Why Europe Deserves to Die, Part Deux

2005 I wrote “Why Europe Deserves To Die.”  Back then, the new Pope and I agreed Europe had to recover its Christian roots “if it truly wants to survive.”  In 2024 the prognosis of a slow, painful death remains.  The lethal Muslim population bomb won’t explode with a bang.  It’s more like a cancer metastasizing.  The cancer can be treated, like Muslim immigration, up to a point.  Then, it’s too late.  Sadly, this patient – Europe – deserves to die. 

Europeans deserve their fate for several reasons.

First, like Hezikiah in the Bible (2 Kings 20:16-19), too many Europeans don’t care about the calamity that comes after their death. 

They don’t care or want to believe Europe will fall behind the black veil of Islam by 2100.  Unlike Eastern Europe’s 40 year nightmare behind the Iron Curtain and Russia’s 70 horrible years under Communism, Islam will not relent to a velvet revolution.  The only places on the planet reclaimed by their original owners after Islam started conquering in 622 AD are Israel, Spain and part of the Balkans.  The Balkans aren’t fully liberated.  Spain’s Reconquista took almost 800 years.  Israel’s fight for survival is non-stop since 1948. 

Second, the ruling European Elites facilitate Muslim integration and suppress the slightest criticism as “racism.”  It could be said, the Elites, like Angela Merkel, betrayed their people, their homeland, their heritage, their hope for the future, but it’s more sinister than that. 

European Elites rule more ruthlessly than Medieval feudal lords.  They exercise far more control over every individual European.  They have pervasive and invasive Orwellian supervision. In the 20th Century Europeans proved their power to mass-murder far worse than olden, rough rulers with swords.  

Formerly, the Medieval lords, Renaissance and Reformation monarchs, Roman Catholic popes and Orthodox prelates rallied Europeans to fight Muslim invaders.  From Charles Martel in 732 to the Gates of Vienna in 1688, European leaders repelled Muslim attacks. 

As Islamic Civilization in general and the Ottoman Empire in particular collapsed like Communism when their internal contradictions pulled down their own house, Europeans colonized or co-opted Islamic countries as they did most of the globe. 

In post-Colonial Europe, their ruling Elites are busy colonizing their own countries with Islam.


Because the third reason why Europe’s death wish should come true is that the European Elites and a huge part of their population are Secular Humanist Totalitarians.  Cultural Marxists and Statists with an ingrained contempt, call it hatred, for Jews and Christianity.  Nihilists in their desire to destroy Western Civilization as it has been.  Fools in thinking they can create their Human Secularist Totalitarian utopia.  Utter and complete fools imagining they can secularize, thus paganize, more Muslims than the Muslims will Islamize and dhimmi cowed Europeans.

Fourth, Europeans are peasants more than citizens in their own country.  They trade economic risks in life for birth to death social welfare.  They live over-regulated lives as subjects rather than make more personal decisions in life.  They don’t have inalienable individual rights like free speech and bearing arms. 

Europeans prefer the costly burden of their over-powered governments so much, they can’t afford children.  Too many value their selfish, short lives over family.  And, their prized Gay Pride won’t slow the Muslim birthrate.

Fifth, Europeans vote to keep their dictatorial Elites in power.  Farmers may revolt against the absurd demands their Elites make as Climate Change Cultists.  But, no demonstration is as effective as changing governments.  Italy, Netherlands, and Hungary may have leaders not dancing to the Elites’ Pied Piper’s tunes, but time will tell about their ability to de-fuse the Muslim bomb.  Meanwhile, Poland’s election leaned back Left.

European manhood doesn’t protect their women against sexual assault.  European elites will punish the men who do.

Yet, Europeans reward their lordly Elites in elections.  Will this week’s changes grow enough to replace the Elites?  With whom?  Their Rightist, statist, nationalist Elites?  It probably won’t be by strong Christians. 

Finally, since the waste of pointless war masking industrialized murder in World War I, Europeans steadily walked away from Christianity.  Without Christianity, Western Civilization lacks a purpose.  Christianity is essential to Western Civilization.  Islam is the enemy of Christianity and Western Civilization. 

Without Christianity, Europeans will be serfs under Human Secularist Totalitarianism or savages under barbaric Islamist Totalitarianism.

When Europeans deny Christianity, they don’t deserve Western Civilization. 

As Europe rejects Christianity and chooses Islam over Israel, Europe continues to deserve to die.

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