) the sentence shall be fixed at not more than 40 years. Prosecutors agreed to a sentence of 15 to 30 years.

The money line was in the second paragraph from the end:

With Davis expected to admit his guilt, many of the details behind the crime and Davis’ relationship with Kruger may never be publicly revealed in court.

Translation: prosecutors dangled a much shorter sentence in front of the accused in exchange for him keeping his mouth shut.

Mr Davis has a court appearance soon. From Fox 29 News:

Mom of man accused of fatally shooting Philly journalist Josh Kruger speaks out: ‘It’s about the truth’

By Kelly Rule | Wednesday, June 5, 2024 | 6:29 PM EDT

PHILADELPHIA – The now 20-year-old man accused of shooting and killing Philadelphia journalist Josh Kruger will appear in court next week and is expected to plead guilty.

Robert Davis was charged with killing Kruger at his home in Point Breeze in October 2023.

Davis’ mother spoke out Wednesday and called on the evidence in this case to be made public, not just for her son’s sake.

“It’s about the truth,” said Damica Davis. . . . .

“Instead of providing us with the evidence, they’d rather just lock my son up for 15 to 30 years and close the case, and not even do any kind of investigation on this man and his actions and what part he played, what role he played,” said Davis. “I don’t want the evidence in this man’s phone to just be swept under the rug.”

There’s nothing in the Inky about Mrs Davis’ position. As I noted here, the newspaper told us that they had “sources” within the Philadelphia Police Department, and while then Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw wanted to keep a police officer being railroaded for accused of shooting a fleeing, armed juvenile delinquent felon private, for the officer’s safety, the newspaper had no problem in printing the officer’s name.

Yet that same newspaper, the one with those sources, hasn’t told us anything about the evidence against Mr Davis. Could it be because that popular homosexual activist has been accused of having some form of sexual activity with a 15-year-old Mr Davis initially, and of getting Mr Davis addicted to methamphetamines? Is it possible that the reporters and editors at the newspaper do not want to see the prominent ‘LGBTQI’ activist exposed as a chickenhawk and a pervert, fearing that if such happens, some people will see all homosexual males as possible pervs?

It’s simple: whenever there is a truth you cannot tell, that is a truth you must tell! But, for so many in the credentialed media, and on the left, many of these truths are truths which must not be told, because, Heaven forfend, people with too much information might think for themselves, and reach conclusions the left do not like.
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