GOP Lawmakers Propose Resolution to Rescind Subpoenas and Discredit January 6 Committee Actions

Are Republicans growing a spine? You would think from all of the headlines. But knowing the Deep State Johnson is in charge of the House, and he does as he is told by the Deep State, all efforts will fail without their blessing. Keep this in mind as politicians play their games for publicity.

Representatives Thomas Massie (R-KY), Andy Biggs (R-AZ), and Eric Burlison (R-MO) have initiated a resolution to cancel the congressional subpoenas issued to Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro. This move is part of a broader effort to discredit the actions of the January 6 committee, which these Republicans claim lacks legitimacy.

The proposal, brought forth by Massie, originated from a post on social media platform X, where he suggested that Speaker Mike Johnson could intervene to prevent Bannon’s potential imprisonment. The resolution introduced on the House floor seeks to rescind subpoenas issued on several dates in 2021 and 2022 and to withdraw findings that Bannon, along with Mark Randall Meadows, Daniel Scavino Jr., and Navarro, were in contempt of Congress.

Massie emphasized that this action does not require Senate approval since the subpoenas were initially issued solely by the House. He, along with Biggs and Burlison, argue that the January 6th Select Committee was unjustly formed and has unfairly targeted political opponents. The committee, they claim, was predetermined to blame former President Donald Trump and his advisors for the events of January 6, pointing to actions taken by Democrats immediately following the incident, including an impeachment effort that did not result in a conviction in the Senate.

The controversy also extends to the formation of the committee. The resolution used to establish the committee specified the composition of its members, which was not adhered to by then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She rejected two of the five members recommended by the minority leader, which the Republicans view as a violation of the established rules. Furthermore, the committee was criticized for lacking a ranking minority member, and for its approach to hearings, which were described as heavily rehearsed and biased.

The resolution introduced by Massie, Biggs, and Burlison argues that the committee was a “political weapon” aimed at undermining Trump and his advisors by manipulating facts and silencing opposition. It concludes that the subpoenas issued were unjustified and should be rescinded, and the associated contempt of Congress referrals should be withdrawn.  The entire situation was illegal from the start. Pelosi and the FBI along with the military and Deep State created the entire incident as we have all come to learn.  Only in a Deep State controlled nation can such illegality become legal.  Only in a budding Soviet America can a Pelosi do all that she has done.  Will Trump be able to reverse course and save this nation from this growing tyranny? Or, will he even be allowed to be elected? Only time will tell now. One thing is certain, the Deep State may be in control, but if another 2020 is pulled, they may not like what happens nationwide. Nor will the Democrats. Just a prediction on my part. AMerica will be a tinderbox from election day forward, and it won’t take much to set it all ablaze if another scam is used to keep Biden in the White House.

Major Points

  • Representatives Thomas Massie, Andy Biggs, and Eric Burlison introduced a resolution to rescind congressional subpoenas for Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro, aiming to discredit the January 6 committee.
  • The resolution seeks to cancel subpoenas from 2021 and 2022 and to withdraw findings of contempt of Congress against Bannon, Navarro, and others.
  • The lawmakers argue that the January 6 committee was illegitimately formed and biased, primarily targeting political opponents without proper procedural adherence.
  • They criticize the formation and operation of the committee, particularly the exclusion of certain members recommended by the minority leader and the absence of a ranking minority member.
  • The resolution portrays the committee as a politically motivated entity that manipulated facts, urging that its subpoenas be considered invalid and its actions repudiated.

Charles William III – Reprinted with permission of Whatfinger News

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