A New Regime Is Taking Over Our Military

By Chase Spears

The military, which by its nature imposes a culture of obedience and uniformity, and which enjoys the trust and respect of the great majority of Americans, is a key target of the group quota regime. Replacing the governing principles of the armed forces will guarantee the replacement of the governing principles of society in the long term. Chase Spears, a retired officer of the United States Army, provides an inside view of this revolution in uniform, as exemplified by Pride Month’s conquest of military culture. This essay was initially published in The American Mind under the title “Whose Flag?”

For most of my life, June signified the arrival of summer and opened wedding season. In recent years, a small but boisterous group of activists have claimed it as Pride Month, replacing the traditional focus with honoring an ever-changing flag that represents the worship of a postmodern Baal. This shift, from a traditional focus on summer and weddings to the celebration of Pride Month, is a stark contrast that reflects the changing values in our society, a shift with which the military complex has followed suit.

The American military that global nuclear powers could not defeat was conquered by a band of people dedicated to sexual disorder. Since the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) in 2010, the Department of Defense (DOD) capitulated to the revolutionary cause of Pride Month with nearly the speed of Kabul’s fall to the Taliban. In doing so, it usurped the concept of selfless service to others by celebrating self for the sexually divergent.

The Pentagon and all military branches now publish internal public affairs guidance documents, not just acknowledging but actively promoting the celebration of LGBTQ values in speech and action. This includes sending honor guards in full military dress to kick off pride parades formally. The American flag and military colors, symbols of our nation’s strength and unity, have long been in battles throughout American history. Now, they wave in a different battle—on the side of those who want the nation deconstructed.

Most U.S. military bases host special pride events yearly courtesy of taxpayers. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a man who became a 4-star general in the straight Army, has made kicking off Pride Month part of the liturgical calendar. At this year’s Pentagon pride celebration, Rear Admiral Mike Brown shared how breaking up his family to follow homosexual desires allows him to serve the nation better. Lost on those attending is that a man who will break a solemn oath before God in marriage will not think twice about violating an oath taken to the Constitution. Yet the DOD repeatedly touts the generally undefined accomplishments allegedly carried out solely by homosexual, bisexual, and transgender members of the military in keeping America safe from its straight enemies abroad.

One thing is clear: the U.S. military’s advocacy for sexual revolution is weakening the force, a reality that no American can afford to accept. It has led to increased stress and anxiety among the troops, decreased team cohesion, and an erosion of trust—outcomes that have played a predominant role in the worst military recruitment crisis since the last peacetime draft ended in 1973.

How far the military has bowed to the LGBTQ movement depends on which base you’re on and under whose command you serve. Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, my last duty station, is home to the Army’s Combined Arms Center headquarters, which oversees all the schools across the Army. The base is also home to the Army University, the Army Staff Management College, the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, and the School of Advanced Military Studies. As Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler often says, the closer you get to a university campus, the farther you get from morality. As a base that brands itself the Army’s intellectual center and is staffed almost entirely by mid-grade and higher officers, it trends culturally to the left of what you’re likely to find at bases that house combat arms units.

It was at Fort Leavenworth that a supervisor told me in 2021 (outside of Pride Month) that my asking for a preemptive conversation about where to draw the ethical line between my Christian faith and expectations of further enabling transgender ideology in the ranks constituted bigotry. My supervisor ultimately backed down, but it was clear that the expectation for officers was to do what we were told without question, especially on matters of sexual progressivism.

Another instance of pushing the LGBTQ agenda at Fort Leavenworth occurred during an equal opportunity event on November 14, 2023. During one presentation, attendees were told that speech that was critical of the LGBTQ movement could be punished under the guise of “dignity and respect.” The speaker said commanders would be held accountable if they failed to enforce this new totalitarianism. The Army’s official motto is “This we’ll defend”—only it seems that sexually progressive ideology has priority in what is to be defended.

Here are but a few additional examples that show that celebrating pride has become a departmental priority across the military:

U.S. Army Col. Dan Blackmon advertised a since-closed online store selling 434th Field Artillery Brigade-branded gay pride shirts to make the unit appear inclusive and himself a visible “ally” to the cause. (This has been corrected. The 434th Field Artillery Brigade-branded gay pride shirts were not worn during official unit physical fitness training events.)

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Will Renier, then spokesman for Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael Grinston, posting his order for 434th Field Artillery Brigade pride shirts on X.

Dog mask, Twitter image

Maryland National Guard Colonel Brian T. Connelly posted photos of himself cavorting sexually with other military men while wearing a fetish pup mask. Though public attention came due to this deranged officer’s posting of his sexual escapades online, it’s been rumored that those who worked in proximity to Connelly were aware of his behavior long before his behavior was made public.

Last year, the DOD mandated using gender-neutral pronouns in writing awards. In a twist of irony, this forced a delay in processing Gen. Mark Milley’s retirement award because it referred to Milley as a man rather than “they.” The Pentagon reversed itself in response to unwanted PR and congressional scrutiny.

