It’s Official, We Are Now a Banana Republic

We live in a strange time.  The law in many states, cities, and jurisdictions in this country, especially in Democrat strongholds, has been laid low.  In Chicago, a judge acquits an attacker who stole a police car, ran over a Chicago cop, and crashed into four vehicles.  

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In California, shoplifting is now de facto legal. 

Shoplifting merchandise with a value under $950 is now a misdemeanor in California, which means the police will not bother to investigate and will most likely let the thief go. It has resulted in brazen acts of smash and grab and flash mobs walking in stores, sometimes with shopping carts, filling them up, and walking out.  Fact-checkers will disagree, because it is their job to forward the Left’s narrative. As a result, hundreds of businesses have closed, leaving neighborhoods either without stores or stores with locked toothpaste. 

George Floyd’s refusal to face arrest allows leftist mobs to get away with burning down major parts of a city. The most expensive insurance in U.S. history.  However, the perpetrators of this misapplication of protest rights found solace in the Democrat Party, which paid for many of their bail bonds. It makes one ask, Who are these thugs working for? This is the country we now live in. 

The Democrats have turned our country into a corrupt shithole because they have shown themselves to be unwilling to pass the mantle of power to any other political party.  They feel obligated to use any legal or illegal means to bring down and destroy their opposition—weaponize the law, if you will.

In the Banana Republic of Mexico, 36 murders of candidates have taken place thus far during their current election cycle.  Just days ago, a right-leaning mayoral candidate named Alfredo Cabrera was shot multiple times during a rally.  He is dead.  Cabrera, like so many others, failed to receive approval from the criminal cartels.

The Democrat Party is the criminal cartel in this country.

Since the Trump trial and its deliberations have dominated conversations for the past few weeks and days, I thought it would be helpful to explain the legal issues and the trial’s conduct.

President Trump was charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records under New York Business Law 175.10. It states:

A person is guilty of falsifying business records in the first degree when he commits the crime of falsifying business records in the second degree, and when his intent to defraud includes an intent to commit another crime or to aid or conceal the commission thereof.” 

The New York Election Law 17-152 violation was another charge against President Trump:

“Conspiracy to promote or prevent an election. Any two or more persons who conspire to promote or prevent the election of any person to a public office by unlawful means and whose conspiracy is acted upon by one or more of the parties thereto shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.”

The 34 counts, or records, consist of 11 checks written to Michael Cohen, along with comparable vouchers and invoices.  The prosecution alleges that the payments marked as legal expenses, were reimbursements for payments made by Cohen to Stormy Daniels to aid in the election of Donald Trump.  What was Clinton’s payment to Paula Jones listed as?  Remember, Paula Jones accused Clinton of rape!

The prosecution must demonstrate President Trump’s intention to defraud or conceal the alleged conspiracy by creating business records. 

That all somewhat sounds clear, but the jury, and a myriad of legal observers said it was confusing or made confusing from the start. The charges were never made clear to the jury.  This was a case that has quite possibly destroyed the election system of our country.  Elections are supposed to be won by issues, not the weaponization of the law.  To even the casual observer, this case was 100% political. These charges were never brought before a court by anyone in American history.  No one wanted to take this case to court except those who were elected with the promise of ‘getting Trump.’  Witnesses were called who had nothing to do with the case.  The Democrats are now using the case as campaign fodder. How is all this not political? The strategy in court was to gather as many witnesses as possible to testify that Trump is a bum.  ‘Maybe we’ll find something to hang him with.’  

Is this how we conduct presidential elections? 

The jury seemed confused much of the time.  The case never should have been heard in New York City, a Democrat stronghold where elections routinely go 80–90% Democrat.  A change of venue was denied.

Some witnesses, like Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, demand special attention.  Here is a man who cannot tell the truth, a convicted perjurer who lost his license to practice law, hired Lanny Davis, a long-time Democrat operative, as his attorney, and was sentenced to three years in prison for tax evasion, making false statements to a federally insured bank, and campaign finance violations.  He spent most of his sentence in home confinement and vowed that he would never go to prison again.  That leads to the conclusion that he will say anything the feds or Democrats want him to say.  

The judge, Juan Merchan, is a Colombian-born American who regularly donates to Democrats and progressive causes. He has a daughter, who is president of Authentic Campaigns, a Chicago-based progressive political consulting firm whose top clients raised $93 million for Democrats during the Trump case.  Recusal of the judge was denied.

This was a kangaroo court by its very definition.  Does a bookkeeping violation warrant 34 felony counts? This judge never even allowed Trump witnesses to explain their answers.  No one seems to know what the jury convicted Trump of.  The judge (paraphrased) instructed the jury to find something to convict.

What in American history can we compare this with?  Turning our country into a banana republic?  At the same time, the Democrats have been attacking the Supreme Court, trying to get Alito to recuse himself because his wife likes to fly flags from America’s past, like the Appeal to Heaven, a flag hung by other cities routinely throughout our history.

What this all comes to is the realization that we are in danger of a split or divorce.  Where are our common values, the E Pluribus Unum?  The Democrat Party wants to jail Donald Trump because he’s about to win an election? The Left in our country does not respect our Constitution, our system of government, or our elections.  They don’t like the electoral college.  They would rather have mob rule, and the word ‘mob’ is perfect to describe Democrats.  Even James Carville believes left-wing Democrats are “annoying and silly.”  

The Democrat Party has shown that, in spite of their claim to protect democracy, the rule of law, and the integrity of our institutions, they have systematically dismantled this country. This case was not about the law.  It was about stopping Trump. They’ve weaponized the law to destroy all opposition they deem dangerous to their hold on power.  This cannot continue.

If we do not get a handle on this split and come to some kind of consensus, I fear violence and civil war.  The Democrat Party has been taken over by leftist fanatics, with almost the entire media encouraging and feeding them. If there are any centrists still in the party, they need to come together and take their party back.  A banana republic in the United States will not stand!  

We need to put the sleeping giant back to sleep.  

This article originally appeared on Stand Up America US. Reprinted here with permission.

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