We Are Not Black, White, Brown or Gay-We Are Conservative Americans

By Chuck Cordak

Just as we do on past Martin Luther King Day celebrations and now on Juneteenth, we take time to reflect, enjoy family and friends, and honor our shared values. As I savor a Woodford Reserve Manhattan tonight, which was my WWII Army nurse veteran mother, Irene’s favorite, and share a DeploymentCigars.com David Webb Freedom cigar with my great friend Lt. Col. Larry of the U.S. Army, I am motivated to write this article. In an era where identity politics often dominate the national conversation, it is crucial to remember that the strength of our nation lies in our shared values and principles, not in the labels that divide us. We are not defined by our race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Instead, we are conservative Americans united by a common belief in a free-market economy, religious freedom, and the core principles of God, family, country, servant leadership, and self-sacrifice.

Belief in a Free-Market Economy

At the heart of our ideology is a staunch belief in the power and potential of a free-market economy. We hold that individuals, not the government, are best suited to make economic decisions. This belief is rooted in the understanding that personal responsibility, innovation, and entrepreneurship drive economic growth and prosperity. A free-market system encourages competition, rewards hard work, and provides opportunities for all, regardless of their background.

The Foundation of Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is another cornerstone of our conservative values. We believe that every individual should have the right to practice their faith freely, without fear of persecution or discrimination. This freedom is not just a constitutional right but a fundamental human right that nurtures a society where diverse beliefs can coexist peacefully. Our faith guides our principles, our decisions, and our commitment to our communities.

God, Family, and Country

Our devotion to God, family, and country is the bedrock of our identity. These values are interconnected and essential to the fabric of our society. Faith in God provides us with moral guidance and strength. The family unit is the cornerstone of a healthy society, fostering love, support, and the nurturing of future generations. Our love for our country inspires us to uphold its ideals, defend its freedoms, and work towards its betterment.

Servant Leadership and Self-Sacrifice

Central to our belief system is the concept of servant leadership and self-sacrifice. We draw inspiration from President John F. Kennedy’s powerful call to action: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” This ethos drives us to prioritize the needs of others and to serve our communities selflessly. True leadership is about serving those we lead, setting aside personal gain for the greater good, and making sacrifices for the betterment of society.

Unity Beyond Labels

In a nation as diverse as ours, it is easy to become divided by labels. However, as conservative Americans, we reject the notion that our identity should be limited to our race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Instead, we choose to define ourselves by our shared commitment to timeless principles and values. We believe that these values transcend superficial differences and unite us as a strong, cohesive community dedicated to the prosperity and well-being of all Americans.


As we navigate the complexities of modern society, let us remember that our strength lies in our unity and shared values. We are not merely black, white, brown, or gay. We are conservative Americans who believe in the promise of a free-market economy, the sanctity of religious freedom, and the importance of God, family, and country. By embracing servant leadership and self-sacrifice, we honor the legacy of those who came before us and build a brighter future for generations to come. Let us ask not what our country can do for us, but what we can do for our country.

Chuck Cordak

Chuck Cordak is a father of six, five who have served and are still serving, He has been deeply involved with Ohio GOP politics for over 40 years. A former ROTC Midshipman at Ohio State University, he is a native Ohioan raised as a Truman Kenndy Democrat with Conservative Catholic education and traditional values who has worked all over the Midwest, as well as the Northeast. Chuck resides in Columbus and is currently working on releasing a thought buster book. Chuck is also a segment contributor on Sirius XM and TNT Radio.


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