Both West Point and the Air Force Academy offer gender-neutral bathrooms. The Navy has also selected a drag queen as its official digital ambassador.

U.S. Space Force Col. Bree Fram is a man masquerading as a woman. He has used his status as a senior officer on the speaking and writing circuit to advocate for further left-wing ideological change across the military. Because Fram’s advocacy work aligns with the current administration, he has full institutional support to continue this activism on duty and in uniform. In contrast, military officers who advocate for a return to military policy that honors traditional values face harassment and punitive inquiries by uniformed political commissars—more commonly known as equal opportunity (EO) advisors.

The Army publicized a male major who now goes by Rachel Jones as a positive example of “inclusiveness.” The story, published as an official Army public affairs product on army.mil, tells us that “coming out” to live “authentically” literally saved this officer’s life. Even though such fiction has become a normal ploy in military marketing, it was nevertheless a stark departure from the Army’s usual priority of highlighting fitness culture, given that Maj. Jones does not meet Army bodyweight standards.

Army policy mandates that overweight soldiers are not eligible for favorable personnel actions. But claim a transgendered identity, and you’re ready for primetime marketing as the face of the Army. Despite the platitudes about how so-called transgender military members increase America’s defenses, the DOD is stonewalling a Freedom of Information Act request on the topic. The process for trans military members is something that senior defense officials don’t want to be subjected to public review.

To openly voice disagreement with the so-called sexual liberation movement puts military members at odds with the regime. At the 2023 DOD Pride Celebration, former Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness Gil Cisneros said that disagreement with the sexual depravity in vogue with our current elite is “hate for hate’s sake.” He was echoed at that event by Space Force Lt. Gen. DeAnna Burt, who used language harkening to conditions of civil war to argue that states enacting policies that respect traditional morality are in a condition of rebellion against the defense complex and its vision of “democracy.”

Pride gets more focus across the military than any other topic. There is one Veterans Day and one Memorial Day. In contrast, pride gets all of June and is celebrated daily in military EO offices. Most military members are offered more opportunities to attend pride-focused events than opportunities to train at a rifle range. The stock of rainbow-themed swag increases on military installations as supplies of training ammunition remain hard to come by. The DOD claims that celebrating the diversity of sexual behavior is about advocating for fundamental human rights. But in fact, these are synthetic rights for cultural revolutionaries that trample upon constitutional and natural rights for honorable citizens.

The military brass can pretend that its subservience to the pride movement is routine and benign. But reality begs to differ. In a recent dissertation interview with veterans who left military service within the last decade, I observed a clear theme: military members who hold traditional views of morality fear sharing their opinions, even when off base and among friends. They also shared that progressive military officials’ increasingly open political posturing increased suspicion and decreased trust and cohesion in the ranks.

The current crop of top defense policymakers has undone centuries of tradition and esprit de corps across the force in just a decade. Veterans have experienced this change and are, in large numbers, discouraging their children from joining. The Army’s recent abandonment of lesbian-themed recruiting pitches for returning to a marketing strategy that highlights teamwork and a warrior mindset betrays the feigned ignorance of political appointees running the DOD. There is an apparent gulf between what they say and what they know to be true.

Corporate business decisions to go all in on pride are driven far more by the pursuit of financial profit than by actual belief in the righteousness of the sexual revolution. For example, BMW changes its logo each June only in Western countries. A growing number of companies eager to join in are finding that flying that flag is a business risk. Bud Light and Target are recent high-profile examples.

In contrast, the DOD flashes the virtue signal beacon loudly for reasons of immediate political subservience to the cultural elite, even as doing so undermines public confidence and recruiting. An organization that specializes in considering the consequences of decisions should know better. Yet the desire for career enhancement overcomes reality in the minds of military officers.

Most DOD personnel who wave the flag are not truly committed to the cause. After all, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin hasn’t volunteered for gender reassignment surgery. Yet they lack the moral courage to stand up for truth and are content to be seen as swimming dutifully with the cultural current. Surrendering to a cultural lie, we must ask what else they would surrender to.

The image of the American soldier as a selfless servant to the nation was cemented through aggressive propaganda efforts during world wars. High public trust ratings over the last three decades made the military an institution to be targeted by progressives in their social crusade. By forcing the military to embrace a left-wing policy agenda, progressive politicians can pitch revolutionary policy changes to the public by saying, “Look, the military believes this is a good thing, so should you.” This was a tactic the Obama Administration seized upon during its move to normalize the LGBTQ agenda across the nation.

Suppose ruling elites are not stopped from misusing the military in this way. In that case, they will become the armed enforcers of elite desire, as has been the historical norm for militaries. If the LGBTQ agenda finds a permanent home in the military, we will have a nuclear-armed force that views the traditional doctrine of sexual morality as an enemy to the state.

Conservatives have been far too willing to cede cultural territory in an attempt to alleviate Marxist revolutionaries, as Chamberlain placated the Nazi regime by ceding the Sudetenland in 1938. His declaration of “peace for our time” proved a foolish assertion. War came for Britain, and cultural war over what will become of the West is upon us now.

It’s time for the U.S. military to dump the pride theme in favor of focusing on what matters for military preparedness. Only one flag, the American flag, should be flown and saluted by our military.

After last Thursday’s Democrat debate debacle, there’s too much chatter going on about how to get Joe the hell out of office before November and keep Obama’s Make America Socialist agenda still viable to their voter base. It isn’t going to happen! The rules are explicit. If Joe drops out or drops dead at their feet, then it’s Kamala Harris’s turn in the barrel, and there is no argument.

They might bring in a new horse, but they can’t change horses in the middle of the stream. It then becomes the Democrat party’s job, if they still have one, to stop the bleeding. But how can they when they are in a complete meltdown? The prospect of another Trump presidency is so annoying, and the fact he is so organized and successful, there’s no accounting for what they might pull off to keep him out. To lose will confirm the end of their socialist dream for America. With Joe, they have all but fumbled their dream away.

For Republicans, as clumsy as they have become in protecting their position in the deep state, they must select a VP that can and will carry on Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again policies in 2028. There can be no more RINO’s. That ship has sailed, and, about Trump, just to be fair, I might add that if rules are rules, then Trump cannot select any of those great presidential capable politicians from Florida as VP because the Constitution forbids it (XII Amendment). Suppose Joe drops out, which is unlikely because Doctor Jill’s lifestyle won’t permit it. In that case, Hunter Biden and several other of Joe’s family members face the prospect that a presidential pardon will not save them and, therefore, a lengthy prison sentence looms in their future. On top of that, Joe doesn’t want to go.

The denouncing fingers of accusation from within the democrat donor ranks are already pointing to the real failed power lurking behind Joe’s presidency, his commie advisors, Ron Klain, Anita Dunn, and Bob Bauer. Have they ever heard of them? Klain’s name rises occasionally, but they mostly stay below the horizon line. Interestingly, Bauer and Dunn are husband and wife, and Susan Rice, Obama’s insider, jumped ship several months ago. I guess she saw what was coming. In olden times, advisors were beheaded when they failed their liege or Lord. In our modern times, the Clintons have left us a trail of failed advisors dead by suicide but no messy beheadings. To publicly behead a failed politician on a raised platform would send a message about term limits and job security, wouldn’t it? Power is so corrupting.

Instead, here in America, we’ve given the sole authority to authorize spending to the House of Representatives. Once representatives of their states, the Senate has their input, but none of them should have the power to vote on salary increases for themselves or to avoid the issue of term limits. They’ll never leave otherwise. They should have the salary benefits afforded to General Services (GS) government employees. That should apply to their expansive Congressional health care as well. Article I, Sec. 8 of the Constitution tells us explicitly what Congress can do, mainly “provide for,” not pay for certain services.

The government shouldn’t be in the business of squandering taxpayers’ money, especially on themselves. It is their job to provide for the national defense and investigate corruption and criminality by private enterprise, but nowhere is the federal government authorized to provide health care, energy, transportation, or education. Those are for local governments to perform. Yes, I understand the Interstate Highway system was government, but, like the intercontinental railroads, private enterprise and state finances contributed to their completion. That’s what the stocks and bonds market is for raising financing for big projects and making a profit. In any event, rules are rules. If it’s not in the constitution, Congress should be compelled to abandon its service industry and return the markets to open competition.

The grand experiment of “Fundamentally Changing America,” as Obama wanted, to a Marxist-Socialist state is coming to an end. Joe just saw to that. If the CPUSA (Democrat party) continues to push a political agenda, one that has failed wherever it has been tried, then maybe the chopping block could be revitalized. It would prevent political recidivism, causing politicians to become managers of the public good, not initiators of stupid socialist ideas. But, they won’t stop, the rules be damned! The following five months will be months of great peril for Donald Trump. They are running out of ideas to stop him. He might be forced to commit suicide.

This article originally appeared on Stand Up America US. Reprinted here with permission.

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  1. I agree with the author in everything except when this mess all started. It was not when Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed. It started when Don’t Ask, Don’t tell was implemented. Remember, it was Bill BJ Clinton who repealed the ban on homosexuality in the armed forces when he took office. There was an immediate outcry and backlash against him that he didn’t expect and couldn’t withstand politically. He then repealed his repeal and replaced it with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which codified the acceptance of homosexuality in the military with the only prerequisite that you didn’t speak about it, nor were others to ask you about it. DADT is the start of this downward spiral in our military. Bill Clinton started it, since he despised the military, and Barack Hussein and Comandante Brandon have added to and reinforced it. Trump must end it.

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